Junk King Takes The Hassle Out Of Estate Cleanups

Being made the executor of an estate puts you in charge with the disposition of someone’s assets and property. That estate could be anything from a double wide trailer to a mansion. All the property that’s contained within that living space is also considered part of the estate. There may be some outstanding bills that have to be taking care of that would be paid by the state. The best way to handle that is to sell off the valuable possessions and put the property up for sale. Those proceeds can pay back and that’s and be dispersed amongst the family members. Of course, that means you, as the executor, will have a lot of decisions to. One of the easiest is how to handle the estate cleanup. That can be taken care of with one call to Junk King Portland.

What Is Left Over

The estate cleanup provided by Junk King is the part of this process that comes just before the home goes on to the market or gets rented out. Before that, you will want to go through every room, closet, drawer and cabinet to decide just what items you want to keep and what you want to sell. It might be that the bulk of what is left behind is just random pieces of furniture and household goods that have no true value. Those are what will be gathered up by Junk King.

Their goal is to take care of this state clean out in a single session. In the past, there have been some estate cleanups that Junk King was involved in that needed several trucks and crew members to accomplish in a single day. That additional help is something that junk King will be happy to provide. Best of all they will be no additional charge for that help. The Junk King flat fee applies to estate cleanups, too. That price will always be based on how the unwanted items get packed on the truck. The less room they take up, the less you will be paying.

It will only take one session for Junk King to handle most estate cleanups. That is fast and affordable service you can always depend on.