Full-Service Junk Hauling Is A Phone Call Away

Full-service can be provided by a single individual or an entire company of workers. It all depends on the specifics of the job that you are requesting. When it comes to full-service junk hauling, Junk King Portland has perfected a business model to deliver this type of work in a very efficient manner. That typically involves a two-man moving crew and a big truck. Although there is always scheduling support at Junk King it is really those movers that are handling the full-service aspect of this task. This is why you can hire Junk King with confidence to get rid of any unwanted junk or rubbish from your home. The only concern you should have is deciding just how much you want to get rid of.

A Whole Truck

When you call into set of your appointment with Junk King, they will often ask what you are planning to get rid of. You don’t have to present them with an itemized list but instead a general idea of the amount of stuff. This will help Junk King determine which crew and truck to send to your home. It might be that you need the whole truck to fill up with furniture and rubbish. You could also just utilize a portion of that truck. There will be no limitation in terms of size or weight of an object that you want to get rid of. Junk King just wants to ensure that you will have the space needed on the truck to make that happen. In some cleanup jobs, Junk King has had to send over multiple trucks. That usually happens with a construction cleanup or a foreclosure clear out.

Whether you are using one or two trucks you will only be charged by the amount of space that your stuff will take up on those trucks. You will know what this price is before the work begins. When compared to other services you’ll find that it is extremely competitive. It is also much more affordable option than if you were to do this as a DIY task.

Full-service junk hauling is just a phone call away when you make that call to Junk King Portland.