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Category Archives: Portland junk recycling

The Best Approach For Computer Disposal

Have you ever counted the number of times you toss out a piece of trash in a day? It is a task that you probably don’t give a second thought. The only time there is slight consideration with tossing out trash is when you have an item to be recycled. But even sorting out your plastics and cardboard has become second nature. There are a few items that you know should never be tossed out in the trash. An old computer would certainly be one of those items. That is probably why you hold onto the old computer. Once you have transferred your data to your new computer, there is no reason to hold onto that old computer other than keeping it out of a landfill. But that can change when you call in Junk King Portland to dispose of your old computers. This is a professional junk hauling company that knows the right way to dispose of e-waste.

Clearing Out All The E-Waste

In addition to your old computer, you might have a few other e-waste items that you are keeping in storage. Junk King can take it all away in the same session. This is your chance to finally get rid of those old computers, monitors and gaming consoles. Those will be gathered up and dropped off at a certified recycling center. That is the best approach for this type of disposal.

Even though your primary focus is to get rid of your old computer you can get rid of a lot more in the same Junk King appointment. It doesn’t matter if you are “mixing and matching” items like e-waste and furniture. The Junk King crews will sort it all out back at the depot. The only thing they focus on is making sure to haul away all the things you want gone from your home.

The best approach for computer disposal remains giving the job to Junk King Portland. Book your removal session today.


Portland Property Managers Get Rentals Ready Faster; Here’s How

Vacancies mean profit losses. The longer an apartment or office unit stays empty; the more your company hemorrhages money. Even though the lease agreement requires tenants to return the rental property in the same condition, it’s no guarantee that you’ll receive a clean, damage-free property.

While some tenants are great, going to the extent of hiring a cleaning company to tidy up after them, it’s safe to say that a number of them can be inconsiderate, and some can even make you question your career choice as a property manager. You’ve heard tenant horror stories of hoarding or just downright uncleanliness – you may even have one of your own. We understand that the junk left behind by a tenant can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience. Our Junk King property cleanout services are designed with this in mind.

You don’t have to deal with the headache of junk removal and junk hauling. Our professional junk removal services can help ease the stress of transitioning a unit between tenants. Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll empty that apartment unit for you.

Property Cleanouts with Junk King

While part of being a property manager requires some after-lease junk removal, you generally don’t expect to deal with mountains of trash or leftover furniture and appliances. At Junk King Portland, we want to make the process of making your property presentable to future tenants as seamless and stress-free as possible.

With so much on your plate, from advertising and screening tenants to scheduling repairs, you could use the help. We specialize in the removal of unwanted items from either your residential, office, or storage units. Also, we’ll do you one better and give a room a swift clean before we leave so you can get started on repairs, painting, and other maintenance activities.

Our junk removal services offer a quick, easy way to get your rental units ready for the next tenants. From garage clearing and yard waste removal to full-service property cleanouts, we’ve got you covered!

Let us help get your rental units ready for showing.

Free Real Estate Junk Removal Services Guide

Full-Service Cleanouts for Property Managers and Landlords

The world of real estate is stressful enough as it is. You have to deal with unruly tenants, broken leases, and the occasional eviction. With our property management services, you can get your rental units ready for their next foray on the market.

Our cleanout services include:

  • Eviction Clean Outs

Oftentimes, eviction cleanouts are more involving than your usual end-of-lease cleanup as tenants don’t have the time, money, or willingness to take everything with them or properly dispose of their junk items. Evicting a tenant already comes with plenty of costs and extra work on your part as a property manager. As such, you don’t want your property sitting vacant longer than it needs to.

We understand that you may be obligated to store items of value like clothing, computers, and appliances. That’s why we cautiously sort through the items to separate the valuable items from the garbage. We’re experienced in handling delicate situations such as these and can help you inventory every item going into storage.

Partner with Junk King for an eviction cleanout that requires a professional touch. We’ll save you several days of hard work and save you from having to deal with some pretty gross trash.

  • Hoarding cleanup services

Hoarding – it’s every property manager’s worst nightmare. It can lead to vermin infestation, mold growth, plumbing damage, and other kinds of damage. What’s worse, hoarding itself isn’t grounds for eviction. You’ll have to prove that the tenant’s hoarding behavior is causing damage to your property, blocking emergency exits, impacting the health and safety of your other tenants. It’s a lengthy, costly process which is why some landlords choose to work with the tenant to clean up the premises.

Also, you may be surprised you were renting to a secret hoarder for years when they’re moving out. Luckily, you don’t have to undergo the stress of the job yourself. In these cases, we can help you clean up the site safely, efficiently, and hygienically. Hoarding cleanups can be dangerous, requiring a professional hand.

  • Standard property cleanout services

Perhaps, it’s a broken bed frame in one of the bedrooms. Or maybe the tenant left heaps of trash and old clothes behind. Obviously, these tenants won’t be getting their deposit back, but that doesn’t get rid of the mess.

Nobody likes to clean up someone else’s mess, which is why you should bring in the professionals. Even a standard property cleanout can be involved. It’s more than trash and detritus that get left behind when a tenant moves on. You’ll have to deal with large appliance removal and disposal, most of which can’t be taken to the nearest local dump. These appliances need to be taken to special disposal sites. You may also be in need of furniture removal and garbage disposal services.

Hire a professional property cleanout team, and you don’t have to worry about lifting, hauling, or disposal. Junk King offers full property cleanout services, which means we take care of everything for you, from cleanup to proper disposal.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

Call Junk King for Property Management Clean Outs Today

Don’t let a previous tenant’s leftover junk prevent you from renting your apartment. Partnering with Junk King Portland for property cleanouts is the easiest way to reclaim your unit and have it ready for showing in no time.

Contact the professionals at Junk King to set up your next cleanout on a schedule that works for you.

Junk King Portland Customers Post More Positive Reviews

Do you need to get some bulky items removed from your home? That would require a pair of movers and a big truck. That is exactly what you will contract when you hire Junk King Portland for this task. Junk King Portland is a professional junk hauling service that is part of a national franchise. Being part of a franchise means that you have to adhere to high standards of customer service. It is clear from the positive reviews posted by Junk King customers, that customer service is exceeding expectations. Here is the proof:

“Guys were helpful in removing a large piece of furniture tight areas of the house. Great communication and professionalism!” – Nacie, Beaverton

The Junk King crews will always find the most efficient and safest way to remove the objects from your house. This is where all of their experience pays off. And that lifting and loading help can also be with removing items from down the basement or up on the second floor. Staircases won’t be a challenge for the Junk King team!

“Josh and James were not only on time professional, quick and I would recommend not only Junk King but these two guys.” – Joshua, Portland

Junk King prides itself on being punctual. They know how valuable your time is and they do not want to waste it. Most Junk King appointments are completed within 24 hours of first contact. But you can also take advantage of a same day pickup if it is available when you call.

“Chris and Jose were great. They got to our house early, were upbeat, friendly and professional and worked very quickly! I would definitely recommend them and use them again.” – Helen, Portland

Getting rid of the unwanted rubbish from your home is a job best handed off to the team from Junk King Portland. Put them on the job today.

Seamless Hot Tub Removal Process in One Easy Step

Let Us Take Away Your Hot Tub- and Stress! 

Hot tubs are an excellent way to unwind and relax after a stressful day at work or a strenuous workout. But sometimes these once loved hot tubs can wear out their welcome due to space or maintenance. When it’s time to say goodbye, the prospect of dismantling and disposing of your hot tub by yourself is not as comforting.

Not only is this process time-consuming, but once the hot tub has been dismantled, you must consider where you’re going to transport the elements. Are they going to fit in your motor vehicle? Where do you take them to dispose of the separate components in a responsible manner?

Worry no more, Junk King is here to save the day!

How does the Hot Tub Disposal Process Work at Junk King? 

What Is Hot Tub Disposal? 

Your outdated hot tub has finally reached the end of its useful life. Alternatively, you may have decided to purchase a newer replacement. It’s fairly obvious that removing a hot tub is a big project, not a simple task!

You’ve probably realized that a hot tub is simply too large to leave on the curb among your trash. That means your domestic rubbish collection provider isn’t going to accept it. So what do you do with the old hot tub?

Hiring professionals to have massive items like a hot tub expertly removed, hauled away, and adequately disposed of is the best option.

Given that Portland has implemented “Zero Waste” projects and “Landfill Diversion” targets aimed at increasing local recycling efforts and reducing overall landfill use and waste, this is a rational option. To put it another way, even if you could get the hot tub out of your yard, into a vehicle, and off to a dump, that is no longer an acceptable, environment friendly, means of disposal.


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Junk King’s Hot Tub Disposal Process

Hiring Junk King for your hot tub disposal is by far the most practical approach for this task. Our removal experts take care of the challenging process for you, saving you time and giving you peace of mind that everything is in trustworthy hands.

Hot tub removal is one of Junk King’s primary services. We have the knowledge and experience needed when it comes to removing hot tubs, and you can trust that our team does so securely and efficiently, without leaving any debris behind.

The greatest aspect is that even if the hot tub is beyond repair, our removal firm will take it. We purchase it from you and recycle or reuse the components, making it a win-win situation.

Making Hot Tub Disposal Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

Junk King offers a quick, safe, and environmentally responsible hot tub removal service, so you don’t have to stress about getting rid of that unwanted tub. Merely show us where the hot tub is located, and our removal experts can dismantle it and transport it in our customized vehicle. Not only that, but we make certain that your hot tub is taken to the appropriate location – in certain instances, a recycling center, to guarantee that the tub is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

One of the main advantages of hiring our junk removal business is that, on top of removing the hot tub, we transport it for you, which is one of the most difficult elements of disposing of it yourself.

Are you looking to get rid of your hot tub? It’s as easy as one, two, three! You can schedule a consultation online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).

Our experienced and licensed hot tub removal company arrives at your house or workplace 15 minutes early to give you a free quotation based on the amount of space your rubbish takes up in our vehicle, with no added charges. You signal, and we put those objects into our junk removal vehicle.

Contact Junk King Today for Decluttering Services! 

Are you trying to find a reputable and dependable junk removal company in Portland? Contact Junk King today to discuss the removal terms with our experts.

It may appear that removing a hot tub is a difficult task; however, it doesn’t have to be! All you have to do now is weigh the pros and cons of hiring our team to conduct the removal procedure. We are confident you will find our removal services to be nothing but positive.

Hiring our rubbish removal firm is by far the most convenient and time-saving option. Please do not hesitate to call us for all of your hot tub disposal needs, and let us take the worry out of your next project!

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How Junk King Helps With Junk Recycling

Once a piece of rubbish leaves your home for good you probably don’t give it a second thought. That is the same with your regular household trash. Even the items that you might recycle aren’t thought of again. You just know that they will end up at the right spot for that recycling goal. Junk King Portland is a professional junk hauling service that provides exceptional rubbish removal. Part of that package involves recycling. The goal is always to avoid another trip to a landfill. That might take effort but it is extra work that the team from Junk King is happy to provide at no additional costs.

You Sort First

Before you hire Junk King for a rubbish removal session, you will want to sort through all the things that you want to get rid of first. This will provide you an opportunity to determine just what can stay in one go. Always remember that when you work with Junk King you’re working with a company that does all the work. That especially means all the lifting and loading. You do not have to “prepare” a piece of rubbish by bringing it up from the basement or out to the front lawn. The Junk King crew will pick up everything from the spot.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will then get sorted again. The Junk King teams know what to spot with regard to recyclables and charity donations. Those are the two methods that junk King deploys in order to avoid those trips to the landfill.  The cost for this service always comes down to just how much space is taking up on the back of the junk King truck with the rubbish that you’re getting rid of. The less room that your stuff takes up, unless you will be paying. It is a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

Getting rid of your rubbish should also mean recycling your rubbish. That is how Junk King Portland operates. Book your rubbish removal session today.

Decluttering The Green Way In Portland


Are you searching for the best company dealing with junk removal in Portland? Search no more for Junk King Portland is the leading junk removal company in the area.

There are so many reasons why you’d want to declutter your home. Maybe you’d like to downsize and save on expenses. Or, could it be that you’d simply like to get rid of some of your items?

Whatever the case may be, you want to declutter your home and we know the decluttering process can be overwhelming for most. The process of eliminating items and only keeping the essentials is daunting. Nonetheless, desiring to declutter your home, let alone do it in an eco-friendly way is admirable. Junk King Portland is the go to professionals for all things junk removal and doing it in a way that is good for the environment.  For that reason, we encourage homeowners to consider our eco-friendly decluttering.


Junk King servicemen remving large aount of unwanted household items





















How Do We Help You Declutter In an Eco-friendly Way?


  • We sort your junk as we load it. We know how hard it is to declutter your home. Our junk removal specialists have a keen eye and know how to spot junk vs. something that can be donated or broken down and recycled.  Working with us is easy- you point, we pick it up and we sort it out. Learn more how our process works


  • We will donate your unwanted items for you. You might have a pile of stuff that doesn’t spark joy but it could very well light up someone else’ life. Donating items like clothes, gently used furniture and other items is a powerful gesture of investing back in the Portland community. Our eco-friendly mission drives us to make sure your junk gets recycled or donated as much as possible.


  • We partner with recycling centers and know how to break down your junk for repurposing. It’s our commitment to you and the community of Portland that we get rid of your unwanted items in a green way, which entails disposing of it without degrading the environment. Though it might be difficult to declutter your home in the best possible environmentally possible way, our company will help you make an eco-friendly choice in your decluttering process. Discover how we process E-Waste… 


Many items are recyclable these days. Some items such as electronics, outdoor power equipment, and appliances can be recyclable. Donating such items to a recycling firm will ultimately declutter your home in an eco-friendly way and we have developed partnerships in Portland with charitable centers and recycling firms that ensure we can dispose of your junk correctly.


When Decluttering, Consider Your Home Appliances Too 


Do you have old appliances sitting around the house, broken down and not doing anything but collecting dust and taking up space? Getting rid of old appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and stoves can be daunting but it’s not to be forgotten when you’re in the process of decluttering!

We remove almost all types of appliances, including:


Why Choose Junk King Portland To Partner With In Declutter Your Home?


There are dozens of companies offering junk removal services in Portland. However, Junk King Portland stands out from all these companies for good reasons. Here is why you should choose us over the other guys: 


  •  We Focus On Decluttering Your Home In The Most Eco-friendly Way

 It is indeed a reality that there are tons of decluttering companies throughout Portland. However, most of these companies not only aren’t insured but they don’t care about the environment or the impact their services have on the Portland community; they discard the most hazardous stuff without minding the long-term consequences of environmental degradation. We ensure our decluttering process is strictly eco-friendly. 


  •  We Off Total Home Cleanout Service 

Regardless of the size of the job, we’ve seen it all and done it all. If you need a room simply decluttered or an entire house completely cleaned out, we have the manpower and the know-how to get the job done for you quickly and efficiently. 


  • It’s Easy To Work With Us

We believe working with us should be straightforward. We will be happy to partner with you in declutter your home in a smooth and eco-friendly way. Contact Junk King Portland today for free estimates. Or check out our full-service pricing page for details on working with us in decluttering your home. 




Portland Officials Encourage Residents To Keep Recycling

Recycling at home has become a good habit many Portland residents have gotten into. But there is a change with statewide recycling that could have serious implications. You might not know this but most of the mixed paper and plastics that are collected for recycling are actually shipped to China for processing. But now China has decided it is going stop accepting a long list of specific items. What does this mean for your recycling? You can and should keep it up but you might have to do even more pre-sorting.


It’s not just Oregon that is feeling the impact but states and countries around the world. This is creating a backlog that might force some recyclers to process disposal requests at landfills. Just what is being objected to? It would be all those things a lot of folks consider to be “wishful recyclables.” In other words, it is a lot of things folks wish could be recycled but in realty aren’t accepted in the flow. Here are some of the specific items that should be kept out of the municipal recycling bins for curbside pickup:

  • plastic bags
  • film plastics
  • liquids
  • food
  • soiled packaging
  • plastic clamshells
  • garden hoses
  • wire hangers
  • textiles
  • diapers
  • electronics
  • batteries

What happens to all of those items? They should be put into the regular trash for now until a system is put in place to handle those kinds of recyclables.

That takes care of most kitchen trash but what about bigger items like furniture, clothing, appliances and e-waste? Can those be recycled? Actually, they can if you work with a company like Junk King Portland.

Junk King has dedicated itself to keeping as much of what they collect out of local landfills. This doesn’t automatically mean everything gets recycled. Instead, a lot of what they collect that is still useable can be dropped off at charitable organizations. A lot of those groups hire folks to fix and refurbish those items. That means creating jobs and creating items for those in need. Bottom line: We all need to be careful about recycling. When it comes to recycling the big stuff, you can always count on Junk King Portland to get that job done.

Recycling Facts Everyone Should Know

Everyone knows recycling is a good idea. Not only does it help support the air we breathe and the water we drink but it also can save money in the long run. Today’s generation of kids are growing up in a world that recycles. That’s a great lesson for them to pass on to the next generation. Can you remember a time when you didn’t recycle? It might not have been that long ago! Here are some interesting recycling facts that everyone should know:


How fast does recycled materials turnaround? The soda can you toss out into the recycling bin today could make its way back onto a grocery shelf within 60 days. That’s pretty fast.

Right now, the US has a 34% recycling rate. If we could collectively raise that rate to 75% then it would be as if we removing 50 million cars from the road. That’s how much CO2 would be saved.

The CIA has a very robust recycling program. They burn all their classified documents and use that energy to heat the water in the headquarters. That’s very smart.

Recycling paper has been around a long time. In fact, there is a record from 1031 that shows Japanese shops sold re-pulped paper. If we could recycle a single Sunday worth of New York Times newspapers, then we would save 75,000 trees.

When it comes to recycling programs, there’s always room for improvement. For instance 90% of plastic bags in the US are not recycled. That means they can either end up in a landfill where they can take hundreds of years to decompose or become garbage in the oceans causing severe problems for marine life.

Every hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles. Recycling 1 ton of those plastic bottles is the equivalent energy use of powering a two-person household for an entire year.

It’s clear that recycling is very important for our future. It’s also something that doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of effort. Consider getting rid of your unwanted junk like old furniture, electronics or other household goods. Those can all be recycled if you hire the right company to begin with. That company would be Junk King Portland.

Junk King has set up working partnerships with recycling center and charities throughout the area. Anytime they can make a drop off to those organizations they are helping Portland stay clean. Recycling your unwanted junk is easy when you turn the job over the Junk King Portland.

Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling Fast

In your travels throughout the city, you probably notice a lot of big appliances outside of kitchens. They could be stored in garages, back porches, yards or sheds. The simple reason for this is that it’s very hard to get rid of a big appliance. It can go out with the rest of the trash and unless you have a truck and know where to take it, there’s nothing you can do. That is until Junk King Portland came along. One call to these professional junk haulers and you won’t have any trouble getting rid of that big appliance. As an added bonus, it can also be recycled.


Sometimes people hold onto it appliances and hopes that they can repair it if it’s broken. But once it’s been replace the really is no reason to fix it. It really doesn’t matter what condition your appliances are in to Junk King. All that matters is that you want to gone. It won’t take long for the two-man crew to load up that item onto the back of their truck. If that’s all you want taken away, then it will be a very simple job. However since you have access to a working moving crew and a big truck why not take full advantage of them?

This is a golden opportunity to remove all kinds of rubbish from the rest of your house. If you got debris in the backyard, then you can turn it over the Junk King. It can be something as big as a hot tub or small as a rotting woodpile. Inside the house, you might have a lot of old exercise equipment, clothing, toys, books, shoes and other household goods that you’d like to get rid of. Don’t think of that as being wasteful. That’s because Junk King Portland will make sure those items get dropped off at a charity. That way they can be of use to someone in need.

Junk King’s recycling program happens automatically. It’s also comes at no extra cost. It’s all included in the flat fee that you pay for the work. You’ll know what that fee is before the job begins. After the crews have had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll know how to pack up the truck with it. That’s how they determine your price. It’s all about volume. You will never be charge by the pound with Junk King and that’s a very good thing for your bottom line. Big appliance recycling and junk removal is easy as take care of when that task is given to Junk King Portland.

Great Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? That is how much energy you and your family expend on a daily basis. A carbon footprint covers everything from how you get to work to the food you eat and how you stay warm around the house. There’s a lot of things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint beyond just recycling your papers, plastics and soda cans. Here are some steps you can put into action starting today:


Lower the Thermostat

Obviously heating your home is a big expenditure especially in the coming weeks. The recommendation from the EPA is to keep your thermostat at a cozy 68° during the fall and winter. That might seem a bit too cold but it can make a significant impact not only on your monthly electric a power bill but also on the environment. You can be more efficient by making sure you close vents in rooms that aren’t in use and keep those doors shut. Also, it might help to have a programmable thermostat. That way it can turn on just a few minutes before you get home as opposed to staying on all day.

Lower the Water Temperature

As you are lowering your thermostat for your home heat, you can also lower the temperature on your water heater. You may not be aware of just how hot your water gets. The optimum temperature should be around 120°. If you can manage down to 110 or 105 then that’s even better. Many home heaters are set at 130 and above. Not only is that wasteful but it also increases the risk of scalding water coming out of the faucet.

Switch Out the Light Bulbs

Are you good at turning off lights every time you leave the room? That’s a positive step to take but you can also replace those incandescent lightbulbs with new energy-efficient bulbs. They may cost a little bit more but you will be replacing them as much. In fact, one compact fluorescent light can last for several years.

Recycle Your Junk

If you planning on getting rid of some big items like furniture or major kitchen appliances then you should consider recycling them as well. That might be a challenge if you’re doing the job on your own but if you turn it over to Junk King Portland it will be a problem at all. Junk King Portland is dedicated itself to an eco-friendly way of disposing of all the things it collects. There helping Portland get to the goal of zero waste. You can reduce your carbon footprint with help from Junk King Portland without even lifting a finger.

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