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Portland Junk Removal for HOAs: Tips and Tricks from Junk King


HOA Junk Removal


Being part of a homeowner association can be a great way to take part in your community, but it does come with some rules that have to be followed. HOAs tend to be pretty strict about keeping your property clean, which means you’ll have to stay on top of any messes that might pop up on your lawn, sidewalk, or anywhere else outside your home. Failing to keep your house looking clean and neat can result in fines and other consequences, so it’s important to follow the HOA rules and regulations.


Mowing your lawn, trimming hedges, and picking up any trash that escapes the bins is easy enough, but things become more difficult when bigger messes show up. Construction debris from a remodel, yard waste from a landscaping push, and other one-time generators of waste can be trickier to get rid of, and HOAs aren’t known for being flexible with their rules. That’s where professional junk removal companies like Junk King Portland come in. These services can provide you with the help you need to clean up after a project or spring cleaning so you can stay on your HOA’s good side.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company


Professional junk removal services can be a real asset for cleaning up big messes. The most significant advantage, of course, is the convenience factor. Getting rid of junk and other waste is a time-consuming process, and it can be a lot for one person to handle by themselves. The best junk haulers will take care of everything for you, from collecting the trash and loading it up in the truck to sorting it and making sure it ends up in the right place. This can save you hours of time you can spend with your family or working on other projects.


Another major benefit is making sure everything is handled properly. That means recycling everything that can be recycled, donating in-demand materials, and only bringing unsalvagable junk to the landfill. Professional expertise can also be helpful when you have to get rid of larger pieces of junk, like furniture and heavy appliances. When you break down the junk removal cost, it’s really just paying a single fee for hauling, truck rental, and trash disposal all at once. Unless you have a big enough truck of your own, bringing in professional junk haulers can actually be the most cost-effective way to dispose of large messes as well as the most convenient.


Common Items Required to be Removed by HOA Rules


Generally, HOAs will have very specific rules restricting what you’re allowed to have in your yard or outside your house. Any trash, junk, or debris is obviously a no-go and will typically have to be removed as quickly as possible. Any junk or furniture left over from a deep cleaning will also have to be disposed of pretty quickly and generally can’t be left on the curb to be picked up later, as convenient as that might be. The same goes for any yard waste removal in Portland HOAs.


HOAs also have pretty strict rules concerning outside structures like playgrounds or sheds. As soon as they start to look a little rickety or old, you might want to have them torn down and replaced with something a little less unsightly. If you take a look at the list of what Junk King can remove, you’ll see that Junk King Portland can help with pretty much anything your HOA might restrict, from lawn trimmings to broken-down swingsets.


Tips for Getting Rid of Junk in an HOA Community


When it comes to following HOA guidelines, the single most important thing you can do is make sure you’re removing junk as promptly as possible. Community organizations like HOAs aren’t known for being especially flexible, so it’s a good idea to take care of anything unsightly as soon as you can just to make sure you don’t run afoul of any regulations.


You’ll also want to make sure any cleaning you do is both careful and thorough. Not only do you not want to miss anything, but you also don’t want to run the risk of damaging anything else during the cleaning process. This is especially relevant for larger objects like furniture that can damage hallway paint and other public spaces.


Before you do anything, you should take a look at the rules and regulations provided by your HOA. A quick double-check can help you avoid any potential infractions as well as possibly provide you with resources or recommended companies to work with. Some HOAs prefer to form relationships with a single junk removal company they know and trust, so it’s worth checking in to see if they have any recommendations.


What is the Cost of an HOA Junk Removal Service?


The cost of an HOA junk removal will depend pretty heavily on how much junk you need to have removed. That’s why Junk King Portland offers free estimates for every job we do, so we have a chance to assess the work before deciding on a price that works for you. Estimates can be done on-site, over the phone, or by texting a picture of the junk to us. The final HOA service cost will depend on how much junk there is, how bulky the objects are, and how much room the whole thing is going to take up in our truck.


If you have any other questions about junk removal with regards to an HOA, or you’re interested in setting up an appointment, you can call Junk King Portland today at 1-888-888-JUNK or get in touch with us through our website. We’re always available to help out in any way we can, and we’re eager to earn your business both now and in the future.

What’s the Difference Between Junk Removal and a Bagster?




Clean-up is one of the most commonly overlooked tasks during any home project. Even the most humble spring cleaning can leave you with a ton of leftover trash, debris, and other junk, so finding the best way to handle all that stuff is an essential part of the planning stage. Two of the most commonly chosen options are full-service junk removal and WM’s new Bagster service.


Bagsters are the new kids on the block when it comes to junk removal services, and have been gradually increasing in popularity. The Bagsters themselves are thick woven bags you can pick up at any major hardware store for about $30. You can fill them up yourself with about 3 cubic yards worth of trash, making them about a third of the size of a small dumpster. Once you’ve filled up the bag or finished with your project, you can haul it out to your front yard and WM will pick it up for you. The cost of the pickup varies by region, but it’s typically between $100 and $250.



Full-service junk removal, on the other hand, has been the preferred choice for trash pickup for decades now. Junk removal services are offered by companies like Junk King Portland and don’t require you to do anything yourself. Just give us a call, set up an appointment, and let our junk removal specialists handle the mess for you. Hiring a junk removal company like Junk King costs a little more than a Bagster on average, but not by much, typically ranging between $200 and $300. However, a look at Junk King’s reviews will give you an idea of the advantages offered by this service.


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How Does Junk King Work?



Junk King’s services are intended to make your experience as easy and painless as possible. The first step is to get a free, no-strings-attached cost estimate. You can get a sense of Junk King’s prices through a few different avenues. We offer free on-site assessments for the most accurate quote, or you can get one over the phone, through text by sending us a picture of the trash, or by using our online junk removal cost estimator. Either way, we’ll do our best to give you an accurate estimate so you can make an informed decision.


Once you have an estimate, all you have to do is set up an appointment. We offer junk removal appointments in two-hour blocks, seven days a week. Just pick a day and a time and we’ll be there on time and ready to work. We know it’s a pain to sit around wondering when a tradesperson is going to arrive, so we’ll make sure to give you a call about 15 minutes before we get there. We’ll also go over the price estimate one more time, just so there are no surprises when we arrive.


Finally, once our junk removal experts arrive on the scene, all that’s left to do is point them in the right direction. It’s easiest for us if you have trash and debris collected together in one place, but we’re also more than happy to go into your house and haul away furniture, electronics, and anything else that was too heavy or unwieldy for you to move. We try to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, so we’re rarely there for longer than 15 or 20 minutes. Once everything is loaded up in the truck, we’ll take it to the sorting center to make sure it gets recycled.


full service junk removal

How Do You Choose Between Junk King vs Bagster in Portland?


Ultimately, you’re reading this article to find out who is better between Junk King and Bagsters. The answer is, well, it depends. Both options have some advantages, so you’ll want to figure out what your needs are before you can make a decision.


Bagsters aren’t necessarily the cheap and easy junk removal alternative that the marketing paints them as, but they do serve their purpose. They’re ideal for smaller jobs where their size isn’t a disadvantage. At only 3 cubic yards, Bagsters are significantly smaller than even the most modest dumpster, so you’ll have to be very aware of the scope of your project. You should also take a look at WM’s website to make sure they offer pick-up service in your area, and to make sure it won’t cost $200 or more. At that point, you won’t even be saving money, which is supposed to be the main advantage of Bagster service.


If you have a larger job, or you’d rather not handle all the cleaning up by yourself, your best bet is likely to contact Junk King or search for “garbage removal service near me” to find an alternative. In Portland, of course, this whole article is a little moot since Bagster pick-up service still isn’t offered on the west coast. However, once the service does make its way out here, you’ll have to figure out which option best suits your needs.


Which Is Better For You, Full-Service Junk Removal or a Bagster Bag?


Making the choice between a Bagster and a full service company should be a key part of planning for your next project. If you work out plans for cleaning up early on, you won’t have to worry about it later and you can focus more on the things that matter, especially if you have to hire a general contractor or any other tradespeople. While the utility of Bagsters might be a little limited, there are certainly situations when they’re preferable to standard garbage removal, so taking the time to look into the facts and make an informed decision is definitely a good idea.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


If you have any other questions about junk removal, are interested in getting a free estimate for your next clean-up, or you’re ready to set up an appointment, you can give Junk King Portland a call at (503) 549-4734 or get in touch with us through our website.



Junk King is the Place to Call When You Have a Junk Problem in Sherwood, Oregon



reliable-trash-and -junk-removal



Whether you’ve just finished a renovation or you’re just clearing out your home in preparation for a move, getting rid of leftover junk and trash can be complicated and time-consuming. You always have the option of sorting everything out and taking it to landfills and recycling centers yourself, but lots of people prefer to have their junk problem solved by professionals. Bringing in a company like Junk King Portland is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of every last bit of trash while making sure all of it ends up in the right place.


Next time you find yourself with too much trash to handle, whether it’s yard waste, construction debris, or even old furniture and electronics, Junk King Portland is here to help. We’ll haul everything away and make sure it all gets properly sorted and disposed of so you can go back to focusing on the important parts of your project. As the leading junk removal company in Sherwood and the rest of the Portland area, we’re more than qualified to handle anything our work might throw at us.


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Junk King Serves the Greater Portland Area with Professional Junk Removal Services



Professional junk removal is a service that most people don’t think about until they suddenly find themselves needing it. Even the smallest home or business project can result in a ton of leftover junk, and having someone to come in and take care of it for you can be a huge help. Unlike some services, we’ll take just about anything you need us to haul away, with toxic or hazardous waste as the only exception. That means construction debris, furniture, electronics, yard waste, trash, mattresses – pretty much anything you need to have removed. Our junk removal specialists have been trained to haul and carry away everything on that list, so you never have to worry about scratches on your walls or floor.


Once we’ve loaded our truck up with your junk, we’ll take it to our sorting center to be separated. We’ve developed strong relationships with the recycling centers and landfills all over the Portland area, so we’ll make sure that everything ends up where it’s supposed to be. On average, about 60% of everything we bring in ends up being recycled, reused, or donated. That’s a point of pride for us, and something that’s not always easy to achieve on your own.


Junk King’s Sherwood Service Highlights


At Junk King Portland, we have some advantages we think help us stand out when it comes to junk removal in Sherwood, Oregon. The first is our longtime commitment to customer service above everything else. Our company lives on repeat business, which means our job is to make sure your experience is as positive and smooth as possible. Don’t just take our word for it though – feel free to check out the customer reviews that help make us the #1 rated junk removal service in North America.


Our commitment to green waste disposal is something else that sets us apart from our competitors. Recycling is a core part of our philosophy, so we make sure to recycle everything we possibly can. With climate change on everyone’s minds, we feel that it’s important to have our business set up for the future instead of the past. That’s why we recycle things that even other junk removal companies won’t, including furniture, mattresses, and electronic waste like televisions and computers. We pride ourselves on being the most environmentally friendly company in our industry and have been since Junk King was founded in 2005.


full service junk removal


What Goes into a Junk Removal Job?


Our goal is to make your junk removal experience as easy and smooth as possible. All you have to do is give us a call, set up an appointment, wait for our professional junk haulers to arrive, and then just tell them what to haul away. About 15 minutes before the truck arrives, we’ll call you up to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Before the work starts, we’ll offer you a free estimate in one of four ways – the choice is up to you. The most accurate way to assess the job is with a no-obligation on-site visit. We can come to your home, take a look at the items you need us to haul away, and give you an accurate estimate. If you’d rather skip that step, you can also give us a description of the work over the phone, text us a picture at 737-888-5865, or just use our free online price estimation tool. Either way, we guarantee that we can beat any written estimate of other junk removal rates in Sherwood, Oregon.


What are the Benefits of Hiring a Junk Removal Company?


When you hire a professional removal company in Sherwood, OR, you’re getting the benefit of our training, experience, and connections in the junk disposal industry. We’ll get rid of your junk problem as quickly and easily as we can, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Our professional junk pick up service is the easiest way to clean up the leftover debris from your project so you can keep focusing on the things that matter. You’ll also be able to rest easy knowing that everything we haul away will be properly disposed of and recycled if possible.



Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


If you’re interested in learning more about junk removal service, or you’re ready to set up an appointment and get an estimate, feel free to give Junk King Portland a call at (503) 549-4734 or book online for an extra discount of $20. We’re confident that we have the experience and customer service skills to earn your business.



How Junk King Helps With Junk Recycling

Once a piece of rubbish leaves your home for good you probably don’t give it a second thought. That is the same with your regular household trash. Even the items that you might recycle aren’t thought of again. You just know that they will end up at the right spot for that recycling goal. Junk King Portland is a professional junk hauling service that provides exceptional rubbish removal. Part of that package involves recycling. The goal is always to avoid another trip to a landfill. That might take effort but it is extra work that the team from Junk King is happy to provide at no additional costs.

You Sort First

Before you hire Junk King for a rubbish removal session, you will want to sort through all the things that you want to get rid of first. This will provide you an opportunity to determine just what can stay in one go. Always remember that when you work with Junk King you’re working with a company that does all the work. That especially means all the lifting and loading. You do not have to “prepare” a piece of rubbish by bringing it up from the basement or out to the front lawn. The Junk King crew will pick up everything from the spot.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will then get sorted again. The Junk King teams know what to spot with regard to recyclables and charity donations. Those are the two methods that junk King deploys in order to avoid those trips to the landfill.  The cost for this service always comes down to just how much space is taking up on the back of the junk King truck with the rubbish that you’re getting rid of. The less room that your stuff takes up, unless you will be paying. It is a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

Getting rid of your rubbish should also mean recycling your rubbish. That is how Junk King Portland operates. Book your rubbish removal session today.

Portland Officials Encourage Residents To Keep Recycling

Recycling at home has become a good habit many Portland residents have gotten into. But there is a change with statewide recycling that could have serious implications. You might not know this but most of the mixed paper and plastics that are collected for recycling are actually shipped to China for processing. But now China has decided it is going stop accepting a long list of specific items. What does this mean for your recycling? You can and should keep it up but you might have to do even more pre-sorting.


It’s not just Oregon that is feeling the impact but states and countries around the world. This is creating a backlog that might force some recyclers to process disposal requests at landfills. Just what is being objected to? It would be all those things a lot of folks consider to be “wishful recyclables.” In other words, it is a lot of things folks wish could be recycled but in realty aren’t accepted in the flow. Here are some of the specific items that should be kept out of the municipal recycling bins for curbside pickup:

  • plastic bags
  • film plastics
  • liquids
  • food
  • soiled packaging
  • plastic clamshells
  • garden hoses
  • wire hangers
  • textiles
  • diapers
  • electronics
  • batteries

What happens to all of those items? They should be put into the regular trash for now until a system is put in place to handle those kinds of recyclables.

That takes care of most kitchen trash but what about bigger items like furniture, clothing, appliances and e-waste? Can those be recycled? Actually, they can if you work with a company like Junk King Portland.

Junk King has dedicated itself to keeping as much of what they collect out of local landfills. This doesn’t automatically mean everything gets recycled. Instead, a lot of what they collect that is still useable can be dropped off at charitable organizations. A lot of those groups hire folks to fix and refurbish those items. That means creating jobs and creating items for those in need. Bottom line: We all need to be careful about recycling. When it comes to recycling the big stuff, you can always count on Junk King Portland to get that job done.

Recycling Facts Everyone Should Know

Everyone knows recycling is a good idea. Not only does it help support the air we breathe and the water we drink but it also can save money in the long run. Today’s generation of kids are growing up in a world that recycles. That’s a great lesson for them to pass on to the next generation. Can you remember a time when you didn’t recycle? It might not have been that long ago! Here are some interesting recycling facts that everyone should know:


How fast does recycled materials turnaround? The soda can you toss out into the recycling bin today could make its way back onto a grocery shelf within 60 days. That’s pretty fast.

Right now, the US has a 34% recycling rate. If we could collectively raise that rate to 75% then it would be as if we removing 50 million cars from the road. That’s how much CO2 would be saved.

The CIA has a very robust recycling program. They burn all their classified documents and use that energy to heat the water in the headquarters. That’s very smart.

Recycling paper has been around a long time. In fact, there is a record from 1031 that shows Japanese shops sold re-pulped paper. If we could recycle a single Sunday worth of New York Times newspapers, then we would save 75,000 trees.

When it comes to recycling programs, there’s always room for improvement. For instance 90% of plastic bags in the US are not recycled. That means they can either end up in a landfill where they can take hundreds of years to decompose or become garbage in the oceans causing severe problems for marine life.

Every hour, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles. Recycling 1 ton of those plastic bottles is the equivalent energy use of powering a two-person household for an entire year.

It’s clear that recycling is very important for our future. It’s also something that doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of effort. Consider getting rid of your unwanted junk like old furniture, electronics or other household goods. Those can all be recycled if you hire the right company to begin with. That company would be Junk King Portland.

Junk King has set up working partnerships with recycling center and charities throughout the area. Anytime they can make a drop off to those organizations they are helping Portland stay clean. Recycling your unwanted junk is easy when you turn the job over the Junk King Portland.

Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling Fast

In your travels throughout the city, you probably notice a lot of big appliances outside of kitchens. They could be stored in garages, back porches, yards or sheds. The simple reason for this is that it’s very hard to get rid of a big appliance. It can go out with the rest of the trash and unless you have a truck and know where to take it, there’s nothing you can do. That is until Junk King Portland came along. One call to these professional junk haulers and you won’t have any trouble getting rid of that big appliance. As an added bonus, it can also be recycled.


Sometimes people hold onto it appliances and hopes that they can repair it if it’s broken. But once it’s been replace the really is no reason to fix it. It really doesn’t matter what condition your appliances are in to Junk King. All that matters is that you want to gone. It won’t take long for the two-man crew to load up that item onto the back of their truck. If that’s all you want taken away, then it will be a very simple job. However since you have access to a working moving crew and a big truck why not take full advantage of them?

This is a golden opportunity to remove all kinds of rubbish from the rest of your house. If you got debris in the backyard, then you can turn it over the Junk King. It can be something as big as a hot tub or small as a rotting woodpile. Inside the house, you might have a lot of old exercise equipment, clothing, toys, books, shoes and other household goods that you’d like to get rid of. Don’t think of that as being wasteful. That’s because Junk King Portland will make sure those items get dropped off at a charity. That way they can be of use to someone in need.

Junk King’s recycling program happens automatically. It’s also comes at no extra cost. It’s all included in the flat fee that you pay for the work. You’ll know what that fee is before the job begins. After the crews have had a chance to look over all the things you want to get rid of they’ll know how to pack up the truck with it. That’s how they determine your price. It’s all about volume. You will never be charge by the pound with Junk King and that’s a very good thing for your bottom line. Big appliance recycling and junk removal is easy as take care of when that task is given to Junk King Portland.

Great Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? That is how much energy you and your family expend on a daily basis. A carbon footprint covers everything from how you get to work to the food you eat and how you stay warm around the house. There’s a lot of things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint beyond just recycling your papers, plastics and soda cans. Here are some steps you can put into action starting today:


Lower the Thermostat

Obviously heating your home is a big expenditure especially in the coming weeks. The recommendation from the EPA is to keep your thermostat at a cozy 68° during the fall and winter. That might seem a bit too cold but it can make a significant impact not only on your monthly electric a power bill but also on the environment. You can be more efficient by making sure you close vents in rooms that aren’t in use and keep those doors shut. Also, it might help to have a programmable thermostat. That way it can turn on just a few minutes before you get home as opposed to staying on all day.

Lower the Water Temperature

As you are lowering your thermostat for your home heat, you can also lower the temperature on your water heater. You may not be aware of just how hot your water gets. The optimum temperature should be around 120°. If you can manage down to 110 or 105 then that’s even better. Many home heaters are set at 130 and above. Not only is that wasteful but it also increases the risk of scalding water coming out of the faucet.

Switch Out the Light Bulbs

Are you good at turning off lights every time you leave the room? That’s a positive step to take but you can also replace those incandescent lightbulbs with new energy-efficient bulbs. They may cost a little bit more but you will be replacing them as much. In fact, one compact fluorescent light can last for several years.

Recycle Your Junk

If you planning on getting rid of some big items like furniture or major kitchen appliances then you should consider recycling them as well. That might be a challenge if you’re doing the job on your own but if you turn it over to Junk King Portland it will be a problem at all. Junk King Portland is dedicated itself to an eco-friendly way of disposing of all the things it collects. There helping Portland get to the goal of zero waste. You can reduce your carbon footprint with help from Junk King Portland without even lifting a finger.

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