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Easy Junk Removal With Junk King

Getting rid of unwanted stuff isn’t always easy. Sure, with random garbage you can just toss it out into the trash. But there are so many other things that you like to get rid of that can’t and shouldn’t be tossed out into the trash. That is certainly true with things like clothing and electronics. And when you have a piece of furniture that you would like to get rid of there is no way it can fit into a trash! What happens most often is that you end up being stuck with those items. That can all change with one call to Junk King Portland. These are the junk hauling professionals that make junk removal easy.

How Easy?

Just how easy does Junk King make rubbish removal? It starts by providing you with a two-man moving crew. This is the tenets going to do all the actual lifting and loading work for you. Right off the bat, you can see what a big difference that would make when deciding what you want to get rid of. If you don’t have to worry about lifting a heavy sofa from down in the basement, then you can turn it over to the junk King team. In fact, the Junk King squad will go into every room in your home if you want them to in order to remove items. That even includes climbing up into the attic.

The cost for Junk King services will always be a flat fee. That flat fee is based on how the truck will be packed up by that same Junk King crew. Their goal is always to get as much they can into as little space as possible. That will translate into you paying the lowest price scale.

If you need to get rid of rubbish from your home, then you need to put Junk King Portland on the job. They make it easy!

The Quickest Way To Remove An Old Recliner

The best spot for a comfortable recliner is in front of the television. This might also be the location of all the remotes. As the saying goes, “he who sits in the recliner controls the channels!” After years of relaxing in a recliner that recliner might start to break down. That has less to do with the person sitting in the recliner then it does to the simple fact that everything ways down eventually. If you have reached the point where you need to replace your old recliner with a new model, then you need to schedule a recliner removal session with Junk King Portland. This is the quickest way to remove that type of.

Bulk Removal

An old recliner would definitely qualify as a type of “bulk removal.” That would be any object that takes at least two people to move out. After all, it probably took two people to move the recliner into your home. Junk King is can you provide with your own team of professional movers. This is a crew that has a lot of experience with bulk removal. They will make quick work out of clearing your old recliner out of the family room.

As long as you have the Junk King team and that big truck of theirs, you might as well put them the full use. This is your chance to get rid of a lot more stuff than the old recliner. Anything else that you have been eager to clear out can be packed onto the junk King truck in the same session. How everything will fit onto the truck will also determine what your price will be. The Junk King crew will always strive to pack up everything as tightly as possible. That way you will pay the lower end of the price scale. Junk King always want to make their sessions fast, fair and affordable.

Removing an old recliner and the rest of your unwanted stuff will not be a challenge for the team from Junk King Portland. Put them on that challenge today.

How Junk King Helps With Junk Recycling

Once a piece of rubbish leaves your home for good you probably don’t give it a second thought. That is the same with your regular household trash. Even the items that you might recycle aren’t thought of again. You just know that they will end up at the right spot for that recycling goal. Junk King Portland is a professional junk hauling service that provides exceptional rubbish removal. Part of that package involves recycling. The goal is always to avoid another trip to a landfill. That might take effort but it is extra work that the team from Junk King is happy to provide at no additional costs.

You Sort First

Before you hire Junk King for a rubbish removal session, you will want to sort through all the things that you want to get rid of first. This will provide you an opportunity to determine just what can stay in one go. Always remember that when you work with Junk King you’re working with a company that does all the work. That especially means all the lifting and loading. You do not have to “prepare” a piece of rubbish by bringing it up from the basement or out to the front lawn. The Junk King crew will pick up everything from the spot.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will then get sorted again. The Junk King teams know what to spot with regard to recyclables and charity donations. Those are the two methods that junk King deploys in order to avoid those trips to the landfill.  The cost for this service always comes down to just how much space is taking up on the back of the junk King truck with the rubbish that you’re getting rid of. The less room that your stuff takes up, unless you will be paying. It is a very fair and competitive price for this type of service.

Getting rid of your rubbish should also mean recycling your rubbish. That is how Junk King Portland operates. Book your rubbish removal session today.

Junk King Helps Bring Down The Attic Rubbish

At this very moment, do you know exactly what you have up in the attic? You might have a vague idea of some items that are brought down on a regular basis such as holiday decorations. But they could be a lot of other stuff that you have stored up there that you have completely forgotten about. It might be worth taking the time to sort through your attic and find all the things that have value. Those can either be sold or brought down into the house. As for the rest of the stuff you might discover it is all items that you can do without. Once that kind of discovery has been you will want to set up a removal session with Junk King Portland.

Up and Down

One of the reasons that items and up staying in the attic is because it can sometime be a challenge to bring them back down again. Once they are up, they stay up! Of course, bringing stuff down from the attic will be a challenge for the crew from Junk King. You will be assigned a pair of experience movers who does this type of work on a daily basis. Them in action the items in your attic that you didn’t even bring up their but had your movers bring up when you first came into the house. If something made it up into the attic, then you can come back down again.

Before Junk King starts the session, they will work out what the final price will be. The price is always based on how everything will fit onto the back of the junk King truck. One flat fee covers all the transportation, labor and disposal. It is also a fee that is very competitive for this type of service.

Bringing the rubbish down from your attic is a job best suited for the team from Junk King Portland. Put them on the job today.

Get Rid Of Your Yard Sale Leftovers

The main purpose for having a yard sale is to make money with things that you no longer want. As an added bonus, you will be clearing out your closets, garage and other storage areas of all that stuff. That can certainly go a long way towards transforming your living environment. What this means is that when your yard sale is over you don’t want to bring any of that rubbish back into the house. That defeats the purpose. It might also be that your yard sale leftovers are too big to toss out into the trash. That is why you should schedule a rubbish removal session with Junk King Portland. That is the best way to know that your yard sale rubbish will be gone for good.

Timing is Everything

Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of movers and a big truck to take care of your yard sale cleanup. This is a team that won’t have any issues lifting and loading any amount of furniture, appliances or boxes of stuff. If your goal is to make sure everything is cleared away from the yard sale, then timing is everything. You might want to schedule your Junk King session for the first thing Monday morning after the weekend yard sale. That way you won’t have to do a lot of rearranging when it comes to getting rid of that stuff. Ideally, you should be able to leave it right where it is and the junk King crew will clear it off right from the spot.

Before anything gets packed onto the Junk King truck you will want to work out what the price will be. That price is always based on how much space in the truck your stuff will take up. Will be one third, one quarter, one half or the whole truck? You will note that price is before the work begins and like all the other Junk King customers you will find it fair and affordable.

Getting rid of your yard sale leftovers is easy when you put Junk King Portland on the job. Schedule your session today.

More Rave Reviews For Junk King Portland

Right from the start, Junk King Portland quickly establish itself as a professional and friendly service to use for junk removal. Since they began collecting junk several years ago, Junk King has helped homeowners, apartment renters, business managers and real estate agents remove all manner of unwanted debris and rubbish. The operating philosophy is that Junk King does all the work. Based on some recent rave reviews, it is clear that Junk King is getting the job done every time. Here are a few examples:

“Adam and Junior were the best. We had a large area of our yard that needed to be cleaned up from the storm and years of neglect. They removed all branches, debris, and tree stumps. They were over here a few days – always prompt. Super friendly and a pleasure to work with! I didn’t initially think of the Junk King for yard debris but I’m sure glad I called them. With the cleanup I doubled the size of my backyard. So excited! I highly recommend it! Such great people, can’t say enough about them.” – Audrey, Portland

Yes, Junk King can help you clear out all the unwanted debris from your backyard. That is a terrific project to take on now so that you can enjoy your backyard for the rest of the spring and summer. Remember, junk King does all the work and that can make a big difference when you are deciding exactly what you want removed. In other words, anything and everything can go!

“The two men that came were polite, nice right on time.” – Laura, Portland

“On time and professional. Very affordable. Save me a lot of hassle.” – Matthew, Portland

“Very good service! They were awesome and took my piano way without breaking a sweat. Couldn’t imagine an easier experience, thanks so much Junk King!” – Zachary, Portland

“Easy to schedule, fast pickup. My large and heavy old chair and the ottoman is now gone! Thank you, Junk King,!” – Tyan, Portland

Fast, easy and fair. That is a perfect way to describe how Junk King Portland operates. Put them to the test today.

Junk King To Remove Boxes Of Rubbish

Any box that you put into storage should be labeled. That label doesn’t have to provide an itemized list of what is in the box. It will just help to know the “category.” A box labeled Halloween decorations won’t be containing winter sweaters. Labeling boxes might also help you sort through your storage once things have started to get crowded. In other words, when you can no longer put boxes up on the shelf and have to stack them up on the floor, then it might be time to go through those boxes. What you could discover is a lot of the stuff you are holding onto could actually be designated as rubbish. That would be anything you no longer have plans for using. When you have accumulated several boxes of rubbish, it is time to call in Junk King Portland. One session is all it will take to clear away all of those boxes for good!

Outside Storage

The boxes that you are sorting through could be in your garage, basement or attic. You might also have an outside storage rental that you have filled with boxes. Is it worth paying for that space to keep stuff that you aren’t going to use? Not only can you set up a removal session at your home with Junk King but also at a storage unit facility.  You can coordinate with Junk King team to meet you at that facility and haul away the boxes right from the unit. If you clear enough boxes away from your garage, then you might be able to shut down that rental unit altogether! That would mean great savings.

You can schedule your Junk King appointment today by calling or booking online. All you need to do is pick the day that works best for your schedule and a two-hour window within that day. It will take a full two hours to remove all the boxes you’re getting rid of. But it could take some of the time for the Junk King crew to get from one appointment to the next. That two-hour window is a lot better than waiting all day for the cable company!

When boxes of rubbish need to be removed from your property, you need to bring in the Junk King Portland squad. Make your appointment today.

How To Find More Storage In Your Home

Have you ever lost something in your home that was bigger than a set of keys? It could be that you put something into storage but forgot exactly storage area you put it in. That can trigger a kind of “hunt” throughout your house in search of that particular item. That search isn’t helped when you’ve got a lot more things in storage to sort through then you really need. That is the kind of situation that should inspire you to make a change. That change can involve setting up an appointment with Junk King Portland for some rubbish removal. At the completion of that job, you will find yourself with a lot more storage area in your home.

Make Time For Sorting

Your quest to create more storage in your home needs to begin with sorting through your current storage areas. That will mean dedicating time for sorting in your closets, garage, attic, cabinets and any other space that you are holding onto things. These to be all the things that you aren’t using on a regular basis. Yes, that can also mean going through your closets and pulling out all the clothing that you no longer have any interest in wearing. Out in the garage, it can mean pulling together all those broken toys and appliances that will never get repaired. They could also be a lot of old electronics down the basement or up in the attic like television sets, computers and monitors that have long since been replaced. All of those items can be turned over to Junk King for responsible disposal.

That disposal can mean dropping off at a charity or at a recycling center. Junk King has been dedicated to this type of disposal ever since they began collecting objects over 15 years ago. It is that kind of dedication to the environment that has made Junk King the leading junk hauler in the Portland area.

When you need to find more storage space in your home, you need to bring in Junk King Portland for a rubbish removal session. Call to set up that session today.

Get Your Office Ready For A Return To Work

The return to office work could have been in the new year. Many of your remote working staff will probably embrace getting back to the office even if it means a truncated schedule. That means that you need to get that office space ready for the return. There may be some adjustments that have to be made with regard to the layout of the desks and workspaces that will conform to the “new normal.” Opening up room in your office could also mean getting rid of some unnecessary office furniture and equipment. These are the kinds of items that can be tossed out into a dumpster. Thankfully, the crew from Junk King Portland is standing by to provide the kind of professional junk hauling experience that can transform your work environment.

No Major Disruption

When you hire Junk King to remove the unwanted items from your office space you will be hiring a company that appreciates schedules. They want to make sure there is no major disruption to the workflow. That could mean scheduling your session before or after business hours. The crew from Junk King will be happy to accommodate those requests.

When the team does arrive for the scheduled appointment they will look over all the items that you want removed. They don’t have to be gathered up in a pile. They can be scattered throughout the entire floor. Once they have looked over everything, the Junk King crew will know how it will all fit onto the back of the truck. That is how they are going to determine what your final fee will be. This is a cost that is never charge by the pound. The flat rate includes all the removal, transportation and disposal of the items that you want to get rid of. Junk King wants to make this a fast and affordable process you. That will always be good for the bottom line!

To get your office ready for the return of staff, put Junk King Portland on the task of rubbish removal. Set up a session today.

Bring In Junk King To Clear Out Abandoned Property

Anyone who owns a rental property knows that the most effort is put into that property in between tenants. That is when repairs have to be made, walls at you painted and carpeting needs to be replaced. At least that happens with apartments that have been lived in for several years by the same occupant. The hope is that whoever rents that space will keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, there are often many renters who simply abandon property by leaving it behind. Obviously, these are folks who don’t care much about their security deposit otherwise they would have cleared out that stuff themselves. Now it falls to the landlord to take care of. Thankfully help is just a phone call away. Junk King Portland can provide a rapid response to clearing out any amount of abandoned property in a rental unit.

Easy Removal

Junk King prides itself on providing easy removal of any object from a property. That includes a property that might be located several flights up and without an elevator! The Junk King crews who will be assigned to your session all have plenty of experience with lifting and loading heavy objects and carrying them down flights of stairs. They can also bring their skills at dismantling to any object. It might make sense to take something apart to prevent damage to walls and floors. Since that property has been abandoned it really doesn’t matter if it gets broken up!

Before the Junk King crew loads anything onto the truck they will want to lockdown what the cost of the service will be. That cost will always be determined by how much space will be occupied by the things that you are getting rid of. Will it be one half, one quarter or the entire truck? You might think that all those items would fill of a truck. When the Junk King crew does the packing, it might only take up half the space. That will provide you with the low end of the price scale and that is a goal that Junk King always strives for.

When rubbish has been left behind in your rental property, you can count on Junk King Portland to get it cleared out fast. Call for an appointment today.

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