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Hoarder Cleanup Help in Raleigh

The first reported incident of hoarding as a disorder can be traced back to the 14th century. Today, there are some medical researchers that figure at least 5% of Americans could be certified as hoarders. Doctors really can’t pinpoint how this disorder pops up but they can defiantly recognize it when it occurs. So can all the neighbors. The help a true hoarder take a team of counselors and psychologists. Usually it reaches that stage when the hoarding has proven to be a health hazard for the hoarder and for the neighborhood.

The goal is to convince the hoarder that they really don’t need all that stuff they are hanging onto. You might be happy to get rid of all your junk if only you had some help. That doesn’t make you a hoarder. It just makes you in need of Junk King Raleigh’s services. With Junk King on call you can finally toss out all those things that have been cluttering up your home and yards. Yes, Junk King works their magic indoors and outdoors.

Let’s start with the indoors. Every home has a “storage locker.” This would be the place where all your collected junk goes. When you get a new sofa you put the old couch in this room. If a new stove comes, the old stove goes in the storage room. The minute one bulky item goes there there are usually boxes of stuff that follow. Before you know it you’ve got a full fledge hoarding zone. This could be a spare room, an attic, a basement or garage. No matter where the junk is the Junk King Raleigh crew can move in to move it out. You won’t have to pick up a thing; the JK crew does all the heavy lifting.

Once they’ve sorted through the indoors that same crew can do a tour around your front and back yard to take away anything out there you want disposed off. This will be your chance to clear out the leftover debris from a remodel job or patio makeover. If you’ve done some landscaping then Junk King can also haul off the dirt. Simply put there just isn’t anything that Junk King won’t take away for you.

After it is gone you’re free to do whatever you want with that open space. Did you have something in mind when you first moved into your home? Maybe a home office or arts and crafts workshop? That can be yours again. Call Junk King Raleigh at 1-888-888-JUNK to set up a removal appointment before you get too comfy being a hoarder.

Raleigh Grill Disposal and Recycling

Do you know the difference between direct heat and indirect heat? If you want to step up your grilling game you should. For all practical purposes it comes down to a question of temperature and time. Direct heat grilling involves having your meat put over the flame with the lid open. This works for thin cuts of meat like fillets and kabobs that you want to cook fast. Indirect heat is better for larger pieces of meat like steak or roasts. For this the food is cooked off of the flame with the lid closed. In other words set only half of your flames going and put your meat on the side without the flame. It will take longer to cook but will definitely cook all the way through.

A few other things to keep in mind is that you should make sure all your ingredients like rubs or sauces or marinades are made before you put your meat on the grill. You also want to make sure that your raw meat is kept separate from your cooked meat. That goes for serving platters and cutting boards. As you cook on your grill you should keep an eye on temperature. All cuts of meat need different temps to cook. A meat thermometer is best but an outside thermometer attached to the grill will do the trick.

Of course, all of these enhance grilling techniques can only work if you’ve got the right grill. If not, it’s time to make the switch and Junk King Raleigh can help.

Wait! Junk King is going to help you grill? Actually, no but they will be the perfect team to get rid of that old grill, sometimes which can be hefty and dangerous to carry. The last thing you want is to have a rust bucket sitting next to a shiny new model. A grill is one of those things that can’t be thrown out or simply be put on the curb.

With Junk King that grill can be taken away quicker than it would take to cook up some burgers. While they’re at it the Junk King crew can also take away anything else you want to finally get rid of. Now is the chance to clear all the junk from your backyard like the rickety patio furniture that nobody wants to sit on or kids’ play sets that they’ve outgrown. All of those junky things can be tossed onto the back of the Junk King truck by the capable crew.

You can also get rid of any clutter from your garage, basement or attic. Make sure you’re not throwing away any treasures. As for the rest of it, give to Junk King Raleigh. They’ll know where to take it!

Raleigh Appliance Disposal

You’re favorite shopping partner this holiday season could be a smart phone app. There are dozens of scanner apps that let you wander into a nearby Raleigh store and take a picture of a product’s UPC bar code. The app then shows you if you can get that item at a better price somewhere else. What’s great is that armed with that information, you might be able to convince the store to sell you the item at the discount price. Chances are you’ll get the deal because they want to keep you in the store. This would make you a very smart shopper indeed.

Having an app like that is great but you should also do some other research in advance of shopping especially when you’re looking for big ticket items like major kitchen appliances. One of the most common things that folks forget to do is measure the space. If you’ve got custom cabinets where a fridge slides in for a perfect fit then you want to make sure your new fridge won’t be oversized. That holds true for stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Measure twice just to make sure.

You should consider the life of the new appliance you’re getting in terms of how long you’ll be using it. Typically, something like a fridge or stove could last five years and beyond. That’s why you should treat yourself to buy something with a few more bells and whistles. Why scrimp when you can get exactly what you want? And make sure whatever item you get that it will be EnergyStar rated. This will insure your appliance is energy efficient. With a new refrigerator this matters a lot because that’s the single item in your home which uses up the most energy. An EnergyStar ice box can bring your electric bills down significantly.

After picking the perfect new appliance, you’re going to need to get rid of that old one. If you’re not donating it then chances are it’s destined for the trash heap but you just can’t toss it out the door and be done with it.  Instead you should consider hiring Junk King Raleigh for the pickup and removal of any oversized item like a stove, fridge or dishwasher. Junk King Raleigh has the man power and truck space to cart off any large item. You don’t have to hire them for a single pickup. After they load up your old fridge, they can also help you get rid of anything else you want tossed out. This is a golden opportunity to clear out the spare room or clean out the garage to your car can park indoors again. Junk King is fast and affordable and they’re just a phone call away!

For the best in Raleigh Appliance Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free onsite estimate online today.

Raleigh Furniture Disposal – Get Rid of the Old Stuff

When was the last time you went shopping for furniture? Most of us have bedroom sets or living room sets we’ve been using for years. Are those sofas beginning to sag? Is your dresser worn out? If you’re looking for a good bargain for furniture you might want to give the Riverview Galleries a shot. They are an independently owned store that has been in operation since 1972. That makes them a true Raleigh fixture.

Riverview Galleries has plenty to boast about (as they should!). Here’s how they described themselves on their expansive website: “Operating a retail furniture store in the North Carolina Triangle of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill gives us convenient access to the finest selection in the country, and we are able to buy direct from the manufacturers to offer great savings. While we work with hundreds of leading name brand furniture manufacturers, we tend to specialize in those high quality lines that offer great flexibility and custom options. If you are looking for custom upholstery or custom casegoods, we offer a wide range of special order capabilities for you to choose from and can offer an incredible array of fabrics, finishes, styles and price points to meet your individual needs. Our professional staff can help you design your interior, decorate your room, get decorating ideas, plan your space, coordinate colors and styles and create the perfect room.”

Don’t think that just because they’ve been around since the 70s that Riverview Galleries isn’t up to speed in this internet age. In fact, a lot of their customers have made the transition from visiting the traditional showroom to shopping exclusively online. If you like seeing the furniture you’re interested in then head over their showroom, give it a test run and then go back to order online. You might find that the online prices are a better bargain.

The thing you’ll have to consider is what to do with the old furniture? If delivery men brought that furniture into your home then that same kind of muscle is going to be needed to get rid of it and you can find that muscle with Junk King.

Junk King Raleigh is part of a national franchise that has set up shop here in Raleigh and taken the place by storm. They’ve been helping all kinds of folks clear out the junk in their homes, yards, garages and attics. The minute you realize that you’ve got something that you want tossed out that won’t fit in the garbage can then you should call Junk King Raleigh. Their professional and courteous service just can’t be beat. Give them a call today for a free estimate. Then let the shopping commence!

For the best in Raleigh Furniture Disposal simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today and save $30!

Raleigh Junk Recycling

What exactly does it take for a city to be green? Actually, it’s just what you would expect. Included on the checklist of eco-friendly services that get high marks on the green scorecard are things like solar panel installation, bicycle repair, chemical-free house cleaning, organic catering, electronics recycling, chemical-free pest control, chemical-free carpet cleaning, sustainable interior design, green architects and home energy audits. Naturally, a curbside recycling program is also a big plus. Fortunately for residents of Raleigh, the city scores high marks on all counts.

In terms of the curbside recycling, the city of Raleigh has some very specific guidelines: “For residents using the 18-gallon recycling bin, prepared cardboard can be placed in the bin, or stacked alongside the bin. For residents using the 95- or 65-gallon roll carts, all flattened cardboard must fit inside the cart. Residents with a lot of cardboard, and do not want to reduce it to suitable pieces can remove packing materials, flatten it and take it to one of the City’s drop off recycling centers. The recycling bin or carts has been provided by the City of Raleigh for recycling purposes only. The recycling cart has an RFID code embedded inside it that is geo-coded to that particular address. If you move, please leave the recycling container for the next resident to use. Leaving it in the garage, backyard, or at the side door next to the garbage cart works best.”

Those drop off centers were put in place for you to get rid of your bulky items that won’t fit in the regular curbside bins. After a move into a new house, you might have stacks of cardboard that will overflow one of those bins. Big pieces of furniture, mattresses and kitchen appliances are all items that can be recycled but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get them to the recycling center. If you’ve got the big truck and some guys to help you lift the heavy stuff then you’re halfway there. The other thing you’ll need is the time which will be based on their schedule. A better option might just be with Junk King Raleigh.

Junk King Raleigh is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers that takes going green to a whole new level. You might not think that what you have to throw out is recyclable. Let Junk King Raleigh’s professional team worry about that. If it can be repurposed and reused they’ll find a way to make it happen. In fact, Junk King is proud of the fact that they divert a large percentage of all the items they collect away from a landfill, preventing dangerous chemicals from seeping into valuable Raleigh soil.

For the best in Raleigh Junk Recycling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.