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Richmond Furniture Disposal

Even though we all need furniture that doesn’t mean that every furniture store will be a success. Recently it was announced that the Richmond based Roomstore Inc. was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As part of that filing they are planning to sell of the bulk of their assets at an upcoming auction. By assets they mean all of their furniture stock. This could be a great opportunity to score some amazing new furniture at really terrific prices. If you’ve never participated in an auction before you’re in for a fun afternoon.

Although the format might change, the rules are basically the same. In an auction, the item goes to the highest bidder. For an asset furniture auction, you’ll probably have a chance to go through the various lots of items to see what you might want to bid on. They could choose to sell off individual pieces or entire rooms. Imagine getting a brand new living room for a fraction of the cost. The best approach to take at an auction is to have a price in mind that you’re willing to pay for an item then stick with that price. Don’t get caught up in a bidding war. If you only have a thousand dollars to spend then that’s what you need to bid.

Take note that most auction houses also charge a fee for their services. This means if you bid on an item and win it for $500 you might have to pay an additional $50 for the auction commission. The rule of the furniture auction should be made clear before the first item goes up for sale. At an auction like this you might also need to be prepared to take away your purchases or arrange for delivery. This would be another cost you would have to factor in to your budget.

Even if you don’t want to try to win furniture in an auction, you still might be looking around your living room or bedroom thinking, “It’s time for an upgrade.” With a little effort, you might be able to find furniture manufacturers based in America which not only offer decent bargains but also provide free shipping.

Before you get too excited at the prospects of new furniture you’ll have to deal with all your old stuff. It might be a nice gesture to donate your furniture but if it has truly seen better days you could be better served hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Richmond to take it all away in one trip. What’s wonderful about this choice is these same junk haulers can also clear out any other kind of clutter you’ve got taking up space in your home. If you’re starting fresh with new furniture then really start flesh with a junk free home. Hire a team of pros to get the job done right!

For the best in Richmond Furniture Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Richmond Virginia Junk Recycling

Good news for Virginia recyclers: According to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality the regional recycling rate has once again topped 55%. The Department told the Richmond Waste Management Authority that the rate was 56.6%. How does that break down to actual numbers? Take it away VA DEQ:

“Nearly 186,854 tons of paper-related material (newspaper, office paper and cardboard) was recycled in 2011. Yard waste and wood waste which are chipped into compost or mulch comprise another 197,675 tons recycled. Metals, textiles, glass and plastic are also measured for the report. Auto bodies, appliances, and assorted other metal items made up the nearly 36,538 tons of metal that were recycled in 2011. Clothing donations to organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army contribute to the textiles total of about 6,759 tons. The trash generation figure is an estimate based on national research. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that citizens create an average of 4.43 pounds of trash per person per day. The recycling rate is computed by dividing the amount recycled in the region by the amount of trash generated. The amount recycled is gathered from local and national businesses providing recycling to the area. The total amount recycled and not land filled for the region in CY 2011 was 468,646 tons compared to 458,611 tons in CY 2010.”

Got all that? The bottom line is that thanks to the curbside recycling program and drop-off centers, Richmond is doing its part to make the world a better place by cleaning up the environment. That’s something everyone should be celebrating. But guess what? You can do even more? There’s no reason you have to stop recycling at the curb. What about all your junk? Yes, that can be recycled too if you hire the right junk haulers:  Junk King Richmond.

A team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Richmond is “green,” meaning they are dedicated to diverting as much of the junk they collect away from Richmond landfills. This doesn’t mean driving that junk across the border into Maryland! It means taking it to those hard working recycling centers operating around the state. Beyond the plastic and paper recycling facilities there are centers that handle wood, metal and foam. That would be all the components of your sofa that you want to recycle. There are also facilities that are focused on disassembling electronic gear like computers, fax machines, monitors and copiers. That all has to be handled in a specific way so as not to release any hazard chemicals. Recycling is a big responsibility and you should be able to trust your junk hauler to do the right thing and make sure you junk is repurposed and reused!

For the best in Richmond Junk Recycling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an appointment online today.

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