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Category Archives: Richmond E-Waste Recycling

Richmond Computer Monitor Recycling and Disposal

What do you think the number one trash item is these days? Coffee cups? Fast food wrappers? Soda cans? Actually in terms of tonnage, the fastest growing segment of trash is e-waste. That would be all the gizmos and gadgets we use every day to make our lives better. Things like computers, monitors, cell phones, printers and scanners. The reason why there is so much of this e-waste is because it is constantly being replaced by the latest and greatest. Take a tour of any neighborhood on the day after Christmas and you’re sure to find dozens of empty boxes for flat screens, game systems, Blu-Ray players and all manner of kitchen appliances. But it’s not just at the holidays when we make the switch but all year long. So, what happens to your e-waste?

If you’re like most folks you take that stuff and find a hiding place for it in your home. Maybe it’s under the bed or in a closet or it could just be piled up in a corner. It might be easy to tuck away an outdate desktop computer or monitor but not so easy with a big TV. All of this e-waste will eventually be tossed out (at least it should) and when that happens it has to be disposed of the right way. This means dropping it off at a certified recycling center. However, you don’t have to be the one dropping it off. Not when you can have Junk King Central VA to do the work for you.

Junk King of Central Virginia is another successful branch in the national chain of professional junk haulers. They have been setting the standard for junk removal since 2006. That standard includes sending at least two professional movers on every job. You’ll recognize these workers because they’ll be wearing official Junk King shirts. They’ll also be driving up in the official Junk King truck. Did we mention this is a professional operation?

When the crew does show up at your home, you need only tell them what junk you want taken out and they’ll handle the rest. Not only can Junk King Central VA take away your e-waste but they can clear out any other kind of waste as well. You’ve got a whole truck to fill up so why not take advantage of that? This is when you can finally make room in your home for more important things like a home office or yoga room. There is nothing like the feeling of coming home to a clean house. Let Junk King help you get there!

Richmond Virginia Concrete Disposal and Recycling

Is this the spring season when you’re finally going to repave that cracked up driveway? Will you be pouring cement for a new patio deck? While it might seem like those types of jobs would require a experienced contractor you’d be amazed at the kind of helpful resources there are out there to turn them into DIY projects.

The simplest type of concrete is ready-mix. All you need to do is add water and you’re good to go. This is probably best used for small patch jobs. For something as big as a driveway or patio, you can order up transit-mix concrete. This would be the delivered out of the back of those big cement trucks. The mixing will be done in advance. All you need to do is prep the area for pouring and let the cement fly. You could condense that process by renting your own cement mix trailer. This is something you can hitch up to the back of your SUV and use for the weekend. You’ll have to make your own concrete but it lets you be in total control. Check out YouTube for concrete mixing and pouring “how to” videos. There are dozens.

In terms of prepping the area where you’ll be pouring cement, it’s going to mean breaking up that old concrete and getting rid of it. You might soon discover that the breaking up part is easy. It’s that “getting rid of it” that’s the real challenge. That’s where Junk King Central VA can be a big help. They won’t have any trouble showing up to your home and hauling away all the busted chunks of concrete. You certainly can’t toss that out in the garbage and you might not have a truck big enough for the job. Junk King has you covered. In fact, you could just bust up the concrete and leave it fracture for the Junk King Central Virigina crew. They’ll get it to where it needs to go.

On that same trip that has the Junk King crew removal concrete they can also take away any other oversized item you want to finally toss out. This can include furniture, appliances, auto parts, grills and even a hot tub. All of that will go on the same truck as the concrete. The Junk King crew will then do the sorting to make sure all your junk gets to where it needs to go. Whether it’s a recycling center or certified landfill, you’re guaranteed that your junk will be disposed of the right way. Call Junk King Central VA to find out how that can get rid of your junk in any form!

E-Waste Recycling in Richmond, VA

“It’s all about the e-waste.” That’s the concern buzzing about many municipalities like Richmond who find themselves having to deal with the abundant flow of this particular type of trash. According to the city government, electronic waste or e-waste is defined as “any electronic device that is no longer in use.” This includes items like CD players, cell phones, CPUs, microwave ovens, radios, televisions, computers, monitors, VCRs and DVD players. The city goes on to say, “It is illegal to dispose of electronic wastes in the garbage because they contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium.” In other words, if you’ve got something that falls under the category of e-waste you’re not supposed to toss it out with the rest of the trash. To do so would invite a citation and/or fine. So, what is your option if you’re tossing out a TV? The best call would be to Junk King of Central Virginia. They’ll know what to do with your e-waste.

You might have seen one of the many Junk King trucks making the rounds across town. Richmond VA residents have been keeping the Junk King crews busy ever since they rolled into town. Junk King understands that most folks have a deep concern for the environment. That’s why they have enacted a comprehensive green policy that applies to the vast majority of all the junk they collect especially e-waste. These policies insure that the e-waste is directed to a certified recycling center where those items can be disassembled and broken down to the core components. Only then can those components be treated and disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

On the same Junk King Central VA truck that is carting off your old computers and TVs, you can also load up all the other junk you want to finally toss out but you’ve been holding onto. These are the kinds of things that won’t be able to fit into your small garbage can but are still taking up a lot of space in your home. Imagine being able to get rid of things like bedroom furniture, kids’ beds, kitchen appliances, sporting equipment or anything else that is in the way of a clutter free home. Junk King can handle all of that removal. The JK crews will even gather up any yard waste or stuff you have in your backyard that you want to permanently remove from your property.

A quick call to Junk King can set this entire operation in motion. Your e-waste, your junk, your yard trash… it will all become a fleeting memory with Junk King on the job.

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