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Hoarder Cleanup Help in Richmond

One of the clinical definitions of being a hoarder is when you’ve lost the function of certain areas in your home. We’ve all seen the extreme examples of this on reality TV. An extreme hoarder has a home that is so overrun with junk that they can’t sleep in their own bed, cook in their own kitchen or even use their bathroom. Hopefully, things haven’t gotten that extreme for you but there could be some “borderline hoarding” issues you’re dealing with. For instance, is your dining room table over run with so much stuff that you couldn’t eat a meal there? Sure, you might only use the dining room for special occasions but that doesn’t mean you should pile your nice table high with junk.

What about your garage? Is it so full of stuff that you can’t even park your car in there? Does looking for a hammer or screwdriver turn into a huge ordeal because of all the junk? Do you have a spare room that is crammed with boxes and furniture that is just going to waste? The other definition of being a hoarder is when you have all those useless things and can’t bring yourself to throw them out. If you want to throw out your junk but need help then Junk King is the way to go.

When you hire Junk King Central VA you’ll be getting full use of a team of experienced haulers and their huge truck. Those two items alone will make all the difference when it comes to clearing out your junk. Having somebody do the hard work makes turning your home into a junk free zone a hassle free project.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed by what you’re throwing out. That’s another classic hoarder move. The Junk King crews working in Richmond have seen it all. You name it and they’ve hauled it away. Not only does this apply to anything you want to get rid of in your home but also anywhere else around your property. If you have an old woodshed that got toppled in the last storm, Junk King Central VA can take it away. The same can be said for furniture, swing sets, construction waste, roofing materials, bushes and tree limbs.

A single call to Junk King gets the process working. In many instances, you could call up Junk King in the morning and have your junk cleared out before suppertime. Getting rid of the big stuff is easy with Junk King on board. Once that junk is out of the way, you can tackle the smaller things like cleaning out cupboards or drawers. Before you know it, there won’t be a trace of your “borderline hoarding” tendencies! Call Junk King Central VA today and find out how they can help you get rid of the junk.

Richmond Virginia Junk Removal Prices

Anyone who has had the misfortune of accidentally stepping in a pile of dog waste knows what a problem this has become in Richmond. That’s why the city council has approved a marketing campaign to motivate dog owners to do their duty and pick up after their pets. It also could spare dog owners a hefty fine

“It’s a $250 fine and it’s also a city ordinance,” James Minor, with the Department of Utilities, told a local paper. “The ordinance– which states pet owners must remove any waste from public and private property– has been on the city books for decades but the city wants to bring it to residents attention again. Dog waste is not fertilizer and some folks think it is,” Minor said. “But it’s not. And it’s nasty.” It would seem that the billboards are having an impact. Since they went up in October, there have been no citations issued.

Believe it or not, you could also be fined for a messy yard or driveway. If a neighbor complains and the city sends inspectors out, you could be facing a ticket or two that would compel you to clean up the area. There is actually an affordable option when it comes to cleaning up junk and that would be hiring Junk King Central Virginia to do the work for you. For a lot less than a citation fine, you could have all the junk removed from your yard, garage and inside of your house without ever lifting a finger.

When you call Junk King they’ll send out a supervisor to access the amount of junk you want taken away. Based on that assessment you’ll be provided with an estimate of how much space your junk will take up in the Junk King truck. That’s what you’ll be charged. You won’t have to worry about travel time, labor costs or dumping fees. The estimate will also stick. That means if your junk takes up more space you won’t be paying any extra. If it takes up less space then you’ll be given a refund.

Also included in that price is the truck. If you tried to do this type of junk hauling on your own you’d have to go through the bother of renting a truck. Then there is the time factor. Isn’t your time valuable? Of course it is so why waste it driving around looking for a landfill when the Junk King crew can handle that for you? You could have the entire job accomplished in the time it would take you to go to brunch on Saturday morning with your friends. If fact, with Junk King coming over you’ll still be able to make brunch and might even pick up the check thanks to all the money you’ll be saving!

Richmond Yard Waste Removal – Clear the Clutter in 2013

It’s hard to imagine getting through a week without at least one accident that doesn’t clog up the traffic on I-95 outside of Richmond. Recently a small car hydroplaned and lost control. The vehicle crossed over into the next lane and slammed into a tanker fuel truck. That truck then slammed into the guardrail rendering it sideline. The truck was carrying 85,000 gallons of fuel. Fortunately, this accident didn’t result in any serious injuries or giant fuel spill. Still, all of that fuel had to be transferred to another truck which snarled up traffic for hours. As cleanups go, this was a minor one but there have been plenty of examples of huge spills of produce, oil and even live animals which required cleanup crews to be dispatch to accident site.

Could you put your own cleanup crew to work in your home or yard in 2013? You can if you hire Junk King Central Virginia.

Junk King is the Central Virginia business that takes the concept of junk removal to an entirely new level. That’s because Junk King excels in customer service. For every Junk King assignment you’ll be given at least a two-man cleanup crew to supervise. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do much supervising because the JK crews know what they’re doing. All you really have to do is show them what you want taken away from your home or yard. That can come down to pointing! The crew will take care of the rest. When it comes to yard waste removal there is a high likelihood that the crew will get dirty. That won’t be a problem. So, if you’ve got a pile of dirt or sod you want taken away the Junk King crew will say, “Bring it on!”

When the crew is finished gathering up your yard waste you can direct them into your home or garage to take away even more junk. In 2013, you can finally get rid of that old couch or unused stove. In fact, any type of large appliance or piece of furniture can make its way onto the Junk King truck for its final “destination.” That destination might be a licensed landfill or a recycling center. Either way Junk King Central VA promises to make sure your trash is disposed of the right way.

Take note that the Junk King workers are all licensed and insured. These are the only type of workers you should invite into your home. You can hire Junk King for a complete clutter removal or just to take away a few pieces. Remember you’ll be in charge of the cleanup crew so put them to work with whatever is needed!

Richmond VA Appliance Disposal & Recycling

Nobody wants a landfill in their backyard or even close to their backyard. For those folks who already live in the vicinity of a working landfill, they have to keep a dutiful watch out to make sure it is keeping up with the rules and regulations set forth by the state and the EPA. The residents of Woodlake and Brandermill know this all too well as they are raising the red flags about a nearby commercial landfill’s plan to start accepting two new forms of garbage. Specifically these are coal combustion byproducts and automotive shredder reside. These are known in the trash business as fly ash and fluff and they’ve both been found to contain harmful toxins. The residents are banding together to take their concern to the local, state and federal agencies charged with oversight in this kinds of matters. Their concerns are extremely valid.

A landfill exists for only one purpose: to let whatever garbage that is dumped there to degrade and decompose. If all of that garbage was organic like food scraps it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s how you make compost fertilizer. Unfortunately, the garbage at landfills are mostly plastics, metals and other items that when broken down end up reverting back to their chemical foundations. That’s not something you want seeping into the soil or water supplies.

This is why we should recycle. Whenever something is recycled it’s going to be diverted away from the landfill and into a recycling facility where it will be ground up into a mush that can be remade into a useful product. You can easily see where that would work with papers, plastics and soda cans but what about bigger stuff like major kitchen appliances? They can be recycled, too especially if you hire a company like Junk King for the disposal process.

Junk King is dedicated to keeping Richmond green. They are doing their part by insuring that the vast majoring of their collected junk gets dropped off at the area’s many recycling centers. When it comes to the bulky items like appliances, some of those items need to be properly dismantled – this is not an easy job. This applies to a fridge that has Freon. Plastic components are removed and separated from the metal. Not you’ve got two great piles of recyclable materials that belong in the melting furnace as opposed to the landfill.

If you’ve got appliances that you want disposed of then Junk King Central Virginia is your best bet. But you don’t have to stop there. Junk King can also take away any oversized item you want tossed out. Furniture, broken bikes, sporting equipment, car parts, mattresses and even a backyard grill are all fair game to end up on the back of a Junk King truck. Give them a call today to find out how they can work for you.

Richmond Refrigerator Disposal

A recent story in the news might have you rethinking some of what you consider to be junk. A Shenandoah Valley resident was shopping at a flea market and plunked down $7 for a box of stuff. She had her eye on a Paul Bunyan doll and plastic cow but also included was a small painting. For around a year, she kept that painting in a white plastic bag where it went from her car to her kitchen back to the car and into the garage. At one point, she was considering getting rid of the painting but was told she ought to have it looked at. What she discovered is that the painting she didn’t give two thoughts to turned out to be an original Renoir valued at over $75,000. Not bad for a $7 investment. And to think she came very close to selling it at one of her own yard sales.

Now before you go tearing your home upside down looking for buried treasure keep in mind that is truly a one in a million type of story. Most of the real junk we have to toss out is just that “real junk.” Take that old refrigerator you’re hanging onto. No one is going to mistake that for a lost treasure. The best way to get rid of that is with Junk King Central Virginia.

Here in Richmond VA, Junk King has been helping folks cart off all kinds of junk from their homes and businesses. By now they’re probably up to several tons of collected trash that they have cleared out of homes and apartments. Most satisfied customers start by hiring Junk King to take away a big item like an old fridge. But when they set their mind to it they end up coming up with a lot of other junk they can get rid of. This would be furniture, play sets, mattresses, televisions, computers, car parts, lawn mowers and even the occasional fallen tree limb. Basically, if something is too big or too heavy for you to get rid of then let Junk King handle the assignment.

With Junk King you’ll be hiring a team of experienced movers who will respect your property. They’ve been trained in the Junk King way which means putting the customer’s needs first. You can schedule your junk removal at a time that works best for you. If you need something removed from down in your basement or up in your attic then the Junk King Central VA crew will climb those stairs! Best of all you’ll have all of that junk cleared out in no time. Imagine the relief you’ll experience once that stuff it out of your home for good. You can’t beat that feeling!

Richmond Furniture Disposal

Even though we all need furniture that doesn’t mean that every furniture store will be a success. Recently it was announced that the Richmond based Roomstore Inc. was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As part of that filing they are planning to sell of the bulk of their assets at an upcoming auction. By assets they mean all of their furniture stock. This could be a great opportunity to score some amazing new furniture at really terrific prices. If you’ve never participated in an auction before you’re in for a fun afternoon.

Although the format might change, the rules are basically the same. In an auction, the item goes to the highest bidder. For an asset furniture auction, you’ll probably have a chance to go through the various lots of items to see what you might want to bid on. They could choose to sell off individual pieces or entire rooms. Imagine getting a brand new living room for a fraction of the cost. The best approach to take at an auction is to have a price in mind that you’re willing to pay for an item then stick with that price. Don’t get caught up in a bidding war. If you only have a thousand dollars to spend then that’s what you need to bid.

Take note that most auction houses also charge a fee for their services. This means if you bid on an item and win it for $500 you might have to pay an additional $50 for the auction commission. The rule of the furniture auction should be made clear before the first item goes up for sale. At an auction like this you might also need to be prepared to take away your purchases or arrange for delivery. This would be another cost you would have to factor in to your budget.

Even if you don’t want to try to win furniture in an auction, you still might be looking around your living room or bedroom thinking, “It’s time for an upgrade.” With a little effort, you might be able to find furniture manufacturers based in America which not only offer decent bargains but also provide free shipping.

Before you get too excited at the prospects of new furniture you’ll have to deal with all your old stuff. It might be a nice gesture to donate your furniture but if it has truly seen better days you could be better served hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Richmond to take it all away in one trip. What’s wonderful about this choice is these same junk haulers can also clear out any other kind of clutter you’ve got taking up space in your home. If you’re starting fresh with new furniture then really start flesh with a junk free home. Hire a team of pros to get the job done right!

For the best in Richmond Furniture Disposal, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

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