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Property Management Cleanouts At Junk King: Everything You Need To Know

Cleaning out clutter opens up avenues to new opportunities. 

If you run a property management company, you may sometimes need to remove old, used items from one of your units. Some companies try the DIY approach only to find it’s much more complicated than they originally thought. Here are some important points to keep in mind about property management clean outs.

What is A Property Management Clean Out?

Sometimes property managers must rapidly empty out an apartment unit to put it back on the market with minimal revenue loss between tenants. When renters get evicted for not paying rent or disrupting neighbors, it’s often easier for them to disappear quickly and leave unwanted possessions behind. The property manager can auction off these forfeited belongings if they hold any value, but most times the landlord just needs the junk removed from rental property premises right away. 

Property management clean outs involve removing every unwanted item within a home or building, big or small. Real estate firms and home investors as well as property management firms periodically need to remove a massive amount of junk quickly. Home foreclosures can easily turn into cleanout projects for realtors and investors.

Foreclosure Cleanouts

In June 2021 only 4.4 percent of U.S. mortgages were delinquent in some form. Despite a nearly 3-point drop in delinquencies from the previous June, it was still above the pre-pandemic rate of 3.6 percent in February 2020. 

Even though the foreclosure rate has been near a 20-year low, in 2020 there were still over 10,000 properties reacquired by lenders. Many times investors just want to resell these properties as soon as possible, so they elect to go with a quick and seamless property clearing service like Junk King Rockville.


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Eviction Cleanouts

To a property manager who has to issue multiple evictions, even a few clean up projects a year can seem like plenty. Evictions often require quicker turnaround times for clean outs since revenue is lost each day there’s no tenant to pay rent. Trying to handle all the logistics of a large waste removal project without a big truck and helpers can cut into other priorities. 

Property management cleanouts often involve removing large furniture, appliances, cabinets and equipment. Moving such large items can be tiring for people who aren’t trained to do so professionally. It’s best to let specialists handle cumbersome tasks to ensure the work is done safely and efficiently. 

How does hiring Junk King Experts make Property Management Cleanouts easy?

Junk King exists to help residential and commercial property owners remove unnecessary items that create clutter. We are North America’s leading junk removal company that emphasizes sustainability and efficiency for clearing out debris.

Simplifying Sustainable Solutions

We work with recycling companies to ensure whatever materials can be reused will be reused. Your project might involve us removing e-waste that local services won’t pick up. Part of our goal is to reduce waste in the environment without it ending up in a landfill.

Reducing Stress

Cleanouts can be stressful in both the planning and execution stages unless you work with seasoned Junk King professionals. We know our customers have a right to expect excellent work and we are proud to provide it for communities around the nation. 

If you imagine you have too much junk, don’t worry. We have experience moving large industrial equipment, so no job is too extreme for us to handle. Moving heavy equipment takes skill, in which our crew members are well trained. 

One of Junk King’s specialties is bulk removal. Even if your property is a construction or demolition site cluttered with debris, we can perform a high quality clean out and meet your deadline. We’ve built our reputation on giving customers what they want, which is plenty of extra space. 

Fast Action

Property management firms hire us for various types of waste removal and full property cleanouts that often involve quick turnaround times. Once you contact Junk King we will plan to visit your investment property and give you an estimate for the project within a few days. 

We show up to your property with the appropriate tools and gear to remove a wide range of items safely. Our experts follow best industry practices and put extra care into protecting your property from damage. After assessing the project our crew aims for removing the items as safely and efficiently as possible. 


Don’t let clutter block your path to progress. Take action promptly if you are a property manager in need to rent or lease a unit without the junk inside. Plan your property management junk removal project with Junk King Property Management Cleanouts services today.

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