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Furniture Removal Made Easier With These Tips By Junk King Professionals




Getting rid of old furniture can be a nightmare when not handled correctly. Attempting to remove and dispose of large furniture items can be stressful and time-consuming. Besides, most furniture items are heavy and bulky, which requires a pair of trained hands to move safely and efficiently. The best way to remove old furniture from your home or business premises is to hire an experienced junk removal company like Junk King Rockville. We have highly skilled technicians to do the job right the first time, saving you valuable time and money.


What is Furniture Removal?


Furniture removal involves getting rid of old furniture from your home or office to free up space for new furniture or occupant. Generally, furniture items are heavy, awkward, and challenging to maneuver, making the removal process nearly impossible to execute on your own. You will need extra hands, equipment, and tools, such as a dolly, to maneuver heavier pieces. Even if you manage to get extra hands to help you with the heavy lifting, you’ll need to drop off the furniture for donation or at the landfill on your own, depending on the rules and regulations surrounding trash pick up in your area. For instance, do you know the holiday schedule for trash pick up in Rockville? It’s best to just let our professionals at Junk King handle the entire process for you as you focus on your primary responsibilities.


Our furniture removal service in central Maryland allows us to haul away all your unwanted furniture items while ensuring your comfort and safety. Our skilled crew members will grab those heavy furniture items out of your property, load them onto our spacious trucks, and ensure they get donated or recycled when possible. We offer full-service junk removal, and you don’t need to touch anything.


How Junk King Makes Furniture Removal Seamless


Junk King is here to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf while ensuring your living or working space is not left in a mess. Here are the steps to follow during a furniture removal process:


1: Create a Game Plan


You should never jump right into a furniture removal project without first developing an overarching strategy. Junk King can help you make an efficient furniture removal plan and strategy that works seamlessly and cost-effectively. We will assess your items to see if there is any salvageable furniture that we can drop off at a donation center. Other than doing all the heavy lifting, we also recycle and re-purpose as much as possible. 


Typically, we strive to recycle up to 60% of the items we pick up. Additionally, we have established valued relationships with local recycling facilities and donation centers to make the process easy and seamless for you. 


2: Mitigate the Risks


When tackling furniture removal and other junk-related projects, safety is always of the essence. Attempting to remove heavy and bulky furniture items on your own or with the help of a friend may result in damage to your property or even your body. DIY furniture removal generally increases risks of injury, property damage, and delays in completing the exercise.


The pros at Junk King know that removing old furniture from any property e is a tedious chore that needs to be done correctly to avoid damaging your home’s floors, walls, door frames, etc. So, take a step back to analyze your furniture removal task before lifting a finger. You will likely realize that it is better to leave the project for the professional furniture removal crews who have the training and expertise to do the work safely and efficiently. Besides, our professional junk removers can complete the project as quickly as possible and make your property ready for occupation.


3: Sort Out the Things to Get Rid of


It often takes some time to determine which furniture pieces are worth keeping and which ones should be sold or donated. But if you want to create more space in your home or office, figure out the things that go unused for long or don’t fit your property’s aesthetic appeal and get rid of them. Re-purposing unwanted furniture by donating them to charity is your best bet for furniture pieces that still have a useful life.  


4: Let the Pros Do the Work


Junk King’s experienced furniture removal team is here to eliminate your old furniture, including sofas, chairs, desks, tables, and other items you may want to get rid of. Instead of risking your physical health and jeopardizing your property by attempting to remove old furniture on your own, consider professional furniture removal. You can depend on our team to provide reliable furniture removal services. Ultimately, you’ll feel a lot of relief off your shoulders.


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Recycling Old Furniture


Since most homes and offices contain several furniture items, take an inventory of everything you don’t need to help you keep track of what you need to move with and what to get rid of. At Junk King, we can help you haul away any salvageable furniture to local donation centers where they can find a new home. If the old furniture cannon be reused, repurposed, or recycled, we haul it away for eco-friendly disposal. 


Depending on the kind of wood that makes up your furniture, most of it can be recycled. If you have furniture items made from untreated wood, we can help you recycle them or even compost them. But since most furniture is made from treated wood that has been pressure treated, painted, stained, painted, or varnished, they may be difficult to recycle. 


Generally, treated wood, along with chipboard and particleboard, contain chemicals in paints, varnishes, adhesives, and other kinds of wood treatment products. The best way to deal with old treated wood furniture is to figure out how to reuse it. Our furniture removal crew will evaluate the condition of your items and send what is reusable to the right donation center.


Some common types of furniture we often recycle and reuse include:



When you hire Junk King for your furniture removal, our friendly, uniformed team will call you 15-30 minutes before your appointment window to let you know when to expect us. When we arrive, our technicians will take a look at the furniture items you want to be removed and issue you with an instant all-inclusive quote. Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll remove your items diligently and haul them away in our spacious trucks. We always ensure we only touch the items you want us to take away.


Contact Junk King for Reliable Furniture Removal Services!


Junk King offers exceptional furniture removal services for homeowners and businesses across the U.S. We are the highest-rated service brand you can depend on for speed, reliability, and peace of mind. Our team specializes in removing and hauling away large waste and other junk that you can’t drop in a trash bin. We can arrive at your location in just minutes to assess your junk and provide an instant quote. Besides, our crew is fully insured and trained to get rid of unwanted furniture items professionally and courteously. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).


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