Sacramento Junk Recycling

There’s a great saying about Californians that proudly proclaims “so goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.” That basically means that California is a leader when it comes to important social movements. Nowhere has this been more evident then with the desire to create a more eco-friendly environment. Nowadays, everybody is going green and Sacramento is certainly leading the charge.

Folks are pitching in all across the city with their own personal home and office recycling programs involving plastics and papers. They’re bringing canvas bags to grocery stores and cutting back on the driving. All of these are positive steps towards achieving a smaller carbon footprint and they’re simple to pull off. But there might be some “big ticket” items socked around your home that also need the “green touch” of recycling. However, these items might be too big for you to manage or even move from where they’re stuck right now. That’s where a Sacramento Junk Recycling service can come into play.  With one quick phone call, you can set up an appointment to rid your home of that junk once and for all. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of knowing that junk is going to be recycled.

Informing the citizens of Sacramento about living green is the proverbial “preaching to the choir;” they are down with the program! However, that doesn’t mean everyone who wants to go green can haul away that busted fridge sitting in the garage or that moldy mattress in the basement. And don’t forget the obsolete electronics. These items just can’t be taken out with the rest of the garbage. To help reduce your impact on the environment these items should be recycled. You have a clear choice: load up your car and make about a dozen trips all around Sacramento to the various recycling centers or make one call to a green junk hauling service and let them do all the work.

Part of recycling is safely breaking down the components of any item and finding a way to reuse it. That’s easy to see with paper and plastic. You just chop it up or melt it down and it’s good to go. But you big junk items need to carefully be broken apart.   Don’t take the risk. Let a professional green junk hauling service sweep in and get rid of all that junk.

There’s a great benefit for the environment when you use a Sacramento Junk Recycling service to clear out your refuse. But there is an equally great benefit for you. Imagine the extra storage space you can create for the really important items you want to keep safe. For some “hoarder” types, there can even be the discovery of an entire new room that can be converted into an office, playroom or guest room.  Sacramento green junk hauling: Good for you and good for the planet!

Junk King Sacramento is the best in green junk hauling.  We pride ourselves in recycling up to 60% of the materials we haul.  If you’d like to get rid of your home or business junk in an eco-friendly way, feel free to book online or call 1-800-995-JUNK to schedule a free on site estimate.