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Category Archives: Green Sacramento

Roseville Community Clean Up Days Junk Removal


You may have encountered a couple of yard sales here and there. After all, spring and summer are the best times to hold garage sales after all that spring cleaning.

For homeowners, yard sales are a great way to get rid of items you no longer want or need in your home.

Unwanted objects that are still in good condition and can still be used may have piled up in your home and get stuck in your closet, yard or basement for quite some time. It can also help you turn in a little profit by selling them.

For thrift buyers, it is also a great way to find hidden treasures that fit their needs and requirements at more affordable prices. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as the famous saying goes.

But sometimes, your piled-up things are not enough to get a yard sale started. The best way to address this is to rally your neighbors to organize a community yard sale.

Community yard sales are a great way for the neighborhood to come together and help each other empty garages from all the clutter while fostering camaraderie with one another.

It encourages community members to clear out their yards and garages from unwanted stuff and provide the opportunity to bond with neighbors.

It can also be done to raise funds for the community or for a cause, and this further strengthens the community.

Moreover, the community coming together and gathering their items in one event will make yard sales more successful. Community yard sales will surely attract bigger crowds of shoppers and bargain hunters because of the number of items being sold.

Community yard sales have been an effective way for communities to dispose of things they no longer need but are still useable. In Roseville alone, several yard sales have been conducted year in and out.

But in some cases, not everything will be sold during yard sales. But that doesn’t mean you have to take the items back to your home if you have no use for them.

In planning a community yard sale, you need a professional junk remover as a partner to clean up after the event.

Junk King can be your partner to help you keep your area junk free and get rid of the leftover items for good.

We’ll get any kind of junk—furniture, appliances, yard waste, e-waste, garbage, yard debris, construction waste, etc.—off your hands and off the community grounds.

If your community is planning a yard sale, call Junk King Sacramento to find out about our rates for community clean ups!

Moving offices? Let Junk King help with cubicle disposal

Office cubicles have been popular since they first took off in the 1960s.

Every business since then has started installing cubicles to provide a sense of privacy for their employees—even if they’re just really in one big room.

And yet, these structures are not permanent—as compared to walled offices—they are modular, and they can be changed and adjusted easily.

Their popularity continued up to when employees started hating working in cubicles. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, cubicles were widely mocked in television shows and movies.

In the past several years, many studies have come out saying cubicles in offices have weighed on employees’ morale and output.

People don’t like the feeling of being put in a small box and then being expected overflow with productivity.

According to a study by Oxford Economics, employee satisfaction and productivity are dampened by distractions in the workplace caused by cubicle setups.

And this gave rise to the adoption of open-plan spaces in the workplace. The open concept equates spaciousness and flexibility.

The workspace does not look cramped. No more mini-walls hiding each and every employee—employees can see their co-workersadult-coder-coding-7110 right across their desks.

It is also said to foster ambient awareness and teamwork among employees.

And this also means more savings and cost-cutting measures for companies. There is no need to put in bulky cubicles—just long desks in a single, large (or even smaller) spaces.

That’s why there is a growing number of companies—whether big or small—ditching cubicles and favoring a more open office plan.

While cubicles are modular, deconstructing them is not an easy task. Cubicles have different parts, like shelving units, built-in furniture, panels, screws and connectors, and these need to be secured so they can still be used.

And more effort is needed in the removal and disposal of these bulky, mini-wall structures.

If you’re in Sacramento and need to get rid of the cubicles in your office, let Junk King deal with the removal, and disposal of your cubicles.

We take care of fast and eco-friendly junk removal:

Cubicle removal

We can handle whatever size or number of cubicles you need to be cleared out from your space.

Cubicle disposal

Once the cubicles are removed, you don’t have to worry about them. As an environment-friendly junk removal company, we’ll make sure they are disposed of correctly,

Give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote!

Benefits of Recycling Junk

Recycling aims to breathe a new life to items that would otherwise be called trash, junk, or clutter. However, despite its benefits, not many people consider that their junk can be recycled which causes junk accumulation at your local dump.

To explain further how recycling can help heal the environment and improve the wellbeing of Mother Nature, we are introducing you to the two most important benefits of recycling.


Recycling conserves energy:

When clothing is created, a considerate amount of energy is put into the creation process. From the production line of the clothing companies; to raw materials to the packing, an entire supply chain is utilized.

The same goes for recycling scrap metal. According to Tampa Steel, in the United States alone, there are more than 150 million tons of scrap metal thrown away every year. These metal items transcend from soda cans to galvanized metal.


Bestpickreports.com noted that 13 million tons of textiles end up in landfills or about five percent of the country’s total solid waste. Items like clothing can be upcycled or recycled into various forms. Since clothes are made of fibrous materials, they can be recycled into high-quality paper products, rags, and even organic or eco-friendly construction materials. Not all textiles can be kept from filling up landfills, but most can be recycled.

Another problem in the landfill is plasticthe . With decades and centuries needed before plastic is broken down, plastic has become one of this generation’s big problems. With so much plastic in our oceans, even the extinction of some sea creatures is threatened.

Not only that, but it also poses a high risk to the increasing carbon footprint of the world.

With recycling, these two huge problems can be mitigated.


Saving the planet also helps support families, as recycling also helps create jobs.

According to Tampa Steel, recycling metal has produced jobs worth $236 billion on an annual basis. This means that there is an economic benefit in recycling.

This is quickly echoed by the National Institute of Health saying recycling metal gives 36 times the amount of job than plain sending metal to incinerators.

For these reasons, it is important to note whether the junk removal company that you will employ is in partnership with organizations that advocates recycling or if the company itself has a recycling initiative.

We, at Junk King, make sure that we do not only take care of your space but also value the environment. We are committed to green practices including recycling. Rest assured that when you employ our services, we run a strict evaluation course for all items gathered so we can identify which things are for the landfill and which things are for donation, recycling, or upcycling.

For all of your junk removal needs, feel free to fill out our contact us form or give us a call, and we will be happy to assist you.

Moving? Sacramento Office Furniture Removal for Dummies

Ready to up and move your Sacramento office to a new location? Need to make way for new office furniture, equipment, and other furnishings? Junk King offers area businesses a quick and simple solution for office furniture removal. We’re proud of our top-rate services and friendly crews, and our cost-effective options are designed to meet any sized business’ needs.

Office Furniture Removal in Sacramento

office furniture removalJunk King’s professional commercial hauling teams have the experience needed to successfully manage your office cleanout. No matter what type of business you manage or own, we are the full-service office furniture removal experts who will get the job done on time and on budget.

Businesses we serve include real estate locations, retail sites, office buildings, warehouses, and more. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Here are just some of the items we quickly and efficiently haul away:

  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Cubicle breakdown and removal
  • Electronics recycling
  • Office trash

We’re an eco-friendly office junk removal service, too. We take care of everything, coordinating with area donation and recycling facilities so that gently used items are donated and scrap items are recycled whenever possible, helping to reduce waste that would otherwise be sent to local landfills.

All Your Junk Removed Quickly & Efficiently

Office furniture removal in Sacramento is so easy even “Dummies” can arrange it! Junk King is the premier commercial junk removal in Sacramento. We’re equipped to handle any office cleanout project. Our modern fleet ensures the entire process is a quick and stress-free one, every single time!

Whether you’re relocating to a new location or just need a deep office clean, Junk King proudly offers prompt and reliable teams who are trained to handle any size office decluttering haul.

We offer a comprehensive set of office furniture removal service features:

  • Exceptional prompt and reliable services that provide unparalleled value. We offer outstanding customer service and make it easy for you to stay in touch during the entire removal process.
  • Easy payment plans.
  • Peace of mind. We know how important it is to be sure you and your employees are fullyprotected and won’t be held liable for any accidents. We’re fully insured, so everyone involved in your cleanout is covered when we perform junk hauling services.

Put Your Trust in Junk King

Office furniture removal can be a time-consuming process. Working with a professional service like Junk King lets you stick with what you do best – running your business! Account set up is easy, with labor, transportation and disposal costs all included in your quote.

If you’re ready to remove furniture and other items from your current office location, Junk King has the equipment and manpower you need. Our office pickup and disposal services are designed with your convenience in mind. We haul away virtually anything you need removed, donated, demolished, or otherwise disposed of. And we make it our goal to minimize disruption to your daily business activity, quickly and efficiently removing all your junk.

To learn more about office furniture removal or any of our other junk hauling services, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Realtors in Sacramento Love Our Estate Cleanout Services

Are you a realtor in Sacramento in need of estate cleanout services? Junk King does all the loading, cleanup and disposes of everything in a sustainable way. We offer the highest quality service and our affordable options are tailored to meet any size budget.

We’re Sacramento’s favorite estate cleanout service. Landlords, property managers and realtors know they can turn to us for immediate service for all their real estate hauling needs. No job is too big or small for our friendly and professional crews to handle.

We’re also an eco-friendly junk removal service. Just leave it all to us. We’ll coordinate with donation and recycling facilities so that gently used items are donated and scrap items are recycled whenever possible, which reduces waste sent to local landfills.

Estate Cleanout Services in Sacramento

Junk King is the premier estate cleanout service in Sacramento. We’re fully equipped to handle any job and make the entire process a quick and stress-free one every time. Why do realtors in Sacramento love our services so much? We offer:

  • Estate Cleanout ServicesExceptionally fast and reliable services that provide them with outstanding value.
  • Unparalleled customer service throughout the Sacramento area.
  • Flexible scheduling, working around your availability and optimum days and times.
  • Affordable payment plans.
  • Full liability protection. We’re fully insured, so everyone is covered when we perform junk hauling services.

Our expert team hauls away all types of debris including boxes, furniture, debris, appliances, and just about everything else so you’re left with an spotless property ready to be put on the market, without taking on the time-consuming job yourself.

We Help with the Staging Process

Realtors know how incredibly important it is to stage a rental or sale listing before placing it on the market. A spotless home or rental unit makes it easier for potential buyers or tenants to envision their belonging in the space. We make the decluttering and cleanup process a quick and efficient one, leaving the home or unit looking great!

When homeowners or tenants move out, give us a call to arrange a property cleanout. From routine rental unit cleanouts to single-family homes and vacation properties, we offer an affordable, efficient solution to keeping any real estate property in shape.

Put Your Trust in the Professionals

Estate cleanout services are an important part of selling or renting property. Junk King provides an easy and efficient solution for all your junk removal needs. Our prompt and reliable crews handle everything so as a realtor you’re free to stay focused on what you do best: serve your clients’ needs.

Professionalism and reliability are our trademarks. If you’re ready to clean out your residential, rental, or foreclosure property, Junk King has the equipment and manpower you need. We haul away virtually anything you need removed, demolished, or disposed of.

Schedule your real estate cleanout services today. To learn how, get in touch with us online or by calling 1-888-888-JUNK. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sacramento Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

According to a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, when Kyle Truitt was helping his friend, Josh Cox, move into a new home they became frustrated with all those cardboard boxes they needed to do the packing and moving. Because these friends were dedicated recyclers they wondered if there could be an alternative.

“He and I both try to recycle as much as we can in our own daily lives and leave as little footprint as we can,” Truitt told the Sacramento Bee. “It was one of those things where we thought, ‘There’s got to be an easier way.'”

As it happens there was an easier way; one that Truitt and Cox created. They co-founded an eco-friendly moving box rental company called Green Box Go. How this works is that anyone who is planning to move can rent industrial-strength plastic boxes from the company. These bins measure 27 inches long, 17 inches wide and 12 inches high can be used for packing up all kinds of personal belongings. What’s more is that they can be reused over a 100 times instead of the three or four times that a typical cardboard box can be used. After every rental Green Box Go cleans out the boxes using non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe cleaning products. This innovation in moving is finding a lot of willing customers who are looking for a more eco-friendly way to get from point A to point B.

“Our goal is to eliminate cardboard boxes from the moving experience,” Truitt said. “When you use cardboard boxes, you can’t really use them more than three or four times without the box wearing out or having to re-tape them. Indiana doesn’t really have anything like this, so why not try to put it out there and make Indiana moving just a little bit greener.”

If you are now smacking your forehead and exclaiming “d’oh!” because you didn’t rent reusable boxes don’t be too hard yourself. After all this is a very new concept but now that you know you’ll be ready for your next move. Unfortunately, you might now be stuck stacks of cardboard boxes taking up valuable storage space in your home. You can get rid of those cardboard boxes and do your bit for the environment by hiring a professional junk haulers who specialize in recycling like Junk King Sacramento.

A professional junk hauler is someone who is dependable and responsible. This is their business so they’re going to treat you as a valuable customer. When you call up to schedule an appointment to remove your cardboard boxes and other junk items ask them what they intend to do with your stuff. Hopefully, they’ll tell you how every effort will be made sure that your junk ends up at the right recycling facility. As you get rid of your cardboard boxes you can also get rid of anything else that you dragged along in that move. Even if you’ve been living in your home for a long time it’s never too late to get rid of the clutter.

Sacramento Hauling: Inside and Outside Junk

The PBS series “Antique Roadshow”  has been a very popular hit among Sacramento antique collectors and curious minds of all kind. We’d all like to think we have a treasure hidden within our junk. Sometimes there actually is a genuine prize lurking in the closet or basement. Recent participants on “Antique Roadshow” have discovered paintings valued at over $500,000 and a jade collection worth over $1,000,000. Of course, those are the rarities. We all know that most of the junk we have sitting around our house is really, well, junk. As much as we’d like to discover a pot of gold, what we really should be doing is calling in a team of professional junk haulers to get rid of it all.

Most of our garbage falls into two categories: inside junk or outside junk. The inside junk is every piece of furniture, every appliance, every box that we’re not using and will never use. If you’re lucky to have a house with kids heading off to college, then you know what they’ve left behind are some stained carpets, dirty sofas and nasty futons. They should all be tossed out. Inside junk can also be whatever you have piled up on shelves, inside closets or crammed into attics that you’ve always meant to get rid of but never got around to.

Outside junk are all the things that have sprung up around your yard, garage or porch. An old stove that broke down became inside junk but the minute you shoved it out onto the back porch it became outside junk. There are also all kinds of yard waste that can be taken away. Things like broken bird baths, dead bushes, leftover building materials, car parts and anything else you’ve got piled up around the outside of your home.

Of course, junk is junk to a moving crew. All you have to do is point to the items you want gone and gone they shall be. You could even slap on Post-it notes to everything that is scheduled for removal.

What’s great about hiring a Sacramento hauling company is that it’s really going to force you to go through your entire house to see what you can get rid of. After all, this might be your only shot at having professional movers coming over to get rid of garbage. Don’t be afraid to put them to work! It’s what they live for.

The other aspect to consider with getting rid of your junk is exactly where will it end up? Sacramento has a long standing reputation as a clean city. It got that way thanks to citizens who care enough not to dump their garbage anywhere. It’s also a leading recycling city. Your junk should be treated no different than your old newspapers and plastic bottles: have it recycled. Any junk hauling company doing business in Sacramento has to be “green.” They might not be able to have all of your items recycled but it’s making the effort that really counts. Even if just half of your junk can avoid the landfill, that’s going to be a major accomplishment. Speaking of accomplishments, think of all the fun you’re going to have with a clean backyard and wide open storage space? The sky is the limit!

Sacramento Junk Removal – A Capital Service

Los Angeles may give us our movies and television but Sacramento is where the laws are made. Of course Hollywood and Sacramento came together when the “Terminator” became the “Govern-ator.” Today, Sacramento is a model city boasting a wide variety of taste tempting restaurants, cultural happenings and diverse neighborhoods. Even though the residents take pride in how special their city is, there is one area where Sacramento is just like every other town across the country – the junk.

Everybody has some junk they need to get rid of it. You can haul it out to the curb but when your garbage cans are overflowing or you’ve got some huge and heavy items to haul, you need to bring in the big guns. A Sacramento junk removal company can take care of hauling all of your junk without you lifting a finger. The real question becomes how much junk are you hoarding?

There might be a basement full of dried out paint cans or a garage with rusty engine parts that will never work. What about your old washing machine that’s gathering dust? Or the ratty sofa that makes you grumble every time you see it (or smell it!). None of those items would be a problem for a Sacramento junk removal company to gather up and get out of your life once and for all.

You might think that throwing out your garbage means it will simply end up in an overflowing landfill. It doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to going green, Sacramento has led the charge. There are numerous recycling facilities all around the area dedicated to the simple principles of recycle, reuse and repurpose. But do you know where they are and which ones take which type of recycled materials to? You don’t have to spend your time researching when you hire a Sacramento junk removal company who is eco-friendly. They know exactly how to sort your junk and get it to the right recycling facility.

An experienced Sacramento junk removal company won’t just deal with the waste you have indoors but they can handle all the outdoor trash as well. This could mean all your yard refuse that has piled up. There is nothing wrong with a properly functioning compost pile but when it comes to those bigger items like chunks of cement from a broken driveway or fallen tree limbs you might not be able to get them removed without help.

Bringing in a professional Sacramento junk removal company means all you have to do is point to the junk you want to disappear and it will be gone. This isn’t about hiring some day workers but allowing a professional, licensed and bonded crew into your home to handle the job. Just imagine that heavy sigh of relief you’ll experience when you see the junk movers drive away with your garbage. That’s what freedom from trash is all about.

Junk King Sacramento provides the most efficient, affordable and eco-friendly junk removal services. To book a free on site estimate call 1-800-995-5865 or book online and save $30 today.

Sacramento Junk Hauling with Junk King

Everybody strives to remove the stress from their lives. We go on vacations. We take yoga classes. We try to find our “happy place.” Whatever the method is, getting rid of stress can be a huge benefit not only for our overall health but for all the people around us. No stress in our lives means good times. One major contributor to stress is clutter. Not just the kind of clutter you might find in your kid’s closet (although that’s an entire whole other level of stress!) but the big piles of junk that just have to go.

You know this type of junk. It makes you grit your teeth and roll your eyes whenever you see it just sitting there in your basement or garage or backyard. When that kind of clutter causes you stress, call in a professional Sacramento junk hauling company like Junk King. One call to Junk King Sacramento and your stress is going to be “gone with the wind.”

See if you have any of these junk items laying around your Sacramento home or yard: broken appliances like dishwashers, dryers or fridges; building materials like drywall or sheetrock; electronics like old computers, TVs or monitors; furniture like torn up sofas, love seats, easy chairs or tables; yard waste like leaves, fallen branches or dead bushes; car parts like rusted fenders, old tires or engine parts. If you can say “yes, I’ve got that” to anything on that list then you need to call Junk King Sacramento right away! They can haul away any of that and so much more. Junk King also works great for Sacramento construction clean up – both big and small.

Nowadays, most folks are concerned about their carbon footprint, as well as they should be. There might even be some hesitation with getting rid of your junk because you don’t want it dumped in a landfill. Good news: Junk King Sacramento is green! They’ll be able to sort and recycle most of what you have to get rid of. By diverting your junk to the proper recycling facility, it will be repurposed and reused. Basically, your trash can become somebody else’s new goods!

Even if you don’t have piles of junk that needs removal, what about an upcoming project? Maybe you’re considering a remodeling of the bathroom or kitchen. Or perhaps a major landscaping overhaul is in your future. If so, then make sure you’ve got a Sacramento junk hauling company like Junk King on full stand-by alert.

A simple call to Junk King Sacramento at 1-800-995-JUNK will bring out their estimate team to take a gander at your “project.” They’ll be able to tell in an instant how long the removal will take and what it will cost based on the amount of space it takes up in their truck. Then you set up a follow-up appointment for Junk King to roll up and get the job down. And Junk King isn’t like the cable company which keeps you waiting all day. You’ll have a short two hour window for the job and be called 15 minutes before the crew shows up. In, out and nobody gets hurt! Say good-bye to your junk once and for all!

Sacramento Junk Recycling

There’s a great saying about Californians that proudly proclaims “so goes California, so goes the rest of the nation.” That basically means that California is a leader when it comes to important social movements. Nowhere has this been more evident then with the desire to create a more eco-friendly environment. Nowadays, everybody is going green and Sacramento is certainly leading the charge.

Folks are pitching in all across the city with their own personal home and office recycling programs involving plastics and papers. They’re bringing canvas bags to grocery stores and cutting back on the driving. All of these are positive steps towards achieving a smaller carbon footprint and they’re simple to pull off. But there might be some “big ticket” items socked around your home that also need the “green touch” of recycling. However, these items might be too big for you to manage or even move from where they’re stuck right now. That’s where a Sacramento Junk Recycling service can come into play.  With one quick phone call, you can set up an appointment to rid your home of that junk once and for all. Plus you’ll get the added bonus of knowing that junk is going to be recycled.

Informing the citizens of Sacramento about living green is the proverbial “preaching to the choir;” they are down with the program! However, that doesn’t mean everyone who wants to go green can haul away that busted fridge sitting in the garage or that moldy mattress in the basement. And don’t forget the obsolete electronics. These items just can’t be taken out with the rest of the garbage. To help reduce your impact on the environment these items should be recycled. You have a clear choice: load up your car and make about a dozen trips all around Sacramento to the various recycling centers or make one call to a green junk hauling service and let them do all the work.

Part of recycling is safely breaking down the components of any item and finding a way to reuse it. That’s easy to see with paper and plastic. You just chop it up or melt it down and it’s good to go. But you big junk items need to carefully be broken apart.   Don’t take the risk. Let a professional green junk hauling service sweep in and get rid of all that junk.

There’s a great benefit for the environment when you use a Sacramento Junk Recycling service to clear out your refuse. But there is an equally great benefit for you. Imagine the extra storage space you can create for the really important items you want to keep safe. For some “hoarder” types, there can even be the discovery of an entire new room that can be converted into an office, playroom or guest room.  Sacramento green junk hauling: Good for you and good for the planet!

Junk King Sacramento is the best in green junk hauling.  We pride ourselves in recycling up to 60% of the materials we haul.  If you’d like to get rid of your home or business junk in an eco-friendly way, feel free to book online or call 1-800-995-JUNK to schedule a free on site estimate.

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