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3 Keys to Hiring Home Foreclosure Clean out Services

While the economy has definitely improved since the housing crash in 2008, the need for foreclosure clean out services in the Sacramento area is still strong. California was hit particularly hard and, while recovering, banks and realtors continue to find themselves looking for competent and reliable clean out professionals.

Foreclosure Clean Out Services in Sacramento

Foreclosure Clean outIn addition to new cases, there are plenty of foreclosed homes still on the market. Nearly all of them need to be thoroughly cleaned out. Because California has a high number of foreclosures, many companies calling themselves professional foreclosure clean out firms have been appearing on the scene. Some of them are legitimate, others not so much.

At Junk King of Sacramento, we know you have many options to choose from for your foreclosure clean out services. We believe there are huge advantages to hiring a junk hauling firm like ours.

To help you make the best choice, here are what we believe are the three key elements to hiring a home foreclosure clean out service you can depend on: speed, reliability, and quality service.

  1. Speed: How promptly can the firm be on-site when needed? How quickly will the clean out team complete the job? Many foreclosure sales are time-sensitive. You don’t have time to wait for a junk removal service that can schedule you in several weeks from now. A professional junk removal firm should be able to respond quickly, work efficiently, and complete your clean out within your time frame, not theirs.
  2. Reliability: You want a company that shows up when and where they promise to. You can spot a quality foreclosure clean out service from day one. How? If they’re willing to come to the property, meet you in person, and walk you through the scope and potential volume of debris to be removed. And the company’s estimate should be precise and comprehensive, clearly spelling out all phases of the work, including any disposal fees.
  3. Quality service: There are many hallmarks of quality service. Does the junk removal firm offer both single and recurring pick-ups and removals for larger properties? Are they willing to do periodic clean outs in cases of construction or remodeling? Junk King’s professional teams ensure that all furniture, appliances, debris, and trash is out of the foreclosed property, so you can concentrate on getting the home on the market and sold as quickly as possible.

The Right Company for Home Foreclosure Clean Out Services

Junk King of Sacramento is the area’s leading business-to-business foreclosure clean out service. We’re the right company to call for getting your property ready to sell or rent after foreclosure. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know how to deliver hassle-free and friendly junk removal services.

We’re proud of our commitment to eco-friendly disposal practices, too. We recycle or donate at least 60% of the junk we haul. Furniture, appliances, debris, construction materials and more are all recycled, donated, or repurposed, keeping more waste out of area landfills. We’re also fully insured and are the highest rated service brand in the country!

Contact Junk King of Sacramento

If you want a Sacramento home foreclosure clean out service that emphasizes speed, reliability, and quality, call us today. We look forward to bringing you the peace of mind that comes with getting your foreclosed property ready fast!

Get Your Garden Ready With Help From Junk King Sacramento

The “farm to table” movement is inspiring a lot of restaurants to utilize local farmers. They create entire menus inspired by fresh produce, beef and poultry. Customers appreciate the opportunity to support the local economy. You can also create your own “farm to table” menu but it would only take a few feet of travel. That would be having a vegetable garden in your backyard. Most festivals are surprisingly resilient. In other words, it’s easy with the right soil, amount of water and sunlight to get your garden growing. The first step is to clear a decent plot of land. Even if your backyard is nothing but concrete you can still do some amazing things with containers. To get your garden project started it might help to clear out all the debris and rubbish. That is taken care with one call to Junk King Sacramento.


Junk King Sacramento is all about improving your living space whether that’s inside the house or out in the backyard. In the past, Junk King Sacramento crews have been called upon to remove weed overgrowth from backyards. They’ve also brought down swing sets, removed tool sheds and taken apart hot tubs. That is a lot of great clearing that can make way for a vegetable garden. You just have to turn the soil to get things going. For the record, Junk King Sacramento can also haul away dirt that you dig up to make room for your garden.

When you book your junk removal appointment Junk King Sacramento, you’ll be getting help from a two-man moving crew and a big truck. Your focus could entirely be on the backyard but there’s no reason why you can put the crew to work around the rest of your house. If you got an old sofa or bedroom set you want to get rid of, then this is your perfect chance to do that. Junk King Sacramento can also take away all your outdated electronic gear and make sure it’s disposed of at a recycling center that is set up for that type of operation. Just think of how much better your house will be once all that unwanted clutter is gone. To get your garden ready for planting, first call in Junk King Sacramento to clear the clutter.

Start Your Backyard Makeover Today

What is your ideal of perfect backyard enjoyment? Is it having friends over for dinner cooked out on the grill? Is it curling up in hammock with a good book? Is it camping out with the kids? All of the above? This could be the summer when you get the most out of your backyard. To help you get there, start with some intense clearing with an assist from Junk King Sacramento. Although they have “junk” in their name, when it comes to backyard makeovers, Junk King is the company you want to work with.


As with any type of home remodeling project, you will always start with some form of demolition. Out in the backyard, the might mean digging up some dirt to lay down sod. It could also mean tearing up a concrete patio or pulling apart a wooden deck. In any of those scenarios, you’re going to create a lot of debris that needs to be hauled away before your start refurbishing. You can schedule Junk King for your junk removal session on your demolition day. That way the space will be clear when you come back the following day to start the real makeover work.

Along with all the possible demolition waste, the crew from Junk King can also remove any “eyesore” item you’ve got out there. Maybe there is a tool shed that is falling down or a swing set that no one uses. Those items will easily be dismantled by the Junk King crew and loaded onto the truck. In the past, they’ve taken apart hot tubs, fences and pools to make way for an open yard space. Whatever you want to get rid of won’t be a problem for Junk King Sacramento.

Since you’ll have that two-man moving crew clearing out your yard, you might want to get them to turn their attention to the rest of your house. The Junk King truck will be big enough to haul away any clutter you want removed from the inside of your home. That includes sofas, recliners, mattresses and kitchen appliances. Taking on a backyard makeover is easy when you start with a junk removal session from Junk King Sacramento.


Fall Yard Waste And Leaf Removal In Sacramento

As you look forward to taking down the Halloween decorations, you might also want to think about handling all your yard waste removal. This might seem like a big undertaking but it’s the kind of job you know you’ll have to tackle sooner or later. It might help to know that a company like Junk King can provide all the things you need to get the job done in as little time as possible. It’s also a job that will be done without you exerting any effort! That’s a sweet deal!


Take a walk around your entire property. How many things can you see that could be taken away? There could be piles of leftover roofing shingles, stacks of cardboard boxes and scrap metal that you don’t need to hang onto. If you’re taking on a landscaping makeover project, then you’ll create piles of dirt, sod, pavers and concrete that have to be taken away. All of that sounds like a very heavy load. It won’t be a problem for Junk King!

In fact, weight is never an issue when you hire Junk King. There are some so-called professional junk haulers who charge by the pound. But unless they bring a scale out to the property, how will they get an accurate count? Junk King bases its pricing policies on volume. It all comes down to how tightly the Junk King crews will pack your stuff on the truck. Then the price becomes one-third, one-half or the full truck bed. Since Junk King also packs a tight truck, you can count on getting the low end of the price scale every time.

The other way Junk King keeps its prices down is by avoiding making drop offs at landfills. That is where you can get slapped with hefty fees. Instead, Junk King will drop off your stuff at recycling centers or charities. Not only is this good for the environment, but they are happy to pass those savings onto you.

The effort that the Junk King crew will make with your yard waste removal can extend to the rest of your home. That team will be happy to haul away any object, big or small that you want to get rid of. Yard waste removal and junk hauling is a thing of beauty when Junk King is on the job!

Sacramento Yard Waste Pickup

There is a new craze sweeping Sacramento and it has everyone’s taste buds fired up. We’re talking about edible landscaping that is turning many front lawns into a cornucopia of fresh produce. This new way of gardening is so popular it inspired a tour. The East Sacramento Edible Gardens Tour was recently conducted in a neighborhood where homeowners are happy to display their green thumb talents. This was also a fundraising event that support the Tubman House, which is a homeless shelter for families looking for help rebuilding their lives.

This is the third year for the edible landscape fundraising tours. When it first started folks marveled at the use of space. Then they got inspired to do their own planting.

“Now, everybody thinks it’s very nice,” said tour chairwoman Susann Hadler to a local online newspaper. “They see these gardens and think, ‘What a great thing to do!’” Last year over 1,000 patrons took took the tour. “It’s overwhelming,” she said. “The response is amazing. Our gardeners are so enthused and they’re all hands-on. They’re really excited about what they’re doing and they want to share that (enthusiasm) with others.”

Could you do a little growing in your front yard? This being California means we aren’t a slave to the growing seasons like back east. Still it could take some effort to get your lawn ready especially if you’re starting from scratch. You might have to dig up sod, remove dirt or even pull up stones and cement. The issue then becomes what to do with all of that stuff once it is gone. That won’t be a problem if you give Junk King Sacramento the assignment.

Junk King Sac are the local junk removal experts that are part of a national chain of service professionals. They will make sure your yard is cleared of debris in a flash. In other words, whatever mess you might make, Junk King will clean up. That is going to be a big help because you’ll want all that waste removed before you can start planting and you won’t be able to throw it all out in the trash.

Junk King can also help you remove anything else you’ve been itching to toss out. If you want something gone, let Junk King pick it up. Not only will your home become free of clutter but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment. That’s because unlike other removal companies, Junk King strives to divert the majority of what they collect away from area landfills. If it can be recycled or reused, Junk King will find a way to get it done and that goes for dirt, too! Get your garden growing with the help of Junk King Sacramento


Got Junk Items in Sacramento?

Got Junk SacramentoIt seems like every construction project that gets started ends up hitting snags along the way. The new development at the rail yard near downtown Sacramento is no exception. Recently there was an issue with contaminated soil that was found in the area. This was where the new shops were being built and it caused the brakes to be put on until the California Department of Toxic Substances Control can bring in the cleanup crews to make sure everything was good to go.

As it happens, this particular little clean up is going to cost taxpayers $20 million. This comes as 700,000 tons of toxic dirt were already dug up and removed from the construction site. In the grand scheme of things, removing dirt is probably a lot better than removing ancient artifacts. That can really slow down a construction job. Hopefully, if you’ve got junk you won’t need a crew in hazmat suits to remove it. All you really need is the crew from Junk King Sacramento. They can handle any removal job you throw at them.

Since Junk King opened for business in the Sacramento area they’ve been called upon to remove all kinds of junk. Most of the appointments have been for typical things like old furniture and appliances. Junk King also specializes in e-waste disposal and many residents have taken advantage of them to help remove their old computers, monitors and printers. But the Junk King crew has also been called upon to removal unique items like entire hot tubs, above ground pools and tree forts. They’ve also loaded up pianos, kayaks, tennis court nets, gazebos and piles of grass sod. There have also been piles of auto parts, kitchen appliances, holiday decorations and yard waste that have made it onto the Junk King truck.

The Junk King crew will also go wherever the junk is. If that means down a dock, up an attic or out in the garage its all fair game. Real estate agents have called Junk King to help with foreclosure cleanouts. Usually this would mean an entire home full of furnishings, carpets, drapes, bedding and other debris. It can all fit on the back of the Junk King truck with very little effort.

What’s the biggest thing you want to throw out? Maybe you have just a bunch of little things. Either way Junk King can accommodate your removal needs. If you’re planning to entertain out of town guests then you’ll want to make sure Junk King gets your home ready by removing all the clutter. If the answer to the question “Have you got junk?” is “Yes!” then Junk King is the next call you should make.

Sacramento Wood and Lumber Disposal

One look around Sacramento and it’s easy to see that you’re in “Redwood Country.” Just from a visual perspective, redwood is a bold and striking type of wood whether it’s being used for a porch, deck or single piece of furniture. For outdoor use, Redwood definitely has an edge over composite lumber when it comes to retaining heat: The redwood is going to be cooler in hotter temperatures.

“Redwood has a lot of advantages,” said Larry Stonum of the California Redwood Association. “There’s good and bad points about all decking; there’s no perfect product. But Sacramento is a great market for redwood. Redwood is recyclable, it’s sustainable, it’s cheaper (than composites), it stays cooler in summer and it’s California grown.”

How much redwood is in California? Around 900,000 acres are used for lumber in this state along. And those are all from privately owned family lumber mills. Yes, redwood is 100% Made in the USA! As for durability, the average redwood deck can last up to 20 years without much fuss. Take a little preventative care and you can stretch the longevity of that deck up to 30 years.

If all of this talk of redwood has you rethinking your own wood structures then perhaps it’s time to make the switch. You’ll certainly going to increase the value of your home by upgrading a deck or porch to redwood. As a DIY or contractor project, the first thing you’ll have to do is demolish the preexisting structure. You’ll be left with piles of wood but there won’t be a problem getting rid of that lumber when you bring Junk King Sacramento in on the job.

Junk King has become a Sacramento success story by helping folks get rid of literally tons of unwanted stuff. Although the bulk of what they collect are things like old sofas, mattresses and appliances, Junk King also specializes in construction cleanup. That’s where your torn up lumber would come into play. The same applies if you decide to bust up your driveway or sidewalks. Junk King will have no problem removing chunks of cement. When you get right down to it, there is pretty much nothing that Junk King Sacramento won’t take away. Aside from construction debris, you can put Junk King to work clearing out space in your home. Whether it’s a spare closet or entire garage, won’t it be nice to reclaim that space from all your junk? Don’t lift a finger except to call Junk King Sacramento; they’ll handle the rest of the work!

Sacramento Debris Removal

As the song goes, “it never rains in California but when it does it pours.” We’ve recently been hit with some downpours which caused the National Weather Service to issue warnings to Sacramento and the surrounding area to be on the lookout for mudslides. This is the cycle of life out here in California. Wildfires in the summer and mudslides in the winter. Last summer the Chips Fire scorched over 75,000 acres near Belden. That means the potential for mudslides have increased in that area.

If you have never had to clean up after a mudslide count yourself lucky. For those who have been subjected to this kind of devastating event it is no picnic. The only way to remove all that mud is to load it onto the back of a dump truck and haul it off. It really has no other place to go. If you merely try to wash it away, it could end up clogging the sewers and drains in your neighborhood which is just going to mean more headaches during the next storm. The same can be said for a lot of other debris you’ve got collected around your home and property: it can’t be washed away, it has to be picked up and hauled off and the best method for that is working with Junk King Sacramento.

Having Junk King on your side for a debris removal project means you’ll get a two man team (at least!) to do all the heavy lifting. That crew will pick up any object you want taken out of your house and load it on the back of their truck. This isn’t some pickup truck but a proper moving truck which can hold whatever amount of junk you want to toss out. Best of all, the crew will go where the junk is. You don’t have to drag it out to the curb. Junk King will also remove any debris you want taken away that’s in your yard. This can be a fallen tree limb, dirty birdbath, patio furniture and even the demolition from a deck remodel. Even if you want the entire contents of your garage taken away, Junk King can handle the job.

The Junk King Sacramento crew also respects your time. That’s why they won’t keep you waiting for the appointment like the cable company. This isn’t “stay home from 8-4.”  The moment the crew shows up they spring into action and the removal is completed is less time than it took for you to figure out what you want taken away! Call Junk King Sacramento today and put them to work on your debris.

Sacramento Leaf Removal

Where did the summer go? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as fall creeps up and winter is right around the corner. Will you be ready for the cold weather? There are many simple tips you can take towards winterizing your home that can save a lot on your heating bills. One of the easiest is to place a rolled up towel at the bottom of your front door. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts like those under your door can waste up to 30% of your home heating energy. Now, you can get fancy with these draft stoppers by ordering up a “draft snake” or make your own using sand or kitty litter as a filler. The key is to make sure it covers the entire width of the door frame and is easy to push aside. Along with this door draft blocker, you should also make sure all your windows are properly insulated. Perhaps it’s time for some fresh caulking along the frame.

You should also be swapping out your furnace filters for better heating efficiency. These should be on the same replacement schedule as your smoke detector batteries which is every six months or whenever we change the clocks. If you have ceiling fans, you probably have been running them counterclockwise to catch the cool breeze. During the winter flip the fans to clockwise and you can circulate the warm air that collects at your ceiling. Remember hot air rises so let the fan push it back down! If you have an AC wall unit, you’ll want to make sure that you collect any pooled water that has accumulated in the unit or tubes. This will prevent freezing which could damage the unit.

Do you know what your water heater temperature is set at? The default for most of these units is 140 degrees but that’s too hot to use. If you dial it back to 120 degrees you’ll be adding up even more energy savings.

Not all of your winterizing should be relegated to the inside of your homes. Before the storms start rolling in you should cover up your patio furniture and grill. You’ll also want to make sure your rain gutters are cleared out from fallen leaves. This is one of those homeowner chores you simply can’t avoid! Fortunately, you have a willing partner standing by in the form of Junk King of Sacramento.

Junk King can be the perfect partner for leaf removal. Whether you want to rake the leaves into a pile or bag them up, you can rest assured that Junk King will pick them up and have them properly disposed off. It might seem like a never ending battle to get all the leaves but if you time it right Junk King can remove the bulk of them. They can also remove any other big item you want taken away. Start the winter right free of leaves and of junk!

Sacramento Tire Recycling and Disposal

The Environmental Protection Agency is chock full of all kinds of facts and figures regarding how Americans dispose of things. For instance, the EPA has found that over 290 million automobile tires are tossed away by Americans every year. That’s a lot of a rubber! The good news is that 80% of those tires are being recycled, repurposed and reused. So just where could your recycled tire end up?

One stop could be a playground. Recycled tires that are shredded up can be spread out like mulch around the playground area to act as a cushion for all those stumbles and falls. A lot of recycled tires also make their way right back to other automobiles. That shredded rubber can be used to make exhaust pipes, brake pads and insulation. A recycled tire can also be woven into floor mats or used as pickup truck bed liners. Civil engineers have found a use for recycled tires in the form of what they call crumb rubber. As you can infer by the title crumbs of rubber from a tire are poured into asphalt and become a kind of rubberized road. This is a great way to save money on repaving projects and it also makes for a smoother and quieter ride.

In Sacramento, there are exactly 6 facilities recommended by the city for tire recycling. These are typical business operations which are open during the week at specific hours. In other words, you have a finite amount of time and amount of destinations where to take any tire you would like to recycle. While it’s great that there are these centers around Sacramento that doesn’t mean it’s always convenient for your purposes. Imagine having to leave work to load up the back of your SUV with a couple of tires then drive to the city limits and dump them off. Yes, it’s a productive use of those tires but not really a productive use of your time. This is a job that’s better suited for Junk King Sacramento.

Junk King is a local Sacramento business that specializes in all kinds of junk removal. Junk King also is proud of the fact that they are able to divert upwards of 60% of all the material they collect to recycling centers. That’s a no-brainer!

When you hire Junk King Sacramento to take away your old tires you could also take advantage of them to remove any other unwanted item you have around your home. Think about those things that you pass by every day while muttering “why is that still here?” It no longer has to be there once you hire Junk King. As you gather up your pile of junk for removal you don’t have to worry about designating what you want to go to be recycled. Junk King will handle that for you!

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