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Citrus Heights Junk Removal

Last year, Citrus Heights enter the Cool California Challenge. This was a 12-month competition between nine California cities to see which burgh could be the one with the lowest carbon footprint. Citrus Heights was way out in front of this challenge. They have already gone “green” in a big way with green planning, solarization of government buildings and a robust recycling program. Sadly, at the end of the year, Citrus Heights was edged out by Chula Vista. Nothing wrong with that because in the end, the program resulted in an overall reduction of 500,000 lbs of carbon emissions. That’s not too shabby. Of course, Citrus Heights isn’t going to slow down their eco-friendly policies one bit. That’s where a company like Junk King Sacramento can play such a key role.


Like Citrus Heights, Junk King has been in the “green business” ever since they set up operations. What this means is that recycling efforts are part of nearly every Junk King junk removal appointment. It all begins with proper training of the professional movers who are hired by Junk King. These crews are taught how to recognize what items can be recycle and what items can be donated to local charities. You don’t have to figure that out. Not only will the Junk King crew do the actual labor of lifting and loading, but they’ll take care of the sorting, too.

The result of all of this effort has really paid off for Junk King. They are proud to boast that they divert upwards of 60% off everything they collect away from area landfills. Like the rest of California, Junk King won’t be happy until all the landfills are shut down for good. When that happens, then we’ve achieved a zero waste goal.

Beyond your potential recyclables, the Junk King crew might pick the donation option. This is usually meant for furniture pieces that you’re getting rid of that would have a little life left in them. There are many charities in the area that specialize in refurbishing furniture. Once a piece is fixed up, it will be sold for profits or donated to a family in need. Either way, you get to mark down your carbon footprint when you turn over your junk to Junk King. Whether you’re tossing out household goods or yard waste, Junk King can handle it all. Call them today to set up your junk removal appointment. You’ll be glad you did.