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Sacramento Leaf Removal

Where did the summer go? That’s the question on everyone’s mind as fall creeps up and winter is right around the corner. Will you be ready for the cold weather? There are many simple tips you can take towards winterizing your home that can save a lot on your heating bills. One of the easiest is to place a rolled up towel at the bottom of your front door. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts like those under your door can waste up to 30% of your home heating energy. Now, you can get fancy with these draft stoppers by ordering up a “draft snake” or make your own using sand or kitty litter as a filler. The key is to make sure it covers the entire width of the door frame and is easy to push aside. Along with this door draft blocker, you should also make sure all your windows are properly insulated. Perhaps it’s time for some fresh caulking along the frame.

You should also be swapping out your furnace filters for better heating efficiency. These should be on the same replacement schedule as your smoke detector batteries which is every six months or whenever we change the clocks. If you have ceiling fans, you probably have been running them counterclockwise to catch the cool breeze. During the winter flip the fans to clockwise and you can circulate the warm air that collects at your ceiling. Remember hot air rises so let the fan push it back down! If you have an AC wall unit, you’ll want to make sure that you collect any pooled water that has accumulated in the unit or tubes. This will prevent freezing which could damage the unit.

Do you know what your water heater temperature is set at? The default for most of these units is 140 degrees but that’s too hot to use. If you dial it back to 120 degrees you’ll be adding up even more energy savings.

Not all of your winterizing should be relegated to the inside of your homes. Before the storms start rolling in you should cover up your patio furniture and grill. You’ll also want to make sure your rain gutters are cleared out from fallen leaves. This is one of those homeowner chores you simply can’t avoid! Fortunately, you have a willing partner standing by in the form of Junk King of Sacramento.

Junk King can be the perfect partner for leaf removal. Whether you want to rake the leaves into a pile or bag them up, you can rest assured that Junk King will pick them up and have them properly disposed off. It might seem like a never ending battle to get all the leaves but if you time it right Junk King can remove the bulk of them. They can also remove any other big item you want taken away. Start the winter right free of leaves and of junk!