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Sacramento Moving and Junk Hauling

Summer is the traditional time when most brides prefer to walk down the aisle with their grooms. Sacramento brides are no exception especially when you consider all the wonderful botanical gardens, parks, marinas and other delightful outdoor facilities that can cater to a large wedding party. If the bride and groom had taken the traditional route they might be living apart before the nuptials. This would mean bringing together two separate households into one. Even if they have moved in together there will come a time when they might buy their first house or move into a bigger living space. When that happens they and anyone else for that matter has a decision to make: just what are they going to bring with them in terms of all the junk they’ve collected throughout the years?
As the classic romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” showed us, when a couple moves in together it is fertile ground for a potential argument over who gets to keep what and what is really trash. We all have those beloved items that we carry with us through most of our life that become our treasures but for someone else they looked just like a wagon wheel coffee-table. As a relationship grows and develops those “treasures” begin the fall by the wayside as they should.
Sometimes these items end up being just tucked away in a closet, shoved down the basement or crammed into an attic. You’re not so much as getting rid of them as you are merely relocating them. When it’s time to move, both sides of a couple will be asked by the other “do you really want to take that with you?” If the answer to that is no and that leads to a major pileup of junk you might want to consider the junk move before the big move.
Starting off fresh in a new home means you’ll be presented with plenty of possibilities as to what to do with those empty rooms. The last thing you want to do is turn them into instant storage space with stuff that you should have thrown out from the last house. Hire a team of junk haulers like Junk King Sacramento to take away that trash you never have to see it again. What would be great is if you could be the one to suggest this concept of a junk move before the big move. You’re certainly will get a lot of brownie points for that!

Sacramento Trash Pick Up: Rules and Regulations

As any Californian first grader can tell you the capitol of the golden state is Sacramento. This means that the seat of power for the state is located here. However, there is also an entirely separated administration set up for the actual city itself. Although the city and state workers often cross paths, when it comes to things like police, schools and municipal services it falls to the Sacramento City Council to set up all of those guidelines and regulations.
The service that most city residents take for granted is the trash pickup. Whenever you move into a new home or apartment, you’re told by your neighbors when the trash is collected. However, there are some very specific guidelines that many long term residents might not even be aware of. For instance, you need to place your garbage container on the curb by 6:00 AM on the schedule day of pickup. This container also has to have the lid completely closed. Here’s where it gets really specific: You should allow three feet between each container and they should be at least six feet away from cars, mailboxes, boats or utility poles. And the containers need to be on the street not the sidewalk. All of this would seem like it would go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many folks forget some of these guidelines and end up causing trouble down the line.
As far as container size is concerned you actually have the option of a 32, 64 or 96 gallon garbage can. How much you’ll be charged on your utility bill for the trash pickup depends on the size of container you opt for. If you can reduce the amount of garbage you put out each week, you’ll be able to lower your monthly bill.
You should also know what is “banned from your can.” It is actually illegal to toss out any kind of household hazardous waste or e-waste such as computer monitors, household batteries, fluorescent lamps, bulbs, oil, oil filters or hypodermic needles. You’re also not supposed to put in any dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt or other construction materials.
When it comes to yard waste collection, the City of Sacramento provides two resident friendly options. You can fill up a container that is designated for yard waste or opt for a “loose-in-the-street” pickup. How that works is that residents are allowed to put a single pile of yard waste by the curb in from of their home for a weekly pickup. Among the accepted forms of yard waste for this pile are leaves, grass trimmings, tree and shrub prunings, Christmas trees or sod with the dirt removed. You can put out trash and debris, pet feces, excessive amount of dirt or lumber and concrete.
Naturally, if you’ve got bigger items that won’t fit in your garbage can or the loose street pile, you should consider contacting Junk King Sacramento. The Junk King crew can come by your home for a scheduled appointment to haul away truck loads of junk or garbage. When it comes to keeping things clean in Sacramento, you certainly have plenty of options!
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