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Time For End Of Summer Cleanup

The end of summer is upon us. With that comes the last long holiday weekend for several months. It also means the kids are going back to school. And in a few weeks, we have to turn the clocks back and lose a precious daylight. Of course, we knew this day would come. But that doesn’t take the sting out. The change of the season could be a time of renewal. That can certainly apply to your living space. You might have had a chance over the summer to accumulate some new gadgets. That could mean replacing all gadgets. The same could be said for clothing, appliances and sporting equipment. That would mean this is the time for a little “out with the old and in with the new” action. That’s when you want to hire Junk King Sacramento. These are the junk removal pros that can make all your unwanted clutter disappear in the blink of an eye.


Junk King has been clearing out homes and businesses for over 10 years. In that time they have probably taken away enough stuff to fill up a football stadium. That’s not an exaggeration. How much stuff could you realistically get rid of in a junk removal session? Keep in mind that weight is not a factor with Junk King Sacramento. Neither is bulk. Those two things are handled with great expertise by the two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your junk removal task. They are well versed in lifting heavy things and maneuvering bulky items up and down stairs. Their mission is to clear your house of everything you want gone in a very efficient, safe and affordable manner.

Affordability is always a concern when you hire professionals to perform a service. Junk King’s fees are based on a pricing policy that is determined by how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. The Junk King crews like to pack up their trucks very tightly. The more stuff they get on the more trips they can make. It also means they’re going cram your junk into as tight a corner as possible. That breaks down to a terrific deal every time. Finish up your summer with a thorough junk removal session from Junk King Sacramento.