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Junk King Is A Perfect Junk Recycling Partner

Anytime you toss out trash you probably don’t give a second thought to wear that trash will and up. Obviously, if you are recycling trash, then you know the trash will go through a process as opposed to just being dumped in a landfill. But even then, not much thought is given to that process. It is just nice to know that your recycling efforts are helping to support a cleaner environment. Those efforts don’t have to stop at the recycling bin. You can also consider recycling all the other bulky items that you want to get rid of from your home but only if you partner up with the right company. Junk King Salt Lake City has been dedicated to an eco-friendly approach to rubbish disposal since they began operations here. That means when you hire Junk King, you are also hiring the perfect junk recycling partner.

Finding the Facilities

Responsible recycling is all about finding the certified facilities to handle the job. Junk King has set up working relationships with the local recycling centers and know exactly what type of materials they can take in. They may be some objects that you are getting rid of that you never thought could be recycled. Leave that sorting to Junk King. The crews who will be handling your removal knows exactly what to look for. Best of all, this worked happens automatically. You don’t have to make a special request for recycling when you hire junk King!

The disposal is included in the flat rate provided by Junk King. That flat rate is always based on how everything will fit onto the truck. The goal for the team from Junk King is to get as much onto the truck in as little space as possible.  You will know what the cost is before the work begins. And it is always a fair and competitive price for this type of service.

When you hire Junk King Salt Lake City to remove your junk you can trust that it will be disposed of in a responsible way.

The Junk King Help With Yard Sale Leftovers

Hosting a yard sale is a great way to get rid of junk. Of course, you don’t necessarily want to tell your “customers” that they are buying junk. However, if you put something out on your yard to sell, then you probably do consider it some form of junk. Otherwise, you would hold onto! At the end of the yard sale the goal should be to have some cash in your pocket and nothing left in the yard. Unfortunately, there always seems to be “left overs.” When that happens, you will be well served to bring in the team from junk King Salt Lake City. This is the crew that can help clear way all that unwanted junk once and for all.

Beyond the Sale

Anything that you put up for sale in a yard sale is essentially items that you can carry out of the house. What about the bigger items that you want to get rid of that couldn’t make it down to the lawn? That is another reason to set up a session with junk King. The same crew that will be clearing your yard sale leftovers can easily remove furniture from down in your basement or up on the second floor. That same crew can also dismantle any type of structure that you might have in the backyard that you would like to clear away. That could be anything from an above ground pool to a hot tub. Both of those objects are things that the junk King crews have removed many times over!

You will be assigned to capable movers for this session. That is the standard team that comes with every junk King appointment. All you have to do is point to the things that you want to get rid of junk King crew will take care of the rest. This is the quickest and most efficient way to clear your home of all your unwanted objects.

When the yard sale is done, bring in the crew from Junk King Salt Lake City for a final cleanup.

5 Benefits of Hiring Experts for Spring Cleaning in Salt Lake City

America’s #1 fastest and greenest junk removal company has the complete guide to spring cleaning!


Junk King Salt Lake City


Spring is coming to a close. As a result, if you have been thinking about spring cleaning, you should get started sooner rather than later. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make the process more manageable, with an excellent example being Junk King’s services.


Spring Cleaning Guide

What Is Spring Cleaning?


For those who could use a refresher, spring cleaning is the custom of giving your home a thorough cleaning in the springtime. It isn’t clear how it came into existence. On top of this, it should be noted that spring would have been the most convenient season for a thorough cleaning for much of the early modern era. After all, it would have been warm enough for people to open their doors and windows so that the dust could escape. Furthermore, spring warmth meant that people could clean their walls without having to fear that the latter would be dirtied by the soot of their furnaces just a short while afterward.


Whatever the case, spring cleaning is still a good idea in modern times. Primarily, this is because you can put your home in its most presentable state, which tends to be very beneficial for your happiness. However, it should be mentioned that there are some potential health benefits as well. For example, cleaner surfaces reduce the chances of you coming into contact with pathogens. Similarly, a cleaner home has been connected to higher chances of people choosing to eat well as well as exercise on a regular basis.


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5 Benefits of Hiring Junk Removal Experts When Spring Cleaning


Unfortunately, spring cleaning can be both laborious and time-consuming. However, if you need some skillful assistance, you have the option of calling in junk removal experts—a service that comes with a number of important benefits:


You Can Focus On More Pressing Matters

Chances are good that you have a lot of demands on your time. Certainly, you can squeeze in your spring cleaning as well. However, that will require you to reduce the time spent on your other responsibilities, which can have very negative consequences. By calling in the experts to help remove piles of clutter and junk, you can get your spring cleaning done while continuing to focus on the things that matter the most to you. 


Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle 

Many often delay spring cleaning efforts due to not knowing how to tackle such a large effort. However, this type of procrastination is one of the surest paths to becoming stressed out. This is a huge problem. However, one of the best ways clients have used our services is by creating large piles of junk and calling Junk King Salt Lake City to come and do all the heavy lifting. 


You Can Count on Good Results

Careless, unenthusiastic cleaning isn’t a good thing. If anything, it can make a place even dirtier than it was before, thus making the whole thing a waste of time and effort. In contrast, if you choose to call in the experts to assist you in removing the clutter from your home, you can count on getting consistently good results in this regard. Check out Junk King Salt Lake City’s Diary of A King to see jobs we’ve helped people with.  


Even Little Jobs Can Have Big Results

Many feel unsure when it’s the right time to call in junk removal professionals. At Junk King Salt Lake City there really is no job that’s too small nor is there anything we won’t haul away (not including hazardous waste). Having a dedicated team that’s insured with the right resources and the right people for the job can make even the smallest jobs feel like a huge accomplishment. 


Spring Cleaning The Green Way

If Salt Lake City is known for one thing, we are known for our desire to keep our community healthy. Junk King Salt Lake City has dedicated its efforts to empowering the city of Salt Lake to honor that value by providing the greenest junk removal service in town.

When you call us to help you in your Spring Cleaning efforts, know that you are doing your part to contribute to a healthier SLC! In fact, you can learn exactly how we recycle and repurpose your junk here


Junk King Salt Lake City—Your Spring Cleaning Partners


Whether you are tripping over the clutter in your home or you wish to regain wasted space in your house, Junk King is here to help. Call us today for a free estimate or book online and save 20!

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