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Author Archives: Junk King

Take Care Of Old Mattress Disposal The Right Way

When was the last time you woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep? It is understandable if there was some kind of disturbance with a cat jumping on you or a kid asking for a glass of water. Not getting back to sleep is extremely frustrating especially when you start counting down the hours when you have to wake up to go to work. It might have helped if you’re mattress was in good condition.

The mattress that has been slept on for over 10 years just simply doesn’t offer the kind of support needed for good night’s rest. If that is the condition of your mattress, then you should give serious consideration to replacing that mattress. That can go a long way towards helping you fall back to sleep and stay that way until the alarm goes off!

Replacing a mattress will require a trip to the mattress store in order for you to try out the different brands. Once you have settled on the perfect fit, you just have to arrange for the old mattress to be removed. That is easily handled by Junk King Salt Lake City.

Mattress Pile

When you hire Junk King for your mattress removal you will be assigned a pair of movers to do the actual work for you. You should never try and bring a mattress down a flight of stairs by yourself! Just leave that for the Junk King. That mattress will find its way back to the junk King depot where it will join a pile of other old mattresses. When that pile has reached a level to fill up an entire trust, then the Junk King team will take all of those mattresses for recycling. This is all part of the Junk King service and it is one of the many reasons why junk King has become the leading professional junk hauler in the Salt Lake City area. We care about where the trash goes!

Getting rid of your old mattress shouldn’t be complicated. It just takes one call to Junk King Salt Lake City. Make the call today.

Make Room In Your Attic With Help From Junk King

The hope for any new homeowner is that they find themselves living in a dream house next to wonderful neighbors. Just as it does with coworkers and classmates, it takes a while to get to know your neighbors and become friends. Once those bonds are made then your neighbors can be called upon for all kinds of support. The most important support offered by neighbor is just simply being there to watch over your house. You’ll also do the same for them and that’s what makes a neighborhood. You can also borrow items from your neighbor like tools and the occasional cup of sugar.

However, there might be some tasks that your neighbors won’t be able to help with. That is certainly true with bringing down furniture from the attic. You wouldn’t want to put your neighbors at risk any more than you want to put your own back at risk. That is why this type of task is best left to the pros from Junk King Salt Lake City.

The Right Help

The Junk King team provides the right help for clearing any item out of your attic. That help comes in the form of two very capable and experienced movers. Every Junk King session is staffed by a two-man crew. And that is typically what you will need to get rid of most of the unwanted items from your home. If your target is clearing out the attic, then the Junk King crew can certainly handle that task with ease. Yes, it might seem like a challenge to navigate bulky items down a narrow attic staircase but this is exactly the type of work that the Junk King team does a daily basis. The only thing you need to do for this job is literally point to the things that you want removed. The Junk King squad will handle the rest.

If you are ready to take care of this task, then when you call into Junk King, they may offer same day pickup. Otherwise, you can count on the appointment being completed within 24 hours. That is always the goal for Junk King.

Make more room in your attic by getting rid of the junk with a little help from Junk King Salt Lake City. Book your session today.

Use Junk King For Your Furniture Removal

How long have you had your furniture? Different pieces come into your home at different times. It is very rare that an entire house is furnished at the exact same time. Most people collect furniture throughout their lives. Some pieces hold greater value than others. There’s also a lot of furniture that simply wears out after years of use. If you have reached the threshold where it is time to replace one or two of your furniture items, then it is time to think about how to get rid of the old furniture. That challenge can easily be taken care of one call to Junk King Salt Lake City.

Moving Out

The furniture that you want to get rid of could literally be in any room in your home. The most potentially worn out pieces would be the chairs around the dining room table, sofa in the living room and all of the beds. But you could have also placed some furniture items down the basement or up in the spare room that you no longer using. Instead of constantly moving around that furniture perhaps it is time to get it moved out.

The team from Junk King excels at moving furniture. Not a day goes by when there isn’t a at least one sofa or recliner that makes its way onto the back of the Junk King truck. The team who will be assigned to your pickup will be showing up with a lot of experience when it comes to lifting heavy objects and carrying them up and down staircases. You are hiring Junk King for this experience. It is refreshing to know that the Junk King team will treat your property with respect.

The cost of the service will be determined by how the Junk King team packs up all of the things that you are getting rid of. If they can fit everything into a tight space, then that could translate into you paying the low end of the price scale.

Junk King Salt Lake City makes furniture removal fast and affordable. Put them on the job today.

Get Help From Junk King For A Homework Zone Setup

To help kids get through school parents need to set boundaries. Specifically, that means locking down the times when they go to bed at night and when they do their homework. For some kids doing homework right after they get home from school is a better approach. Others prefer to take care of the assignments after dinner. Either way works as long as it is consistent. It will also help to establish a homework so where your child can focus on their assignments.

For many students this year remote learning is a reality and an extension of what they went through towards the end of the school year. A homework zone doesn’t have to be an entire room. It can just be a corner where there is a strong Wi-Fi signal for the laptop and no distraction for the kids. Setting up that homework so might require moving some furniture around or getting rid of it altogether. If it is the latter, then you need to bring in the team Junk King Salt Lake City.

Time for A Permanent Zone

You may have set up a makeshift homework zone at the end of the last school year. That gave you a chance to see what worked and what didn’t work. It might be that your child doesn’t a desk with drawers but just a sturdy table with plenty of room for their books and computer. That zone can be set up in a dining room or corner of the basement. It could even be set up in their own bedroom. As mentioned, if you need to remove furniture items from the house to facilitate this set up, then the team from Junk King can make that happen in a single session.

It won’t matter the size of the furniture or how heavy it is. Junk King will find a way to have it safely removed from your home. While you have the crew and truck at your disposal you could also get rid of any other clutter a rubbish items that are interfering with keeping your home organize. That will also help support to students throughout the school year.

Making room for a homework zone is a job that Junk King Salt Lake City would be happy to help with. Book your session today.

Bring In Junk King For E-Waste Removal Around The House

The new school year often means new computers for students. Those computers aren’t just to be found in the schools but also at home. It actually is a smart move by parents to acclimate their children to computers at a young age. After all, they will be using these computers for the rest of their lives!

If you are upgrading family computer for this school year, then that makes the old computer obsolete. It could still be used by other members of the family but often a new computer happens because the old computer simply isn’t functioning the way it should be. That leaves you with an old computer taking up valuable space in your home. You know you shouldn’t throw it out so what is the option? That would be to hire Junk King Salt Lake City to help with all of your e-waste removal needs.

Beyond the Computer

Getting rid of a single computer certainly won’t require a huge truck and to movers. However, that is the standard for any Junk King appointment. The reason for hiring Junk King to get rid of your old computer is that we have identified those certified facilities in the area that can handle this type of recycling in a responsible way. Hiring Junk King for e-waste disposal of a single computer could inspire you to get rid of all the e-waste in your home. You can turn over any old television set, monitor, gaming console, DVD player or printer that might also be taking up storage space. That could have a significant positive impact on your living environment.

The Junk King crew will only take a few minutes to load up those e-waste items onto the truck. There could be plenty of room left over for the other types of things that you have been considering getting rid of. This is your opportunity to finally toss out the old furniture down the basement or up to the attic that has seen better days. It is also when you can get rid of all the clothing items from your closets that will never be worn again. All of those things can be donated to a charity with the same amount of care as the e-waste is dropped off to recycling centers. It’s all part of the Junk King package.

When you bring in Junk King Salt Lake City for e-waste removal you are making the right call. Set up your session today.

Make Your Home A Junk Free Zone

Is one of your goals for your home to make it a “junk free zone?” That would mean getting rid of any item that you have designated as no longer being useful to you and the family. Any object that has fallen into that category can rightly be considered as junk. Once that happens, there is no reason to hold onto that. Getting rid of it can help you achieve that junk free zone goal. To facilitate that task, you might need to bring in some outside help. That kind of quality help is standing by from Junk King Salt Lake City.

A Friendly Work Crew

The Junk King crew is always a friendly crew. They are also a crew that is insured and licensed that makes that totally professional. In terms of safety, the team from Junk King has adapted the recommended health guidelines that involve all our crews wearing masks and glows. We will also practice social distancing as part of the pick up appointment. That will keep everyone safe and the rubbish gone.

The Junk King team work crew are also terrific problem solvers. That comes into play if you have a particular item that needs to be taken apart so it can fit on the truck. Some of the items that the Junk King crew has dismantled have been swing sets, above ground pools, sheds, gazebos and hot tubs.

The Junk King crew is also going to provide exceptional packing services. That might not seem important because you’re just getting rid of junk but it will make a big difference when it comes to your final price. That is because Junk King charges a flat rate based on how much space will be used for your stuff. It is all about volume and not about the weight.

The quickest and most affordable way to turn your home into a junk free zone is to put Junk King Salt Lake City on that job today.

Make Junk King Salt Lake City Your Junk Hauler

There comes a time in the life over every homeowner when they have to get rid of stuff. In fact, that also happens with apartment renters, too. We’re not just talking about the stuff that can be tossed out in the trash but about the big things. These are the pieces that requires movers and a truck. When you have a job like that then it is time to consider hiring Junk King Salt Lake City to handle it. Why should they become your junk hauler? These reviews hold the answer:

“I spoke with Manny this afternoon in our discussion I informed him I only had one item to remove and it was a sofa sleeper in an upstairs bedroom. We had agreed upon a price which was quite lower than another company I contacted. Manny set up a 2hr window to pick up the couch. The best part is the two-man crew called to inform me they were on their way. They were actually 30 minutes before the pick up time fame as scheduled. Thanks for the excellent customer service from my call to the team that came it pick up and haul off of my couch. I truly appreciate the professionalism and punctuality. I highly recommend this company to help you by hauling unwanted stuff out.” – Michelle, Salt Lake City

“I needed a king mattress and some other stuff removed. These guys are awesome and very polite. I would recommend them for anything you need hauled away!!! Great company!!” – Sydney, Salt Lake City

“Scheduling was easy. There were no surprise fees after they arrived. They collected their fee and hauled the nasty box spring out of my home. They were in my home less than 2 minutes.” – Francis, Salt Lake City

These reviews are a small sampling of the positive reviews that are consistently posted by Junk King customers. They also show that when you hire Junk King, you are hiring a fast and flexible team who wants to make this entire process a smooth and affordable one. For quality junk hauling, you only need to call in the pros from Junk King Salt Lake City.

Junk King Takes It All

Spending more time at home has been a necessity of late. It has also given many folks the opportunity to reassess their living environment. That explains why there has been a boost in DIY projects around the house. That’s a good thing because any improvement you make on home can increase the property value. It can also go a long way toward creating a more comfortable home. If you’re planning a DIY remodel for your summer, then you should also plan to get all the debris that you’ll be creating cleaned up, too. That is something that Junk King Salt Lake City can help with. When it comes to removing rubbish, Junk King can take it all.

Social Distancing Pickup

At the start of the pandemic crisis, Junk King made sure to put into place new pickup guidelines based on recommendations from the CDC and local health authorities. The means you’ll see our crews wearing masks and gloves along with their signature red shirts. They’ll also be utilizing social distancing for the pickups. The easiest approach for that would be to have you leave the items outside for the crews. With a remodeling project, that will already be happening. Any demolition debris that is created will go outside. That can be picked up with you supervising from your doorway.

If there are bigger items that you need removed from the inside of the house, then the Junk King team will coordinate a safe approach for removing those objects as well. All you need to decide is what you need removed and Junk King will make it happen.

Although a lot has changed in the last few months, Junk King’s fair price policies have remained. You will still be charged just a flat rate based on how all of your things will fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. This will be an estimate that will be locked down after the crew has had a chance to look over all the things that you want to have cleared out. One price covers all the work and the disposal.

Don’t let construction debris pile up around your property. Junk King Salt Lake City can take it all away in a single session.

The Safe Approach For Junk Hauling

Getting rid of your junk shouldn’t be complicated. It should also be safe. Junk King Salt Lake City is able to take care of that task and accomplish both of those goals. We have always made junk removal a hassle-free process. Recently, Junk King added new pickup procedures following safety precautions guidelines that have been provided by the CDC. We want our customers and our work crews to stay healthy. We also want you to be able to clear your home of all your unwanted rubbish and clutter. It can all happen with one call to junk.

Set the Day and Time

Once you have decided which items around the house you would like removed, you can call of junk King and set the day and time for your pickup. Junk King only asked that you provide a two-hour window on that specific day of your choosing. It certainly will take two hours for the cleanup but it might take that much time to get from one end of Salt Lake City to the other.

As part of your scheduling, you will also be asked to submit a photo of the things that you are getting rid of. This will allow us to provide you with an estimate based on how the truck will be packed up with all of your stuff. Junk King is always off at a fair price for this type of service based on volume and not weight. None of that has changed!

On the day of the appointment, you just need to place your items out on the porch or your driveway for pickup. The Junk King crew will show up wearing gloves and masks and quickly load up all the things that you are getting rid of. That promotes safe social distancing but allows you to still get rid of all that unwanted clutter.

Keep in mind, that some of the things you are getting rid of might still be useful to someone else. Junk King continues to make drop-offs at local charities. These organizations are always in need of clothing and household goods especially now. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on the job.

The safe approach for getting rid of your old rubbish is to hire Junk King Salt Lake City today.

Set Up Remote Work The Right Way

Working from home is all about defining your space and setting new boundaries. The thing to keep in mind is that everyone that you will be dealing with is in the same situation. This means there will be a certain amount of flexibility but the job still has to get done. Here are some ways that you can set up your remote work the right way:

Set Up Boundaries  

You have to let your family know that just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean you can always be available. It will help to set up the rules for working. It might help to let the family know that when you’re at your desk, you can respond to calls from the rest of the house. And when you’re on the phone, there shouldn’t be any interruptions. If you are able to set up your workspace in a dedicated room, then a closed-door policy can help with that.

The same boundaries that you make for your family, you can make for your coworkers, too. Everyone’s situation is different but just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’re always going to be available. You should let everyone know when you want to “cut off” the job and be with the family. This will go a long way towards making sure you’re stretched too thin.

Stay Active

If you are used to going to a gym, then you need to adapt to working out from home. It is important that you stay active because that can also help you stay focused on the job. During the work day, it is important to also take regular breaks from your computer. Taking the time to stretch every 30 minutes is a good place to start.

Stay on Top of House Work

Working from home doesn’t exclude you from house work. In fact, that makes it more important. You want to keep your work environment clear of clutter as well as the rest of the home. To that end, you might think about going though the entire house to pull out all of those items that you now longer have any use for. When you’ve identified those items, then you can call in Junk King Salt Lake City. We have put pickup procedures into place that are designed to help keep our crews and customers safe. Let Junk King Salt Lake City continue to be your rubbish removal partner.

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