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How To Handle Your Junk Overflow In Draper

Most people don’t give their trash a second thought once it is put in the can and out on the curb. The assumption is that the trash ends up in a landfill and that is correct. Here in Draper, the trash goes to the Trans-Jordan Landfill. Trans-Jordan is made up of seven-member cities that own the landfill, that along with Draper includes West Jordan, Sandy, Riverton, Herriman, Murray and Midvale. It’s a good system except for one major concern. The landfill is running out of space as the amount trash that is getting dumped there increases.


How much trash is going on? Between 2012 and 2018, there has been around 92,340 tons dumped. That represents an annual increase of around 34%. At this current rate, the Trans-Jordan has less than 14 years left before it will be filled to capacity. What happens after that is being discussed today.

Does this mean you need to start hoarding? Not at all but you should think about alternatives to trash disposal especially as it relates to bigger items. Junk King Salt Lake City can play a big part in this type of work. These are junk removal professionals who are dedicated to avoiding going to landfills. Instead, what Junk King collects could be dropped off at local charities or recycling centers. That is a good option for reducing the amount of trash going to dumps.

What do you have that can be recycled? Actually, Junk King can answer that question for you. All the Junk King crews have been trained to sort through the items they collect and isolate those objects that can be recycled or donated. All of that sorting happens at the Junk King depot. In other words, it won’t interfere with your junk clearing session.

So far, Junk King maintains a 60% diversion rate. That is mighty impressive when you consider that on the average, Americans only recycled 30% of materials. All of this extra drop off work is included in the flat fee you’ll be paying Junk King for their service and that is a fee that is always based on volume and not weight. When Junk King Salt Lake City takes care of the junk overflow in your Draper home, they get it done the right way.