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The Safe Approach For Junk Hauling

Getting rid of your junk shouldn’t be complicated. It should also be safe. Junk King Salt Lake City is able to take care of that task and accomplish both of those goals. We have always made junk removal a hassle-free process. Recently, Junk King added new pickup procedures following safety precautions guidelines that have been provided by the CDC. We want our customers and our work crews to stay healthy. We also want you to be able to clear your home of all your unwanted rubbish and clutter. It can all happen with one call to junk.

Set the Day and Time

Once you have decided which items around the house you would like removed, you can call of junk King and set the day and time for your pickup. Junk King only asked that you provide a two-hour window on that specific day of your choosing. It certainly will take two hours for the cleanup but it might take that much time to get from one end of Salt Lake City to the other.

As part of your scheduling, you will also be asked to submit a photo of the things that you are getting rid of. This will allow us to provide you with an estimate based on how the truck will be packed up with all of your stuff. Junk King is always off at a fair price for this type of service based on volume and not weight. None of that has changed!

On the day of the appointment, you just need to place your items out on the porch or your driveway for pickup. The Junk King crew will show up wearing gloves and masks and quickly load up all the things that you are getting rid of. That promotes safe social distancing but allows you to still get rid of all that unwanted clutter.

Keep in mind, that some of the things you are getting rid of might still be useful to someone else. Junk King continues to make drop-offs at local charities. These organizations are always in need of clothing and household goods especially now. Nothing has to go to waste when Junk King is on the job.

The safe approach for getting rid of your old rubbish is to hire Junk King Salt Lake City today.

Get Ready For Your Home Office With Help From Junk King

Growing up, did you have a desk in your bedroom to do homework at? Typically, kids start out doing homework at the kitchen table with close parental supervision. The older they get the more they tend to drift into their bedrooms to get the homework done. It always helps to have a dedicated space for your child to focus on their homework. The same can be said for your “homework.” You might have the need to have a quiet space to answer emails and catch up on work assignments. The home office is also a good place to keep all of the household paperwork together. All of this supports the idea of setting up a home office in a spare room. That office could also be set up down the basement or up in the attic. The way to achieve that might involve clearing out some unwanted clutter. That is when you need to bring in Junk King Salt Lake City.

Not Needed

All of the things that you would be turning over to Junk King crew are the items that are not needed by you or your family. This is why they have been away in storage in your home. Sometimes it is easier to just put something in a room that is being used as opposed to trying to find a solution for getting it out of the house. What follows is that room quickly becomes overrun with those kinds of items. Now that you need a home office those unwanted objects should be hauled away for good.

Junk King is going to provide you with the necessary moving crew and truck needed to clear out all of those designated rubbish items. Even though you are “finish” with an item it doesn’t mean it has to end up in the trash. If it could still be put to use, then Junk King will make every effort to have a dropped off at a charity. That is always a preferred way of getting rid of things especially items like old clothing and household goods.

Setting up a home office is going to be a big boost for the family. Start that process with  a rubbish removal session from Junk King Salt Lake City.

Get Rid Of Storm Debris With Help From Junk King

Depending on the size of a storm, the aftermath cleanup can either be a big or a small job. If just a few leaves and twigs were knocked into your yard, then you can easily rake them up. On the other hand, if some significant branches broke off and landed in your yard then those might be too big for the trash can. The same can be said for other items that were damaged in a storm like patio furniture, planters, yard ornaments and maybe even the garden shed. Once something has been wrecked there is no reason to hold onto it. It can all be turned over to Junk King Salt Lake City. These are the professional junk haulers that can help with any level of storm debris cleanup.

Prompt Response

Junk King is going to provide a prompt response for your storm debris cleanup help. Their standard operating procedure has them completing the majority of their appointments with a 24-hour turnaround. The call you make today could mean having all of that debris cleared up by the next day. In some instances, you might also be able to benefit from the same day pickup. It all depends on when you call in and where the Junk King crews are in relation to your all.

When the crew does show up, they are going to work fast to clear way all that storm debris. Before the get started they will provide you with an estimate for the service. This is not something that can be locked down over the phone. That’s because the Junk King crew needs to look over all of the things that you are getting rid of. That is the only way they can determine how everything will be packed on the truck. That is how their price structure works. The less space that your junk uses, the less you will be paying.

It’s nice to know that you can get rid of your storm in with one call to Junk King Salt Lake City.

More Rave Reviews For Junk King Salt Lake City

How often do you read the reviews on Amazon before you buy a product? Even though not every review is always positive you can accept the idea that if a majority of customers but something and it exceeded their expectations that it is something you should consider. That same philosophy can be applied any type of service professional that you might want to hire including junk hauling. In Salt Lake City, the best company to get rid of the rubbish around your home or business is Junk King Salt Lake City. The proof of that can be found in the many positive reviews posted by their satisfied customers. Here’s a small sampling of some recent reviews:

“Quick, clean, reliable, and good pricing.” – Ashley D., West Jordan

“The crew that came to pick up our junk was very courteous and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I would definitely use Junk King again.” – Thomas Q., Salt Lake City

“Simple, fast, estimate and work done the same day. Their trucks are garbage trucks, not flatbeds. I’m so glad they came out for their free estimate before I agreed to two trucks (I got confused with their sizes) They did all the loading and were out within 20 minutes! Thank you, Eric!” – Petra H., North Salt Lake

“Very satisfied. they were super nice, fast and at a great price!” – Chellsey G., Salt Lake City

Junk King wants to make the rubbish removal process as simple as possible. That “ease of operation” starts with the idea that the Junk King crew is going to do all the work for you. Any heavy lifting that has to happen will be taken care of by the two-man moving crew assigned to your task. You don’t have to move anything around to make it convenient for the team. They would much rather have you simply point to what you want taken away.

Before they start work, the crew will give you an estimate based on how they intend to pack up the truck. It all comes down to a matter of volume. As you can see, it is also a very fair and affordable price for this type of extensive work.

One rubbish removal session with Junk King Salt Lake City is all it will take for you to become their next satisfied customer.

Begin The New Year In A Junk Free Home

Just before Christmas, a single person in Ohio one a lottery jackpot worth over $372 million. That is certainly the most amazing way to begin the new year! For the rest of us, we will have to be satisfied with setting small resolutions that can help us improve our quality of life. One of those resolutions can be clearing out the clutter from your home. That doesn’t just have to involve tossing out old magazines in junk mail but it can go bigger. That is when you want to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Salt Lake City. They’ll be able to help you start year in a junk free home with little effort on your part!

What Qualifies as Junk

Determining whether a particular item would qualify as junk often depends on its usefulness. It doesn’t have to be broken to be junk. It can be something that has been replaced. For instance, you might have gotten a new television for Christmas. If the old television has nowhere to go in the home, then it is junk. The same can be said for any other type of appliance big or small. Of recliner sofa that you want to replace might also be classified as junk from your perspective. All of those junk items can be turned over to Junk King but that doesn’t mean they will be tossed out in a landfill.

The majority of what Junk King collects ends up being donated or recycled. Not only does that help support the environment but it also means that the things you are getting rid of won’t go to waste. That’s a make you feel good about clearing out your closets and cabinets of clothing and other household goods.

All of the items that you are getting rid of will be picked up by the Junk King crew. Since they will be doing all the work that means that you don’t have to “get things ready.” You can leave items down the basement or in an upstairs room. Even the small stuff can be left right where it is for the Junk King team to pick up. Of course, having that moving crew do the heavy lifting of bringing furniture up from the basement is going to be a huge plus.

If you want to bring in the new year in a junk free home, then you want to bring in Junk King Salt Lake City to clear it all out.

Make It A Holiday Without Rubbish With Junk King’s Help

In many households at this time of year, Santa Claus provides a lot of help without ever showing up; at least until Christmas Eve! It is the “threat” that Santa Claus is watching that keeps kids from misbehaving. The mere mention of Mr. Klaus is all it takes to stop squabbling siblings and calm temper tantrums. It is too bad that Santa Claus isn’t around all year long! There’s other help that you can get for the holidays and you should take full advantage of. Junk King Salt Lake City offers a fast way to clear out rubbish and clutter from your home. That is always a preferred way to start the holidays.

Your Pick

When deciding what you want the team from Junk King to clear from your home it will always be your pick. Only you can make the final determination as to whether or not a particular item is still worthy of holding onto. That is as much true for an ugly Christmas sweater as it is a ping-pong table. If you haven’t used a particular object in over a year, then it is clear that is something that you might never use again. It would be a much better use of space to clear out that unwanted item.

When the crew from Junk King shows up at a scheduled appointment, you can show them all the objects that you want removed. It doesn’t matter if there is literally a single piece in every room in the house. The Junk King crew will go wherever the junk is! Once they have looked over everything, they will be able to provide you with an estimate for how much it will cost to fill up the truck. Junk King always basis prices on volume and not weight. That can make a big difference for the final cost especially when you’re getting rid of heavy furniture and other debris.


Seasonal Junk Removal Sessions Are A Great Idea

Do you remember when you moved into your current living space? Did you count the number of boxes? According to surveys, the typical move requires at least 60 boxes. Do you think you were over or under that number? Suppose you were to move today. How many more boxes of stuff do you think you would have to pack up? Of course, you always have the option when moving to get rid of the unwanted rubbish but why wait until then? Seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Salt Lake City are great ideas for keeping your home clear of rubbish all year long.

Removal Inspiration

You might be inspired to set up your seasonal junk removal sessions by trying to get at things in your home. For instance, if you park your car in the garage that’s full of clutter, then it might be a challenge to get from the garage door to the kitchen door. How frustrated do you get anytime you go into the closet looking for an outfit to wear because everything is crammed in so tight it’s hard to see? What about your basement and attic? Are they overrun with so much stuff that they have become storage units as opposed to the usable living space? These are the kinds of removal inspiration that can trigger a call to Junk King.

When you set up seasonal junk removal sessions you can take care of getting rid of that clutter but it doesn’t have to be all at once. That will give you plenty of time in between appointments to sort through all of your possessions and decide exactly what you can live without.

Big Assist

The team from Junk King is going to provide a big assist when it comes to getting rid of your rubbish. They’re going to do all the lifting and loading for you. It would make them quite upset if they saw you picking up something even if it was just a pillow. And don’t worry about asking them to climb stairs with every furniture. This is something they do all day long and nothing you are asking them to present a challenge for them.

If you want to keep all the junk out of your house, then seasonal junk removal sessions with Junk King Salt Lake City can make it happen.

Make Your Backyard Safe With Help From Junk King Salt Lake City

At your place of business, there are probably a lot of bulletins put up about safety precautions. You might also have the occasional fire drill that you have to complete as part of compliance for renting the office space. What about around your own home? Do you think it is as safe as your place of business? Does everyone in your family understand about safety procedures? Yes, you should even have a fire drill at your house. it also helps to make sure your living environment is safe by clearing out any debris or other rubbish materials that could be a hazard. This is especially vital in your backyard if you have kids that are going to be spending a lot of time out there this summer. Junk King Salt Lake City is the perfect company to hire in order to help with that goal of making the backyard safer.

Leave No Rubbish Behind

When you hire Junk King to clear debris from your backyard their mission is a simple one: leave no rubbish item behind. You shouldn’t hesitate utilizing the crew from junk King and their big truck to get rid of all the unwanted items from your backyard. That can also include structures like a playground set that the kids have outgrown. Junk King can also help clear way an empty above ground pool or even a hot tub. If there is a playhouse or swing set that also has to come town, then you can count on the Junk King crew of taking care of that as well.

These type of structure removals might require some additional crew members. That’s not going to be a problem for the Junk King team. They are happy to take a “all hands on deck” approach for the really big jobs. The goal is to get in and get out as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying your backyard again.

No Extra Charge

If you have a project that does require additional crew members, then you won’t have to worry about additional charges. It will all be covered under the same flat fee the junking charges for all of its work. That fee will always be based on how the crew loads up the truck. One price cover everything.

Are you ready to make your backyard safer? Then you’re ready to bring in the crew from Junk King Salt Lake City to make it happen.


Add To Your Home Value By Subtracting Rubbish

The more you put into your home the more you can increase your home value. That is a good guiding principle when it comes to home improvement projects. You always want to decide on something that will be appealing not only to future buyers but also to an appraiser who will have the task of determining your home’s value at any given time. Of course, that adage doesn’t have to be taken literally all the time. In fact, there are some things that you can take out of your home that would increase the value. That is especially true with rubbish. When you need to clear out the rubbish from your home then you need to hire Junk King Salt Lake City to get it done fast.

All the Rubbish

Working with Junk King to clear out the rubbish from your home means there won’t be any limitations in terms of weight or size of an object that you want to get rid of. Junk King crews have been called on to take away things like pianos, tables and hot tubs. Those would certainly be among the heaviest and most challenging objects to remove. The junking team can also take away a lot of little things like boxes of books, clothing and toys. That would certainly constitute a lot of rubbish being removed from your home. Not only will you create more storage space but any future appraiser would take note of how well-kept you are keeping your property. That factors into their final appraisal decision.


Most of what Junk King collects has the opportunity to be repurposed. Often that will mean that your items will be dropped off at a charity organization. Different charities except different items at any given time. Junk King has developed working relationships with these organizations and they know exactly what they’re looking for. They also know what condition something can be in before it is donated. A broken piece of furniture might not be a problem when you give it to a charity that specializes in making repairs of what they collect. Junk King wants to keep as much of what they collect out of landfills as possible and they’re doing a great job with that goal!

Before your next appraisal, be sure to hire Junk King Salt Lake City to remove all the rubbish and watch your home value go up.

Junk King Helps Make A Rubbish Free Home For The New Year

Do you remember when you first moved into your home? What was the first item that you brought in or hung up that made it feel special? Sometimes that is a photo or piece of art that you’ve carried with you from place to place. It could also be a comfy chair. Maybe it’s just the fact that everything got unpacked and put away in its proper place. Now that you’ve lived in the home for some time there may be some things in there that aren’t making it feel so inviting. We are talking about all the rubbish that has accumulated over the last couple of years since moving in. Even in just a single year there could be a lot of unwanted stuff cluttering up your living space. A great new year resolution to make would be to have a rubbish free home. Junk King Salt Lake City is the perfect company to help make that happen.


Before you book your session with Junk King, you’ll want to go through your entire house to decide what you want to get rid of. The operative word there is “want.” There should never be a hesitation to ask Junk King to remove something from your home. Can they bring something down from upstairs that’s very heavy? Yes. Can they carry something up from the basement that’s bulky? Yes. Can they take something apart in order to fit through the door? Yes. Given those parameters you can see that there isn’t a lot of limitations when it comes to removing rubbish from your home. Junk King will take anything and everything!

Before the crew starts the lifting and loading their want to lock down the price. This will be a fee that is based on how your stuff is going to fit on the back of the truck. The Junk King crews are all expert packers. That will provide you with a low price point because they want to make sure they can get as much onto the truck as possible.

The most efficient and affordable way to achieve the goal of a rubbish free home for the new year is to give that job to Junk King Salt Lake City.

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