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Monthly Archives:

Safe Construction Debris Removal

Do you have any big remodeling projects on the horizon? Perhaps you want to bust open a wall to make an open flow floorplan. Maybe the backyard deck needs replacing. If your roof is hitting the 30-year mark, then it might be time to get that replaced as well. These all are smart choices for home improvements that can generate a positive return on your investment. They will also great a lot of construction waste. This is not something you want left piled up in your driveway. Fortunately, Junk King San Diego Downtown is ready to provide fast and safe construction debris removal services.

One of the ways that you can save on a remodeling project is by doing some of the work yourself. The easiest would be the demolition. You don’t need a contractor’s license to take down kitchen cabinets or pull up a tile floor. On the same day you intend to tackle the demolition is the same day you should schedule cleanup with Junk King. They’re going to send over a pair of strong movers and a big truck. That is really all you need to get rid of any amount of construction debris you create. Best of all, the Junk King crew will pick up the debris right where it falls. Yes, you can put it in a neat pile in the driveway but you can also just let the Junk King team work their pick-up magic. You stay safe and let the Junk King crew do all the work.


If you were being charged by the pound, then all the construction debris could result in a very hefty fee. That won’t happen when you hire Junk King. Instead of being charged by weight, you’ll be charged by volume. It all comes down to how tightly the crew will pack up all the stuff onto their truck. The less room they take up, the less you’re going to pay. It is just that simple.

Junk King will work fast to clear away all that construction debris but that’s not the only reason to hire them. They can also be a big help if you decide to declutter your garage or get your closets organized. Think of how much better things are going to be around the house when all that unwanted clutter is gone for good. To take care of your construction debris removal and junk hauling needs, Junk King San Diego Downtown is the only call to make.

How To Get Rid of A Hot Tub

How good are you at shooting trash baskets? You simply can’t avoid shooting a trash basket with a rolled-up piece of paper. Why put it into a ball if you’re not going to shoot it? There are those among us who extend their trash basket shooting skills to soda cans, water bottles and the occasional apple core. Obviously, not everything can be shot into a trashcan. For that matter, not everything you want to get rid of will fit into a trashcan. Case in point: A backyard hot tub. You’re definitely not going to be shooting baskets with that! Instead, if you need to get rid of a hot tub, then the only company to count on to get the job done right is Junk King San Diego Downtown.


There could be many reason why you want to get rid of your hot tub. It might have been an old model that you inherited when you bought the home. Perhaps you want to upgrade. It could also be taking up valuable space in your backyard that you’d like to convert into a garden or outdoor kitchen. Whatever the reason, once you’ve made the decision to get it removed you want that job done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That’s where Junk King comes into play.

A standard junk removal session for Junk King will usually include a few pieces of furniture and some boxes of household clutter. That’s easy. For a hot tub, there needs to be a certain amount of disassembling going on in order to fit it onto the truck. It’s also something that might require special loading equipment. All of that is going to be provided by Junk King. It’s a safe bet that the crews who show up to take down your hot tub have already done this in the past. They’ll know just how to approach this task so that it keeps your yard protected.

Getting rid of a hot tub is a big task but it’s not the only task you can utilize Junk King for. All the rest of your unwanted clutter and rubbish can be loaded up on the truck right beside (or inside!) of your old hot tub. It’s a great opportunity to take care of some intense decluttering. To get rid of a hot tub and the rest of your unwanted junk, put Junk King San Diego Downtown on the job. They’re up to the challenge!

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