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Get Your Rubbish Removal In Alpine Handled Today

You might have driven by the creek along Alpine Boulevard on a regular basis without knowing what was going on down below. This creek is situated in a deep ravine, shaded by lumbering oak trees and chaparral brush. Sadly, for decades it also became a dumping ground of trash. That’s no long the case. Between December of last year and this January an Alpine resident undertook a major cleanup effort. He hauled up gravel bags filled with trash. It was enough trash to fill two 40 cubic yard dumpsters. Thanks to these efforts, this section of the creek is a pristine place to visit. Let’s hope it stays that way.


Anytime you see a major rubbish removal effort like this around Alpine, it might have you considering a big cleanup around your own property. Spring is the traditional time of year for a major cleanup both inside and outside of your home. During that kind of deep level cleanup, you’re sure to come across a lot of rubbish items you could throw out. There might even be some items that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for quite some time. If only you had help. Thanks to Junk King San Diego Downtown, rubbish removal help is just a phone call away.

A lot of Junk King customers express “surprise” when they contact the company. It is not surprise over the services that they offer but how friendly and easy the whole process is. Perhaps people have gotten used to putting up with bad service. That won’t happen with Junk King on the job. This is company that prides itself on making customers feel at ease from the moment of that first contact to the moment the crew does a final sweep.

Customers are also surprised at how fast Junk King responds. Again, folks get conditioned to waiting for things like the phone or cable company. A call on a Monday might mean not getting an appointment until Friday. A call to Junk King on a Monday often results in a pick up by Tuesday. In some instances, that pickup can happen on the same day. If your junk is ready to go, then Junk King San Diego Downtown will be ready to pick it up. One call makes your rubbish removal happen.

Rapid Response Junk Removal In El Cajon

No one ever leaves their home in the morning saying, “This is the day I drive my car into a sinkhole.” Yet, that is just what happened for one unsuspecting motorist after a water main break opened a sinkhole large enough to swallow a car. It happened at the intersection of Johnson and Vernon Avenues. Thankfully, first responders were quickly on the scene to pull the motorist from the car before it was submerged under water.


The initial cracks in the street alerted worked crews who had already set up barriers. The car that got stuck was going around the barriers and driving on weakened asphalt. Unlike Florida sinkholes, this gap in the street was quickly contained and city crews had the streets open by the following day. This is exactly what a rapid response repair is supposed to look like. Have you ever dealt with a rapid response emergency in your home?

Most homeowners know how to shut off the water in case of a backup or busted pipe. That kind of cleanup needs to be taken care of immediately before mold begins to spread. Any storm damage to a roof has to be quickly patched before another rain system moves in. Those are all prime examples of rapid response repairs. What about getting rid of all the unwanted clutter around the house? Yes, you might want to take care of this fast if company is coming over but for the most part, junk removal isn’t an emergency situation. However, that is not going to stop Junk King San Diego Downtown from providing a rapid response to your appointment.

Junk King understands that once you’ve made the decision to get rid of something, you don’t want that junk “sticking around.” Even if you’ve been starting at it for the last several months or years, when you make the call to Junk King, they’re going to move fast. If the crews are in your El Cajon neighborhood, then they could be rolling up within a few hours. Beyond that, Junk King strives to clear its appointments within a day of the initial contact. Call on Monday morning and your junk could be gone by lunchtime on Tuesday. That is how Junk King operates.

When you need a rapid response junk removal session in El Cajon, Junk King San Diego Downtown is standing by to make it happen.

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