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Monthly Archives:

Piano Removal Is Easy With Junk King

The easiest thing to get rid of in your home would be the bag of kitchen garbage that you fill up every day. Those bags are design to hold a certain amount of weight. In other words, you can’t overfill it to the point that you wouldn’t be able to lift the bag. Once the bag is in the trashcan, it should be easy to bring down to the curb in cans with wheels. The “ease of removal” is the primary reason your home might have things that you wish you could get rid of but simply can’t. That would certainly be the case with an old piano.

You might have moved in with that piano already in place from the previous occupant. If it were really easy to move, then they probably would have taken it with them. It is nice to have a piano in the house but only if someone plays the instrument. Otherwise it is just a piece of “furniture” that nobody uses. If you want to take care of your piano removal, then Junk King San Diego Downtown is standing by to make it happen.

One Call Gets It Done

The challenge level for a piano removal task is directly related to the amount of stairs needed to carry that piano out. The Junk King team has plenty of experience maneuvering bulky and heavy objects down all kinds of stairs. A quick assessment of the environment is all it will take for them to decide what will be required to get the job done. One thing you can count on is that this team won’t be careless with your stairs or the rest of your property.

Getting the piano onto the Junk King truck is going to require some heavy lifting but the JK team will find a way. Once it is loaded, there will be still be room left over for a few more items that you want to get rid of. An upright piano can be tucked away in the back of the truck and save plenty of room for a sofa, mattress or boxes of household goods. That is a significant decluttering by any standard.

When you need to take care of a piano removal and rubbish clearing, Junk King San Diego Downtown makes it easy.

Property Managers Can Depend On Junk King For Fast Rubbish Removal

The most important thing for property managers to depend on is that they get paid rent on time. Often a rental property rent is used to pay down the mortgage of that property. Missing rent puts the owner of the building at a huge disadvantage. This is also why when a tenant moves out it is vital to get that property back on the market as quickly as possible. That way there won’t be any disruption in that rent revenue stream. Often, a renter will skip out on the property and leave a bunch of unwanted rubbish behind. They might think they’re doing the next renter favor but in truth they are only creating trouble for the property manager. That’s when Junk King San Diego Downtown can step in. It will only take a few minutes for the team from Junk King to clear out any rental property of unwanted clutter and debris.

Weight and Stairs Aren’t A Problem

When you hire Junk King you need to know that weight and stairs onto problem. These crews have plenty of experience maneuvering all kinds of heavy objects up and down all kinds of stairs. They’ve worked in apartment buildings, office buildings and multilevel family homes. They’ve carried sofas, futons, desks, bookshelves and bed frames up and down those stairs. This is the kind of experience that you want working to clear the rubbish from your rental property. Junk King will treat that property with a great deal of respect. They also can tackle a situation where something needs to be taken apart before it can be removed from an apartment. That perfectly describes any piece of IKEA furniture that was built right in the room!

Convenient Scheduling

Junk King also offers convenient scheduling. You can book online and start the process with a $20 discount. Whether you do that looking on line early in the morning or late at night you will receive a prompt response to lockdown the day and time that you pick for your session. If it is an exceptionally large cleanup, then let Junk King know in advance and they will provide the extra manpower needed to get it all done in a single session.

Property managers can always count on Junk King San Diego Downtown to keep their rental units clear of rubbish.

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