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The Search For Expert Rubbish Removal Ends With Junk King

Whenever you need to hire a new service professional you go on a kind of search. Entering in the type of person that you are looking for on Google will no doubt reveal dozens if not hundreds of companies for that specific task. Who can you trust?

Consider the task of rubbish removal. Yes, there are quite a lot of companies who claim to be professional junk haulers. However, there is one company that stands above all the rest. That would be Junk King San Diego Downtown. What distinguishes Junk King from the other companies? Quite a lot!


It helps when you hire a company that has a certain level of longevity. Even though there is a “first time for everything” that doesn’t mean that first time has to be working for you. It helps when you know there is experience on the crews especially when it involves removing heavy objects from your home. That kind of moving experience prevents scratches and walls and floors. Junk King has been in this line of work for over 15 years. It is a national company with franchises in major metropolitan areas all across the country. That kind of longevity has allowed Junk King to build a reputable brand for itself. Each one of the franchises who carries the Junk King name has to maintain that same level of superior customer service. The team from Junk King San Diego Downtown is proud to be a part of the Junk King family.

Positive Response

It also helps that the service professional you are hiring has received positive response from their customers. In today’s online review age, there is no such thing as a company “hiding.” All reviews become a matter of public record for everyone across the Internet. Based on the reviews that Junk King receives, it is clear that this is a company who excels in customer service and gets the job done a prompt, efficient and affordable manner.

When you need rubbish removal handled at your property, you won’t have to look any further for exceptional help. Just call in Junk King San Diego Downtown. They’ll get the job done right!

Fill Up The Junk King Truck Today

At this very moment, how many individual items are in your home that you would like to get rid of? If there was a big truck pulled up outside your house, would those items fill up the entire truck or just use a portion of that truck? The answer to that question is the foundation of how Junk King San Diego Downtown operates. When you hire these junk hauling pros to get rid of rubbish or debris from your property the cost will be reflected in how the truck it’s packed up. The less space that is used by your stuff means the less you will be paying.

The Junk King crews have this kind of packing down to a science. They can look over all of the objects you want to get rid of and come up with that space estimate. That will be presented to you in writing and the lockdown. There won’t be any changes to that cost at the end of the job. It is also a price that is guaranteed. If you have a written estimate from another company for the same amount of junk, then Junk King will match that price. Chances are, you won’t find a better price!

This type of pricing is very important especially when you are getting rid of some exceptionally heavy objects. The price will be the same if you’re having chunks of concrete removed or just a few boxes of old sweaters. It always comes down to the packing.

Included in the price is Junk King’s disposal policy. This is actually the phase of the project that takes up the most work for Junk King. They might only spend a few minutes at your home removing the things that you want to get rid of. A when it comes to the disposal there could be several drop-offs to charities and recycling centers. That is never a burden for Junk King when you consider the trade-offs of protecting the environment around San Diego.

Do you think you could fill up a truck with all of your unwanted stuff? The only way to find out is to book a session with Junk King San Diego Downtown today.

Junk King San Diego Downtown Customers Share Their Positive Reviews

Like many other aspects of our society, interviews can happen in an instant. You can post a restaurant review online and generate several “likes” even before your finish paying for the meal. Because online reviews are easy to post that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. That is true for the company and the potential customers. Junk King San Diego Downtown has been providing exceptional junk hauling and rubbish removal services for the community. The proof of that can be found in a few of these positive reviews:

“They quickly responded to my request for a mattress. One of the employees offered me of a deal that they were currently running that would save me an additional $30. Great service. Definitely recommend them.” – JC, San Diego

“I reached out to Junk King and received a response and booking right away! Angelo and Mikey call to let me know they were on their way and arrived on time and were professional quick and efficient. I would definitely use Junk King again in the future and would recommend to my family and friends.” – Madison, San Diego

“Fastest service ever! Mike and Michael were a great, positive team. Thank you for hauling away my washer and dryer. I recommend these guys!” – Alina, San Diego

“Very nice guys. Prompted the good work. It was easy to schedule and communication was super easy. Thanks. Would definitely use their service again.” – Christie, San Diego

When you book with Junk King you won’t be waiting long to get rid of your stuff. We like to complete those calls within 24-hours of that first contact. If we have the space on the truck and are close by, then we can also make a same day pickup appointment available. Remember, the size and weight of an object won’t be a problem for Junk King. You can take full advantage of the strong moving crew and big truck to get rid of all your unwanted stuff.

Just imagine how much better your home will be without that junk! It can be gone in a flash with one session with Junk King San Diego Downtown.

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