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A Beautiful Location For Metal Recycling: Chula Vista, California

Metal Recycling


Okay, so maybe no one really thinks about how pretty it is outside when they’re dealing with scrap metal and metal junk items. 


Anyone who lives in Chula Vista or the downtown San Diego area or has spent time here as a tourist, however, knows the beauty of a gorgeous San Diego sunset.


And a morning at the beach or a late afternoon hike in the hills above the city are all reasons for being in love with Chula Vista. It is truly a beautiful location for most any activity. So, even taking time here to properly dispose of metal junk for recycling is time well spent. 


All of which is why environmentally friendly junk metal removal and recycling is so important. Doing what we can to preserve the beautiful landscape and natural sights of Chula Vista should be everyone’s goal.


Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in junk metal removal and metal recycling.


full service junk removal


When It Comes to Metal Recycling, Chula Vista Has More Than Aluminum Cans


Don’t get us wrong! Recycling aluminum is absolutely a good thing and highly essential. In fact, the sheer volume of aluminum that is produced as cans alone is staggering in the extreme. 


According to the website at The World Counts,


“The world’s beer and soda consumption uses about 180 billion aluminum cans every year. This is 6,700 cans every second – enough to go around the planet every 17 hours.”


And, because of this demand, it’s estimated that about two percent of the world’s total energy use is spent solely on producing new aluminum. However, producing aluminum from recycled aluminum cans only takes five percent of the energy needed to produce new aluminum.


But that’s just one recyclable metal out of many more that we use every day.


The problem is that too much of what could be recycled ends up in landfills instead. Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown is so adamant about helping residents in Chula Vista and other nearby towns such as Coronado, Imperial Beach, and National City get rid of their junk metal items properly in an earth-friendly fashion.


The small metal items that we throw out on occasion – such as utensils that got too close to the garbage disposal blades or counter-top kitchen appliances that have ceased working – these are relatively easy to dispose of. We simply toss them in the trash (unfortunately) or, better yet, in the home recycling bin.


But what about junk items that won’t fit in the kitchen garbage can or, even more distressing, in the large recycling bin we put out on the curb each garbage day?


Learn about the importance of recycling.


The Marvel Of Metal Recycling


We talked about recycling aluminum cans and, for most folks living in Chula Vista, that’s the only metal they ever handle for recycling. 


But despite the volume of cans recycled each year – over 100,000,000 so far in 2021 – the “wonder” metal aluminum is not the most recycled metal in the world.


In fact, according to the folks who contribute to Wikipedia


“Iron and steel are the world’s most recycled materials, and among the easiest materials to reprocess, as they can be separated magnetically from the waste stream… Any grade of steel can be recycled to top quality new metal, with no ‘downgrading’ from prime to lower quality materials as steel is recycled repeatedly. 42% of crude steel produced is recycled material.”


This is good news for consumers and all of us living in and around Chula Vista in places like Imperial Beach, National City, and Coronado. Because it means that old steel filing cabinet you’ve been hauling from apartment to apartment can be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill in north San Diego County.


And the wrought iron trellis-thingy your mother had in her backyard for all those years and is now falling apart can be recycled, too.


Or that old washing machine or clothes dryer that hasn’t worked in years. And the “vintage” toaster that you bought at the thrift shop because it had a fabric-covered cord – but stopped working a week later.


And the list can go on. 


While this is all good to know, what do you do when the pile of aluminum, steel, and copper junk items gets out of hand and somewhat overwhelming?


junk removal service recycling


Junk King San Diego Downtown Is Into Heavy Metal – Recycling


We’ve probably seen and removed it all: car engine blocks, kitchen appliances, large car parts, old bicycles, small engines, radiators, and other similar items. Truly, just about anything made of metal can probably be recycled. 


But there are a few exceptions.


For example, according to one scrap metal yard website, most scrap dealers will not recycle any material that contains asbestos, CFC’s (also known as refrigerant) and unclean metals. If you are recycling a metal that has any non-recyclable waste or oil residue on it can be difficult to recycle.


Batteries are a no-no, as is uranium or plutonium. But if you’ve been carrying those around in your car looking for a scrap metal dealer you’ve likely got other, more pressing concerns.


However, materials containing mercury or lead are still around in people’s homes or workplaces and these are not only toxic but are not recyclable. 


The good news is that if you have any questions at all about the acceptability of your metal junk or debris items, you can simply give us a call. We’re experts on metals and metal recycling so there is not likely anything we haven’t handled or disposed of before. And we’d love to hear from you!



When You Need Affordable Bulk Metal Recycling In Beautiful Chula Vista


So, the question then becomes, “What do you do with all that metal junk when it’s too much for your residential recycling bin?”


Call Junk King San Diego Downtown! And rest assured that you won’t have to “steel” yourself when you ask for an estimate.


For one thing, we guarantee that our pricing is the lowest in our service area. That’s because we believe in providing you with fair and transparent pricing. Always. Which means no extra charges and no hidden fees.


Not only do we offer great pricing, but we’ll also give you a free estimate – and four different ways to get one:


  • On-site is the best way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price with a free, no-obligation estimate.
  • You can call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or live chat with our highly trained customer service representatives.
  • Or text us a photo of your metal items at 737-888-5865, and we will text back an estimate.
  • But an online estimate is the easiest. Just click the “Pricing” tab in the navigation above, scroll to the “Pricing Estimator” and click the green “Launch Pricing Estimator” button.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


For Bulk Metal Recycling, Chula Vista Turns to Junk King


junk removal recycling san diego



You will always get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly metal recycling and removal service when you call Junk King San Diego Downtown.


The best part is that you don’t have to figure it all out yourself. Which is a good thing since even though almost all metals are recyclable, not everything made with metal can go to a recycler. So, letting the pros at Junk King San Diego Downtown take care of the sorting and proper disposal of your junk items is a smart move.


In addition, by partnering with Junk King San Diego Downtown you’re helping keep San Diego County green.


As your local Junk King professionals, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around Chula Vista. It was a lack of reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient junk removal services that inspired us to set up shop here.


And, as owner Yoko Stone has said, “Not everyone has the means to dispose of their junk or unwanted items in a safe way.”


But you can with Junk King San Diego Downtown!


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your metal waste and other junk takes up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your metal trash and other junk items and haul them away – and we do it all without any hidden fees!


Just book an appointment online above or give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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