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Appliance Removal in Chula Vista: The Complete Guide

appliance removal


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In a city of over 280,000 residents, Chula Vista has quite a few homes, as well. 


Actually, according to one source, there are close to 91,000 households in the city for all those people, making Chula Vista is the 15th largest city in California. 


And, while these households consist of single-family homes, as well as condominiums, townhouses, apartments, and even mobile homes and trailers, most all of them have one thing in common: appliances.


appliance removal learn more


Here’s the thing about household appliances – they have to be replaced periodically. This means they have to be removed from the home and taken somewhere to be disposed of, as well. 


And that’s no easy task. 



What is Appliance Removal and How Much Does It Cost?


Appliance Removal


The simple answer to the question, “What is appliance removal?” is that it is the act of removing an appliance from a structure and transporting it to a disposal destination. 


Easy enough, you might say, but who can do appliance pick up?


Of course, for many residents and homeowners, their first inclination is to do it themselves. But this can be a bit more difficult than it might seem at first. If the owner of an old appliance that needs to be removed and gotten rid of owns a truck, that’s a good start.


If their home is on the ground floor, that’s also quite helpful. And, if they have some reliable assistance when it comes to moving the appliance from the house or apartment and out to the street and then up into the truck, all the better. 


But this isn’t true for many old appliance owners. 


Which is why Junk King San Diego Downtown specializes in appliance pick up service for Chula Vista and her neighbors.


The fact is, even for those residents who could potentially take care of their own appliance removal needs, they may choose not to in order to avoid the strain of all the heavy lifting and the very real risk of getting hurt in the process.


So, a fair question to ask at this point is how much does it cost for an appliance pick up service?



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According to information from HomeAdvisor, 


“Junk removal costs $233 on average with a typical range between $133 and $360. A full truckload runs $400 to $800. The minimum for a single item costs between $60 and $150.”


And for major appliances, their information states that, 


“Having a major appliance hauled away costs an average of $100. But it might range from $60 to $130. If you have a few to get rid of, each additional piece only adds $30 on average.”


Keep in mind that these are national averages and that actual costs depend on what you have to haul away, where you live, and the pricing model of the appliance pick up service you use.



What Types of Appliances Can Be Disposed Of?


Of course, the simple answer to that question is “all of them.”


Strictly speaking, anything can be disposed of. The question is really, “What can be disposed of properly?”  And that often means determining what can be recycled.


For household appliances removal, Chula Vista residents might be put off by the thought of their old units ending up in a landfill. Or, worse, there are still individuals who seem to think it’s okay to dump old washers or dryers in vacant lots or in fields on the outskirts of town. 


However, not only is that method of disposal unsightly and a safety hazard, but it’s also illegal. 


The bottom line is that recycling is the disposal option of choice for household appliances. And the good news is that most appliances are highly recyclable thanks in large part to their being constructed primarily of steel and other metals. 


In fact, steel, aluminum, and most other metals are infinitely recyclable and can be reused to produce material and parts for new products. And the process is incredibly eco-friendly. 



junk removal service recycling


According to one recycling source


“One of the benefits of recycling steel is that it reduces the consumption, expenses, energy, and time to mine other valuable resources. For every ton of recycled steel, it saves one and a half tons of iron ore, half a ton of coal, and 40 percent of the water normally used in the production process. By using ferrous scrap rather than virgin materials in the production of iron and steel, CO2 emissions are reduced by an astounding 58 percent.”


It’s important to keep in mind, however, that certain appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioning units do contain hazardous and even toxic components that must be professionally removed prior to dismantling and recycling.


The good news is that with a reliable and professional appliance removal service like Junk King San Diego Downtown, all you have to do is point and let the experts do all the work.




How to Dispose of Appliances- 7 Tips on Proper Disposal


When it comes to disposing of junk appliances, the real key is knowing how to recycle old appliances properly.


While the simplest approach is to call a junk removal service like Junk King, there are steps you can take to help ensure proper disposal.


  1. Sell It: If your appliance is in good condition, it can often be sold. You can try selling it in a garage sale or to a local appliance reseller. Clean it and make sure it has all the parts. If you have the original product manual, that’s a bonus.
  2. Donate It: If selling your useable appliance isn’t an option, donating it to a non-profit group, church, or community thrift store in Chula Vista can be a great alternative. As with selling, make sure it’s clean and has all its parts, etc.
  3. Gift It: For some appliances, selling them or donating them to an organization can involve more work and effort than might seem worthwhile. However, it’s likely that a friend, neighbor, or family member can use your old appliance and pick it up from you.
  4. Scrap It: Local scrap-metal dealers will often accept certain appliances although you may have to transport them and drop them off. The advantage to this option is that many scrappers will accept non-working appliances that they often repair and sell.
  5. Avoid Refrigerants: These are dangerous and regulated chemicals found in some household appliances. If you are disposing of an old refrigerator, freezer, dehumidifier, or air conditioner, you need to call a certified technician for refrigerant removal.
  6. DIY Recycling: Smart appliances have onboard microprocessors and display panels that contain toxic and hazardous materials. Although they are in small amounts, they require special handling and disposal.
  7. Preplanning: If you plan to remove and dispose of your appliance yourself, know how you will remove it from your home, where you can take it, and how you will get it there. You’ll also need to know if there are any regulations for proper disposal.


Of course, some residents have the option of calling the city.


Chula Vista homes with cart service can have bulky items picked up weekly, free of charge. Bulky items include appliances. Items over 60 pounds that cannot be handled with a hand truck will be picked for an additional charge.




Tips for Dealing with Junk Appliances


The bottom line is that junk appliances, like with most junk disposal, do not need to end up in  the Otay Landfill. And, in fact, recycling old appliances is the best and most efficient way of dealing with junk appliances.


If you have the resources – a truck, appliance dolly, straps, and some reliable help – you canstorage room cleanout certainly take on the task of recycling your old junk appliances yourself. But why would you want to when there are easier options readily available for Chula Vista residents?


Old appliances are heavy, and they come with a variety of sharp, metal edges and other means of inflicting injuries. And that’s not considering the risks of pulled or strained muscles, the very real possibility of smashed fingers and crushed toes. 


Dealing with junk appliances is not one of the easier DIY tasks that homeowners and others can take on, so why bother? 


A far better option is to simply find a reliable and affordable appliance removal company.




Finding Appliance Removal Companies


Junk Removal San Diego Downtown


For those of us living in and near Chula Vista, finding appliance removal companies can be a simple matter of doing a quick online search. 


However, despite the fact that you will find dozens of results featuring dozens of companies that offer junk appliance removal services, how do you know which one to choose? Pricing can be a major factor. Avoid those firms that charge by the weight of your load, for example. This can be more costly for you, especially when it comes to large junk appliances.


Look for firms that charge by volume instead. This is a far more equitable pricing model.


Also, you want to stay away from firms that appear to be less-than-professional. While you might think that they’ll cost you less, you also should keep in mind that you’ll likely be letting these people into your home.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


And, lastly, look for a company that is a genuinely green and eco-friendly junk removal service provider. Most firms don’t take the time and effort to sort through the junk they collect, nor do they bother to recycle as much as they could.




For Appliance Removal in Chula Vista, Just Call on Junk King

junk removal san diego downtown

You will always get prompt, courteous, and eco-friendly appliance removal and disposal service when you call Junk King San Diego Downtown.


The best part is that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting or moving yourself.


At Junk King, we understand that although almost all metals are recyclable, not everything made with metal can go to a recycler. Fortunately, just about any household appliance is a suitable candidate for recycling. 


So, let the pros at Junk King San Diego Downtown take care of the sorting and proper disposal of your junk appliance items. And, when you partner with Junk King San Diego Downtown, you’re helping keep San Diego County green.


It’s the smart – and green – option!


As your local Junk King professionals, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our residential neighbors and businesses who live and work in and around Chula Vista. It was the apparent lack of reliable, environmentally friendly, efficient junk removal services that inspired owner Yoko Stone to set up shop here.


And, as she has pointed out,


“Not everyone has the means to dispose of their junk or unwanted items in a safe way.”


But with Junk King San Diego Downtown you can. And we do all the work!


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your property and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your old appliances and other junk takes up in our truck.


You simply point, and we’ll load your unwanted items and haul them away quickly and efficiently. And we do it all without any hidden fees!


Just book an appointment online above or give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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