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Chula Vista Mattress Recycling: How It Helps the Environment


Mattress Disposal


Did you know that there are mattress jokes?


Seriously! Here’s one that we think is kind of funny (but a bit of a groaner…)


“A delivery driver just left a new mattress behind when it fell out of his truck.

He didn’t want to be arrested for aiding in a bedding.”


Okay, maybe not so funny, but what’s really not funny is when you have to dispose of an old, used mattress that can’t be sold or donated. In the old days we would just find some way to haul it out to the landfill – the dump – and leave it there. But no longer. 


Why is that?


For one, mattresses are big, bulky and clog things up. They don’t compress well, and if the mattresses have springs, they can actually damage the equipment at landfills. For another, many mattresses can take as long as 80 to 120 years to break down in a landfill. Not to mention that they take up large amounts of valuable space there.


The good news is that mattresses can be recycled and, therefore, stay out of the environment.


Why You Should Care About Chula Vista Mattress Recycling


When it comes to mattress recycling, San Diego, and its neighbors, like the residents of Chula Vista, have a good reason to care.


Not only is it the best alternative for used mattresses that can’t be reused, but it is the most environmentally beneficial way to dispose of old mattresses, as well. In addition, there are several other benefits of recycling mattresses.


Mattress recycling benefits according to the Mattress Recycling Council:


  • Less reliance on incinerators and landfills by diverting mattresses from the waste stream.
  • Reduce the number of illegally dumped mattresses.
  • Conservation of resources by using old steel, foam, wood, and other material to create new products.
  • Recycling creates jobs.


As one mattress company put it,


“Mattress recycling is a great way to help the environment and rid yourself of a weighty, expensive, and space-consuming object.”


Infographic mattress



Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Old Mattresses


There are literally thousands of new mattresses for sale. Chula Vista, for example, has over a dozen places to buy a new mattress. In fact, Chula Vista mattress stores probably number only second to those found in Downtown San Diego.


And, with over 275,500 residents, Chula Vista may be smaller than San Diego, but that’s still a lot of mattresses that need to be replaced year after year. In fact, when it comes to mattress recycling, Chula Vista probably has more than any city in San Diego County outside of San Diego itself.


We know that there are between 20 and 40 million mattresses disposed of each year – with the majority of them winding up in landfills. And there are about 330 million people in the United States. So, it would be a fair estimate to say that, at any given time in a year that 10 percent of everyone’s mattresses are being tossed out. 


So, in Chula Vista, that could mean upwards of 25,000 or more used mattresses could end up in the handful of rapidly filling landfills in our County.


This is why it’s important to recycle our old mattress – in San Diego, in Chula Vista, and everywhere else in San Diego County and the country!


The Best Times of Year to Recycle Your Old Mattresses


Sometimes people wonder if there is a best time of year to get rid of old mattresses. This is certainly true for purchasing new mattresses. 


For example, according to NerdWallet,


“Some of the best times to buy a mattress include late winter, early spring and holiday weekends.”


However, there is no good or bad time to get rid of your old mattress. Especially if you live in the  San Diego area where the weather is never so bad you don’t want to deal with something like mattress disposal.


In fact, San Diego has 266 days of sunshine, while the rest of the nation has 205. San Diego has zero average days of temperatures below 32 degrees, while the rest of the U.S. has 88, according to one blog post


And if you happen to think that you can’t recycle mattresses but want to get rid of them somehow, the good news is that you actually can recycle mattresses.


This is not to say that it is a simple or straightforward process like smashing and smelting aluminum cans. 


The Do’s and Don’ts of Chula Vista Mattress Recycling


Junk King Clean Out


A fair question to ask at this point would be, “How do you recycle a mattress?”


If you have a truck, and if you have some reliable help, and if you know where to go – and that’s a lot of “ifs” – you can take your old mattress to several locations in and around the San Diego area like Chula Vista.


And, by the way, because we pay a $10.50 fee when purchasing a mattress or box spring in California which helps fund mattress recycling programs, we have options that most other states do not. Also, when you recycle your used mattress, you can collect a $3 return at participating locations.


So, where can you go? Here’s a brief list:


  1. The retailer of your new mattress. If you’ve purchased one, the dealer should take your old one away for free.
  2. The City of Chula Vista offers a free bulky item collection service that includes mattresses.
  3. The Otay Landfill is a Mattress Recycling Council’s partnering location for free drop-offs by residents.
  4. If you are a City of San Diego resident you can drop yours off at the El Cajon Transfer station for free, as well. 


Another question many people have it, “How do you get rid of an old bed frame without throwing away the mattress, too?”


And the answer is that you don’t have to because almost any bed frame can be recycled, as well, so you can dispose of them both in an environmentally-friendly way. 


By the way, there is one major “Don’t” when it comes to mattress disposal: Don’t dump them out in the country, in empty lots, or anywhere else you might think of. It is illegal and totally not cool!


Call Junk King San Diego Downtown to Make Mattress Recycling Easy


Got a used mattress or two that you desperately need to get rid of?


We can help you with that and we’ll make it easy, too. 


Not only do we make mattress recycling easy, but we also always deliver prompt, professional, and courteous mattress and junk removal service when you call your local pros at Junk King San Diego Downtown.


And the best part of all is that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting! You just show us where your mattresses or other junk items are and watch us make them disappear!


At Junk King, we understand that not only used mattresses but just about all junk items are recyclable. However, we also know that not everything can be recycled unfortunately. But the good news is that old mattresses, box springs and even bed frames are all suitable candidates for recycling. 


So, let the pros at Junk King San Diego Downtown take care of the sorting and proper disposal of your old mattress and other large household items you need to get rid of. And another great thing is that when you partner with us at Junk King San Diego Downtown, you are helping to keep Chula Vista and San Diego County green.


Because Junk King is all about being green!


As your local Junk King professionals, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service to our friends and neighbors who live and work in and around Chula Vista.


Our professional and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or place of work on time, as promised. And we’ll also call you 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once we’re there, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate based on how much space your old mattresses and other junk takes up in our truck.


And, like we said here already, you simply point, and we’ll load your unwanted items and haul them away quickly and efficiently. And we do it all without any hidden fees!


Just book an appointment online above or give us a call at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


Chula Vista Recycling: How to Recycle Various Materials and Keep Our City Clean


Chula Vista Recycling


Those of us who live in Chula Vista have a deep appreciation for our reputation of sustainability and green living. In fact, Chula Vista is a leader in conservation and renewable energy, and is also home to more than 52 square miles of coastal landscape, canyons, hills, mountains, parks, and tons of trails.


Oh, and we are also home to more than 275,450 people. And that means we go through a great deal of products and material goods. Which also means we produce a massive amount of waste. 


But the good news is that much of that waste is recyclable



junk removal service recycling


Why is it Important to Recycle?


When it comes to recycling, Chula Vista is a leader in recycling practices. In fact, it is mandatory that everyone in Chula Vista recycle. Really!


According to the Chula Vista Municipal Code,


“It shall be mandatory for all generators of residential, commercial, and industrial recyclables in 

the City to separate from refuse, for recycling purposes, all designated recyclables and 

otherwise participate in recycling as described by this chapter.”


In addition, California state law mandates that all commercial businesses in California recycle. And that includes businesses in Chula Vista. Fortunately, there are several Chula Vista recycling centers in our region that make it far easier to make recycling happen properly.


So, what can you recycle at the recycling centers?


Many types of materials can be recycled but the most common recyclable materials that are processed at a Chula Vista recycling center are:


  1. Office Paper
  2. Paperboard/Cardboard
  3. Newspapers/Newsprint
  4. Glass
  5. Aluminum
  6. Steel


For most of us, recycling usually consists of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic, and glass. And, for most of us, we can usually fit it all into our recycling bins at home or at work. 


5 Reasons Why Chula Vista Residents Should Recycle


“Why recycle?”


It is a fair question to ask, and not everyone is fully aware of recycling benefits. And there are several great benefits and many good reasons. For example, 



  • Every ton of recycled paper saves 380 gallons of oil and 7,000 gallons of water.
  • Recycling one aluminum can save enough energy to run a TV or computer for 3 hours.
  • Americans throw away more than 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour.



Recycling is a major industry in America and its success and growth directly supports manufacturing in the United States while simultaneously conserving valuable resources. In addition, when folks living in and around Chula Vista helps create and maintain jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the U.S., according to the EPA.


Here are five primary reasons why Chula Vista residents should recycle:


  1. Reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators
  2. Conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals
  3. Increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials
  4. Prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials
  5. Saves energy


Fortunately, for those of us in Chula Vista, recycling most of our everyday recyclables is relatively simple. If you’re a homeowner or a renter, you most likely have a recycling bin provided by your waste management services provider. 


If you’re a small business owner or a tenant in a commercial building, there is likely to be an extensive recycling process in place for you to make use of. 


In other words, there are many good reasons to recycle and, in Chula Vista at least, there are no good reasons not to recycle!


What Can You Recycle in Chula Vista?


Knowing what can be recycled in Chula Vista comes down to really understanding what can’t be recycled. 


And the truth is that up to 80 percent or more of all the solid waste generated anywhere in the U.S., including Chula Vista. There are really very few items or materials – aside from hazardous waste items – that are not recyclable.


There are plenty of resources online that provide exhaustive lists of waste or trash items that can’t be recycled and these include batteries, soiled cardboard (pizza boxes), ceramics and pottery, juice boxes, napkins, and paper towels, for example. 


So, the bottom line is that the range of recyclable items in Chula Vista is quite extensive. And, to make things even easier, there are still only three or four types of waste items that most of us have to deal with when it comes to recycling – namely paper, aluminum, glass, and most plastics. 


Of course, there are also a surprisingly wide variety of household items that we need to dispose of on occasion that are also recyclable. 


10 household items you can recycle


Different Types of Waste that You Can Recycle in Chula Vista


Now that you know what kind of items can be recycled at the recycling center in Chula Vista, how do you make sure that these are actually being recycled from your home or place of work?


As we’ve pointed out here already, most of the commonly recycled items and waste materials will be properly processed and recycled if they are disposed of in the proper waste containers. However, there may be times when the quantity or volume of particular recyclables is far larger than you can fit into your recycling bin. 


Like all the waste cardboard and packing paper that can be left when you’ve made a recent move into a new home and have finished unpacking.



New Call-to-action



A typical family moving from a 2,000 square foot home, for example, can easily end up with enough empty, flattened moving boxes to fill up to 10 cubic yards in a small dumpster, for example. And that’s not counting all the packing materials and paper, too.


Of course, you’re not going to get all that into a standard residential recycling cart!


So, if you have large quantities of cardboard or paper, what do you do? Fortunately, knowing how to recycle paper products locally is pretty easy. There are even specialty facilities that only process paper and paperboard (cardboard) waste. 


But the easiest way to recycle paper products locally – as well as all other recyclables – is to call a green and local junk removal company like Junk King San Diego Downtown.


Choose Junk King San Diego Downtown for Chula Vista Recycling


Junk Removal San Diego Downtown


When it comes to choosing the best partner for recycling services here in the Chula Vista area, Junk King should be your first choice.


Just one easy call to Junk King San Diego Downtown is all it takes to have us show up at your home or place of business and haul away your recyclable junk and waste materials. In addition, we offer a wide variety of other professional junk removal and hauling services for the entire Downtown San Diego area and nearby locations such as Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, National City and Coronado.


And our expert junk removal services are both green and affordable – and we do this better than anyone!


Make the call to Junk King San Diego Downtown for your recycling needs today. When you call, tell us about the old furniture and other junk items you want to have hauled away from your home, office, or workplace.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


So, let’s schedule a time that works for you and your busy schedule.


And our professional and insured junk removal team will be there on time, as promised, and we’ll call about 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Once we’re on site and can see what you have and how much room it will take in our truck, you’ll get an estimate from us in writing that is guaranteed to beat any other written estimates. 


Also, after we get there, all you need to do is simply point and we’ll haul all your recyclables and other junk items into our junk removal truck – and all without any hidden fees or added charges


Are you ready for easy and affordable recyclables removal? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.


You can make an appointment by booking online or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865)


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