Junk Hauling and Recycling in San Antonio

There’s an old expression that goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Recently, the folks living around San Antonio Heights got together for a garage sale. There is nothing really special about that unless you consider this garage sale involved forty homes! It was a yard sale lover’s dream! Of course the goal of any garage sale is to sell everything so you won’t have to drag it back into the house or garage. Let’s face it; if you’re willing to sell something, there is part of you that is willing to throw it out. The garage sale is your junk’s last chance. If it doesn’t sell, it’s got to go! That’s when you’ll need to call in a San Antonio junk recycling company. Not only will they haul away all your “unsold” items but they’ll know just how to recycle them.

Most people think that the best way to handle junk is merely to drop it off at a landfill. Then there are those despicable people who just dump their garbage by the side of the road. Neither one of those is an eco-friendly choice. The real problem with the landfill dumping is that all that garbage begins to break down back to its original form. Basically that’s a blob of chemicals that will be seeping into the surround soil and water. The less that goes into a landfill the better off we’ll all be. Recycling is the best way to “head the junk off at the pass!” But do you know which recyclables go where?

An experienced San Antonio junk recycling crew will know all the local facilities. There will be one for metals, one for wood, and one for foam. That’s three potential sites for one old sofa! Of course there are some facilities that strip down furniture into those separate components. Do you know where they are? You don’t have to worry when you hire a San Antonio junk recycling company who make it their business to know.

Old furniture is one thing but there are some other recyclable materials that need special care. These are all your electronics, computers, monitors and television. Add to that list any kind of car battery, old paints and solvents and you’ll see that a lot of your junk needs some extra TLC in order to get recycled.

There’s also a good chance that not everything you’ll be giving up can be recycled. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re taking advantage of those items that can be reused and repurposed. But because these companies are in the junk hauling business they’ll know what would be the landfill of last resort. If a landfill has been properly constructed, then they should contain all that seepage. If you merely hire someone off the street to haul your junk it could end up as an eyesore on the side of the road. You sure don’t want to be responsible for that. Take all the worry out of recycling your junk with an experienced junk hauling crew.

Junk King San Antonio specializes in junk hauling and recycling.  For more information call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online.