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Garage Clean Out Time: Use the Space for Your Car

Here’s a simple question for all you garage owners out there: When was the last time you actually parked you car in your garage? Remember when you first considered buying the San Antonio home you’re living in now? If you talked about it to friends or family, you probably gave them the rundown of how many bedrooms and bathrooms there were. You knew the square footage and whether or not your kitchen appliances were new. Then there was the garage. This is always a big selling point especially if it’s a two car garage. That can only mean you’re achieved that level of success not only to have two cars, but to have a place to put them. So, you signed the contracts, put down your deposit and closed the deal. For many folks, they might have used that two car garage for parking their cars in the first week, but soon after that something else took over the garage: junk!
Don’t feel guilty. This happens to most people. Ironically, the first sign of trouble could be on that very first move in day. Just where did all those empty boxes go? Admit it: They were tossed into the garage. As soon as it became acceptable to put a “thing” in the garage, it was long before everything else that you found no use for ended up in there. Sure, if you could throw these things away you would. But what are you going to do with the water skis, the tennis gear or the skateboards that nobody is using anymore? What about all stuff you’ve replaced in your home? Could your list of garage junk include a non-working air conditioner? An ugly ceiling fan? A box of tacky looking curtains?
The garage is also a magnet for things like broken refrigerators, ratty sofas or lumpy mattresses. And let’s not forget all the auto parts. It makes sense that if you have a garage and you have someone who likes to tinker with cars that they would use this space for their work. But how many tires, fenders, or parts from an engine are lying around just getting rusty? If any of this sounds familiar to you then you should be thinking about hiring a professional crew like Junk King San Antonio to come and clean out that garage.
Once you’ve gotten the garage cleaned out, what will you do with the space? Sure, you can finally give your cars a home, but there are many other options. With a little waterproofing and weather sealing, you could convert the garage into a home office or guest room. Some folks have gone as far as taking down the remote sliding door and replacing it with a wall with windows. The only reason you don’t get more use out of your garage probably has more to do with all the junk that’s in there rather than your lack of a need. One call to Junk King, who specializes in this kind of garage clean up, and your junk woes will be gone for good.