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San Antonio Appliance Disposal

Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s art?” Take a random tour of any San Antonio modern art gallery and you’ll find an amazing array of sculptures and paintings that incorporate what can best be described a garbage into art work. For these talented artists, everything is up for grabs: toilets, fast food wrappers, soda cans and even car parts. They all can provide inspiration for those artists that think outside of the box. Bigger pieces require bigger pieces of junk. Don’t be surprised to find a sculpture built around an old kitchen stove or sink. Could you turn your stove into a work of art? It could be fun to play around with, but what happens if it doesn’t turn out quite the way you’ve expected? You’ll then be left with a painted up stove that’s just sitting there being an eyesore. Maybe the better course of action is to leave the art to the artist and leave the old junk to a San Antonio appliance disposal company like Junk King.
Getting rid of your old appliances by calling up a team of professional junk haulers is a proactive step to take when you’re planing on upgrading or remodeling your kitchen. But there is another equally important reason and that has to do with keeping San Antonio clean. Most resident of San Antonio take great pride in the beauty of their home. Along with the stylistic architecture, the sprawling desert landscapes are the real work of art. However, that beauty can often be marred by the dumping of junk like old washers or refrigerators. Think of all the effort that has gone into dragging that appliance out of the house and loading it up into a truck only to take it out to a desert gulley to dump it. Maybe the person behind this illegal dumping thought they could drop it off at a landfill, but got lost. Or didn’t want to pay the dumping fee. Sadly what was once their problem is now our problem as we have to cringe every time we past it. It doesn’t have to be that way.
When you hire your local Junk King San Antonio hauling crew, they’re not just going to toss your appliances anywhere. That crew could very well be your neighbor. Do you really think they want ruin the beauty of San Antonio? Of course not and they’ll know right where to take that junk. Whether it is at a sanctioned landfill or a San Antonio recycling center the goal is to properly dispose of that item. Even if you’re the kind of person who would never dump something by the side of the road, do you have the muscle and the truck for hauling away your appliances? If not then absolutely consider a professional crew. You also don’t want to take any chances with banging up your walls or scraping your floors when it comes to the actual removal. With an experienced team of movers who are bonded and insured, none of that will be an issue. Get rid of those appliances the right way!

For the best in San Antonio Appliance Disposal simply give Junk King San Antonio a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

San Antonio Refrigerator Disposal

There are four doors we open every single day: the bathroom door, the bedroom door, the front door and the refrigerator door. It is conceivable that if you’re alone in the home, you can avoid opening the bedroom door or bathroom door and just leave them open all the time. You can also avoid the front door if you hunker down (not unheard of on a cold winter day). That leaves the refrigerator door. That one you cannot avoid opening. Even if it’s to look inside to see what you need from the grocery store, you’ll be opening and closing the fridge. Now add up how many times in a day you do this and its quick to see that refrigerator door is getting quite a work out throughout the year. Is it time for a new fridge? If so, it is also the perfect time to contact a San Antonio refrigerator disposal company like Junk King. Getting rid of the old icebox is as vital as getting a new model.

If you haven’t shopped for a refrigerator lately, you’re in for a treat. Just as advances in electronic design have improved microwaves, washers and dryers you’re going to find an amazing array of options when it comes to your next refrigerator. Yes, they still make the “no-thrills” models, but what’s the fun with those? Today, many refrigerators come standard with ice makers and water dispensers. But there’s a lot more going on inside a new refrigerator when it comes to storage drawers, crispers and coolers.  Shouldn’t you take care of your food?

Like most of our kitchen appliances, refrigerators aren’t meant to last our entire lifetime, Typically, a solid fridge can go a good five years without major problems. Then you’ll start to notice things breaking down. Your ice cream isn’t staying frozen and your vegetables have gone limp. That’s when it’s time for a replacement. If you haven’t arranged to have your old refrigerator removed by Junk King San Antonio, then you might end up shoving it out on the back porch or into the garage. And that’s where it will sit collecting dust and gathering rust.

There is something else that the old refrigerator can become and that’s a literal death trap. In fact, in Texas it is against the law to have a refrigerator or freezer on your property that isn’t being used without the doors being removed. Do you want to risk getting a summons or fine? You won’t have to if you have the old fridge taken away the same day the new fridge is scheduled to show up. It will just mean a simple matter of coordination between the deliveries of your new model with the removal of the old.

There are many things that you might replace in your home. And there are just as many things you can keep. Getting a new sofa could mean the old one going down into the basement. You can replace an old table with a new one, but still keep the old one. That’s not going to happen with the old refrigerator. Plan to have it hauled away by Junk King San Antonio!  Simply call 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate today through an easy to use online booking form.