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Category Archives: San Antonio Junk Pickup

San Antonio Scrap Metal Removal

For many thieves copper has become their new gold. Because copper prices are trading at record levels, some local San Antonio thieves have decided they should be stealing pipes and wiring for a quick cash reward. As a result there have been over eight major thefts of copper and other scrap metal reported by the Kendall County Sheriff’s office.

“Generally we have cases of copper theft but it’s generally on a small scale, these have been large scale thefts,” said Lt. Shad Prichard an investigator with the Kendall County Sheriff’s office. “What we’re seeing this year is it has increased significantly from last year.”

These same criminals are becoming extremely brazen in their attempts to steal copper and other scrap metal. In one incident, a would-be thief applied for a job at a construction site only to return the next day to try and steal some of that scrap metal material. He was chased off by other workers but it just goes to show how desperate these criminals are to score scrap metal. This is why it’s so important for you to get rid of any scrap metal you might have around your property before some thief decides to make you his next target.

Scrap metal is pretty much anything that is piled up outside a home or garage that is made of steel, iron, copper or aluminum. You might not think there is much value in something like aluminum siding scraps or an old tub and you probably be right. But that’s not going to stop some thief from snooping around hoping they can make a score. Even things like old car parts or a lawnmower could be considered scrap metal. This is why you need to take a proactive stance and make sure you clear out the clutter by hiring a professional team of junk haulers – Junk King San Antonio.

What this pro junk hauling team can do is show up at your home on an agreed upon time. They’ll be bringing with them a big truck and plenty of manpower to haul away any amount of scrap metal you want to get rid of. They’ll also be able to take that scrap metal to the right recycling facility to make sure it doesn’t end up in a local San Antonio landfill.

It’s not just scrap metal these professional junk haulers can get rid of – they can haul away pretty much anything you have that collecting dust or rust. This could be the perfect excuse to finally tackle cleaning out your garage. A simple approach would be to drag out anything you want to throw away into a pile on your driveway on the same day that the junk haulers are showing up. The moment they arrive no get to work loading up their truck and before you know it you’ll have an empty garage!

You can also utilize Junk King San Antonio in a whirlwind removal tour of your home. Guide them through your house and point to all the things you want taken away like old pieces of furniture or unused kitchen appliances or boxes of junk. They can cart it all off. In the blink of an ideal have a house is free of clutter.

Declutter You San Antonio Home

The numbers are in for the San Antonio real estate market for 2011 and they look a lot like the numbers from 2010. Last year there were 17,914 homes sold in San Antonio which is only 42 less sales than in 2010. The good news for homeowners is that the median price of a San Antonio home bumped up by 1% from $150,400 to $152,000. Even though on paper it looks like there has been stagnation, the prospects for 2012 are for better numbers all around. At some point in every home owner’s life they will be faced with the question to sell or stay put. Selling a home is often decided upon when a couple wants to downsize after all the kids have move out to start their own lives. There could also be a desire to retire to a different city. If you are thinking about putting your San Antonio home on the market, you’ll probably want to fix it up a bit.
A real estate agent would like nothing better than for an old house to get a fresh paint job and have all the furniture removed so that it can be restaged to appeal to potential buyers. Of course, all of those expenses would come out of your own pocket. One positive step you could take towards getting your home ready for sale is to get rid of all the junk that is taking up space. As a matter of fact, getting rid of the junk is probably a good idea whether you’re going to sell or stay put. If this seems like a task that’s too big for you to handle on your own, you’re probably right. That’s why you might want to set up an appointment with Junk King San Antonio. These are the professional haulers who are part of a national franchise dedicated to decluttering our lives. While that is a very noble endeavor to undertake, you have to assume the first step and that’s recognizing that you’re ready to get rid of your junk.
A great way to define your junk would be all those things you have to make excuses for when visitors come a calling. For instance, there might be some rusted car parts stacked up on the side of your garage that you explain away with, “They were supposed to be sold for scrap but it’s not worth it.” Or there could be old furniture stored in the basement that nobody wants to sit on. The excuse? “We didn’t have any other place to put that.” What items in your home are you making excuses for? Whatever they are you can finally get rid of them when Junk King is given the assignment.
All it takes is one call to Junk King’s San Antonio Declutter Team for you to set up an appointment for the junk removal. You don’t even have to drag that stuff out of your home; the Junk King crew will handle it. With Junk King on stand-by, you really don’t have any more excuses!

San Antonio Tire Recycling and Disposal – Do it the Right Way

The time has come to discuss what happens to your old tire. The sad truth about old tires is that of vast majority of them end up in a landfill which ends up creating a huge rubber mountain. This mountain can quickly become a breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes and rats. Should lightning strike that tire mountain and ignites it this pile could end up burning for months and even years generating smelly black smoke and toxic fumes. Doesn’t it then make better sense to recycle your tires? Absolutely it does! So, exactly what happens when you recycle a tire?
Almost half of all scrap tires end up being burned for their own energy. Each tire contains around 5 gallons of oil that is essentially burned out and used to fuel power plants. This is known as tire derived fuel or TDF. Most of the tire derived fuel goes into cement kilns for burning but they also fuel electric companies and paper factories. Before a tire can be burned for fuel it has to be shredded to extract the metal that is used in its own manufacturing process. It’s that tire shredding that also creates many other byproducts of recycled tires.
When a tire is shredded what’s left over is referred to as crumb rubber. This rubber can be used to surface playgrounds which in turn provide a soft padding for tumbling kids. That same concept is applied to rubberized asphalt that goes into paving roads which helps reduce traffic noise. This material is also ideal for running tracks because it absorbs impact a lot better than typical asphalt which is a lot easier on the legs. And that crumb rubber can also be recycled back into synthetic rubber which ends up going right back into making new tires!
If you get a flat and replace that tire you could find a way to recycle it on your own by turning it into a swing for the kids or a planter. While those are both practical reuses of a tire they’re not always appealing to look at. Your best bet is to hire professional junk haulers like Junk King San Antonio who know exactly where to take tires for recycling. The same pro junk haulers can also recycle other items you might want to get rid of. While it is true that your weekly garbage pickup can handle the recycling of most of your household throwaways, Junk King San Antonio can take care of the bigger items like an old sofa, mattress or even refrigerator. Then there is all that e-waste such as old computers, telephones and televisions. Much like tires that e-waste has to be disposed of properly in order to avoid releasing hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere.
Junk King’s professional junk removal team will be able to handle all the heavy lifting of your tires or any other item you’re throwing away. They’ll also have a big enough truck for all your junk. That’s a lot better than putting in old tire in the back of your SUV! Get rid of your tires the right way; let the pros handle that!

San Antonio Christmas Tree Guide and Disposal Methods

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. The type of tree you might buy for your own living space has a lot to do with just exactly how big that space is. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a live Christmas tree. And if your home has the space you might the type that embraces the floor to ceiling variety of Christmas tree! When it comes to decorating the tree and keeping it fresh there are some helpful hints to put on your own holiday checklist.
With regard to keeping your tree green, you should make a fresh cut on the stump of the tree and put it in water right away. If you’re buying a tree from a lot just ask them slice off an inch from the bottom in order to facilitate this. A fresh-cut tree can absorb several quarts of water right from the get go. That’s why it’s vital that you refill your Christmas trees planter several times a day in that first week. After that, you can cut back on the amount of water but it’s best to have a planter that’s large enough to hold water so your Christmas tree can drink whenever it’s thirsty!
Everyone has their own methods for decorating the tree. The best approach seems to be hanging up lights first, then the garlands and then the ornaments. You can then finish it all off with some tinsel. When it comes to hanging those Christmas lights don’t discount the inside of the tree. If you weave your light strings along the branches from the inside and move out to the outer edges you’ll get a much more robust array of twinkling lights. The same can be said for when you hang ornaments on your tree. Don’t just put them on the tip of branches but hang them inside for a bit more depth. This also creates a very interesting look for your Christmas.
As for your ornaments they’re probably fall into two categories: filler ornaments and keepsake ornaments. The filler ornaments are the round balls or other discount ornaments that might not be a family heirloom but certainly provide a lot of color and sparkle. Your keepsake ornaments are all those special ornaments that have either been given to you as gifts or handed down through the family. These one-of-a-kind ornaments should be spaced apart every 2 feet horizontally to create a layer of keepsake and filler.
Many families like to keep their Christmas trees up until at least January 6 which marks the end of the advent calendar. By that time your Christmas tree will definitely be more brittle than when you first bought it. You should make sure that you remove it from your home and have plans to make sure it properly disposed of before it creates a hazard. If you know when you’ll be taking your tree down then you can set up an appointment today with Junk King San Antonio to make sure that tree will be picked up from your curb. The last thing you want is to have that tree turning brown waiting to get picked up!

Haul the Junk Out of Your San Antonio Home – Build A Gym

Every January, San Antonio gyms overflow with new members. These folks are committing themselves to that New Year’s resolution to get in shape. Sadly, by March many of these same folks have forgotten about that resolution and the gym membership has lapsed. The usual excuses crop up: not enough time, not enough motivation and just plain bored by the whole gym scene. What is unfortunate is that we all need exercise to stay healthy. How we get that exercise shouldn’t be a deterrent. That’s why many homeowners have discovered the many benefits of having an in-home gym. It’s hard to come up with an excuse not to exercise when all you have to do is merely walk down the hallway or into the garage.
Having a gym in your San Antonio home might seem like an extravagance but in reality it’s no different than any other room in your home with a purpose. In your family or living room, you’ll watch television. What would you need for that? Sofa, chairs, coffee table and of course that television. Along with TV you might add in a Blu-Ray player and surround sound system. You gave this room a purpose. Now, take that same attitude and apply it to a spare room or garage in your home. The purpose is an exercise room. First, you’ll have to clear out the junk that might have built up in that space. That’s easy especially when you call upon the services of a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King San Antonio. One call to this crew and you’ll be able to get all the clutter removed from your home.
Once you’ve reclaimed the space, you could start out your home gym with a simple piece of cardio equipment like a stationary bike. Here’s a helpful hint. Add a television to your exercise room. You spend at least a half an hour watching TV every day. Why not watch your favorite program while working out. Before you know it, the show will be over and you’ll have burned off a bunch of calories.
Depending on the space, you can add to your exercise bike by bringing in some free weights. Here is where that TV will come in handy when you can hook up a DVD player and pop in some exercise programs to follow. This is your own space and you won’t be in competition with anyone else to get at the exercise equipment.
Another benefit of putting this exercise room goes back to the idea of hiring the top San Antonio junk haulers. While you’re clearing out your exercise space, you can also take advantage of those pro Junk King movers to get rid of all the junk inside and outside of your home. As long as they are brining over a big empty truck, why not fill it up with all those items you’ve been wanting to get rid of? Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution and open up your own personal gym before New Year’s.

Clear the Clutter for your San Antonio Thanksgiving

Let’s face it, when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner there are two types of people: those who eat the dinner and those who cook the dinner. For those folks in the latter category pulling off a successful Thanksgiving event requires preparation; you can’t just wish for a good dinner! Besides everybody knows all the real wishes take place on the wishing bone. Getting ready for Thanksgiving can be helped by putting together a preparation list. Here’s what you need to be thinking about:
The cooking: this is obviously the reason why everyone gets together for Thanksgiving; that big turkey dinner. The planning for this meal should begin at least several weeks in advance by putting together a menu and writing out a comprehensive shopping list. The more grocery shopping you can do before the event the better off you’ll be. A trend has developed in recent years where major grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving Day to accommodate all the last minute frantic shoppers. You definitely don’t want to be in that category!
The guest list: picking which friends and family to have over for Thanksgiving dinner is easy but you might want to go beyond that list and reach out to someone who might not be fortunate enough to have a family around to spend the holiday with. Perhaps there is a neighbor who doesn’t have anywhere to go that you could invite into your home for dinner. Not only should we be thankful for our blessings but we should also consider sharing them as well.
Setting the table: putting out the plates and silverware is easy. This could even be accomplished several days in advance and would allow you to check that off your to do list. Once you do set your table you can see what’s missing in terms of centerpieces or candles. Keep in mind that no matter how brilliant a centerpiece might look if it’s going to get in the way of a casserole or the bird it’s got to go! This year you might also consider name cards for your guests so everyone knows where they’ll be sitting and there will be a mad scramble for seats.
Cleaning up: obviously you want to clean the house before guests arrive but it shouldn’t just be about dusting and vacuuming. This is a perfect opportunity to get some junk out of your home that can open up spaces and provide more room for you and your guests. This matters the most if you are having friends or family stay over for the weekend and need to accommodate them in a spare room. Instead of cramming them into your family storage space why not get rid of all that junk by hiring professional junk haulers like Junk King San Antonio? These crews can show up on your schedule and clear out the clutter to make way for your guests. If home is where the heart is then you want to make sure your home is junk free!

Clear Some Clutter Before Your San Antonio Halloween Party

Although Christmas has long been the holiday that many folks look forward to each year, Halloween is certainly a close second in San Antonio. Many folks would probably rather throw a Halloween party than a Christmas party because there is more chance to show off their creative side, albeit a spooky creative side. If you’re gearing up for a Halloween party this year here are some helpful tips to make sure your party is a big success.
Pick Your Own Costume Early: The last thing you want to do on the day of your big party is to be running around looking for your costume. That’s why you should settle on your idea early and get it ready. Keep in mind that as the host you’ll need to be fairly mobile throughout the night. This might mean going as Gumby would be a mistake. Keep your costume loose.
Pick Some Halloween Party Games: Just because you’re throwing a party with adults doesn’t mean you can’t go old school with some party games. Even the classic bobbing for apples can be a lot of throwback fun. You can also add some pie eating contests or pass the orange. Why not? These games can be a great ice breaker. You can even have silly prizes standing by for the winners.
Run a Costume Contest: Speaking of prizes, you should also have some awards for the best costumes among your guests. Once again, these awards can be completely cheesy and cheap. You can also make a list of categories like funniest, scariest, cutest etc.
Plan Your Soundtrack: After you’ve loaded the “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” onto your iPod for playback, then what? While mixing in some classic party music why not add in soundtracks from scary films. Thanks to iTunes, these are all easy to download. Keep the theme going by playing classic horror films like Frankenstein or Dracula on the TV.
Think Out of the Box With Decorations: You can find plenty of Halloween party decorations to create a fun atmosphere for your party but you can also go beyond the cut outs. Why not turn your home into a crime scene? Tape out body outlines on the floor and have some “bodies” strewn about. It is Halloween!
Clear Out the Clutter Beforehand: You’re also going to need to give your place a good cleaning before you invite guests over even if you are going to string up spider webs. This is the perfect time to hire a team like Junk King to handle your San Antonio Junk Removal needs, and let them help you clear out the clutter. They can load up a truck full of your junk to make room for your guests. They can also show up the day after the party to cart away all the trash.
Take Plenty of Pictures: Make sure you snap plenty of photos to share on Facebook and keep as mementoes of your big night.

Alternatives to San Antonio Dumpster Rentals

One of the most popular attractions in the San Antonio area is the annual Rattlesnake Festival. The idea for this gathering started around 40 years ago as a way to raise money and get rid of snakes. That idea has evolved into a fun filled weekend of food, rides, games, music and of course all things rattlesnake. This includes rattlesnake boots, rattlesnake skins and even rattlesnake chili. As with any major gathering you can bet that the organizers have made accommodations for the guests by providing plenty of parking and plenty of dumpsters for filling with trash.

Believe it or not, ordinary folks can rent their own dumpsters if they know they are going to be throwing a big party. After an event like that, you might find that your weekly garbage can pickup isn’t going to be enough. That’s when a dumpster would come in handy – but renting a dumpster is not without its drawbacks. Suppose you throw a party on Friday and rent a dumpster to toss out all the trash? It might not be until Monday before that dumpster can be picked up. Do you really want that thing sitting on your property? There is no telling what kind of trouble that might attract both of the two-legged and four-legged variety.
So, what’s the alternative? You could simply arrange for Junk King San Antonio to come by for junk and trash pickup. By doing that you can coordinate the pickup on your own schedule. This same crew could also be hired to haul away all kinds of bulk trash items that you might have around your home and are itching to get rid of. Once again, what’s the better choice: a dumpster or a professional crew like Junk Kings’?
With a dumpster you’re on your own. That bin will get dropped in your front yard or driveway and that’s where it will stay until it’s picked up again. It will then be up to you to haul your trash out of your home and into the dumpster. Sounds like loads of fun. On the other hand, when you hire the pros like Junk King San Antonio, they can go right up to the junk wherever it might be living and take it away. You won’t have to break a sweat.
Hiring the pros also means the job is accomplished very quickly. With the dumpster that eyesore could be sitting around in the blazing sun for days. Not very pleasant. Junk King San Antonio’s professional haulers are just that, “professional.”  You won’t have to question who will be coming in your home because they will be fully licensed and bonded. This is their job, not something they are doing just for the day. They want to make sure they get the job done right because that means they get to keep their job! Clear out your junk the right way by hiring experience.

How to Buy & Get Rid of Old Appliances in San Antonio

Ever since the food network launched, cooking shows have gained in popularity. Not only have these lead to a whole new batch of fun personalities but they’ve also started a trend towards cooking competitions. Today you could try out be an Iron Chef, a Master Chef or a Top Chef. All you really need is to be an excellent cook. If you’re someone who amazes folks with your culinary creations then you know the value of a good oven. This is the hearth from which all great meals come from! If your old stove isn’t living up to your cooking potential then you definitely need to treat yourself to a new oven. You might not make it onto a reality cooking show but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook like an expert as long as you have the right equipment.
As you consider a new stove option you might want to think about a convection oven. This is what all the professional chefs use. A convection oven has a fan inside the baking zone that circulates the hot air around your food. This results in a more even cooking environment. With the convention oven you don’t need to constantly rotate your baking dishes. That hot air circulation does the trick.
The key factor with any type of cooking in an oven is temperature control. The average oven uses a standard gauge that is turned by your hand to the appropriate temperature setting. The problem is that over time these settings can often be off by as much as 25°. When you are timing of roast or turkey a difference like that could sap all the succulent juices from your meal. It’s also hard to make the adjustment in the middle of a meal that you’re cooking. The way around this is to find an oven that has electronic controls. This doesn’t mean an electric oven but simply an oven that uses digital readings to set the oven temperature. This lets you adjust the settings within a range of 5°. You’ll have much more precise baking and cooking with this type of oven.
The other thing you have to be aware of is where your steam is going to go. Every oven releases steam during the cooking process. If that steam is improperly vented over time it can cause damage to the ovens electronic systems. If you’re going through all the trouble to buy a new oven make sure you’ve got proper ventilation installed.
You can also say goodbye to the coils and flames with your new oven. This is because you can now pick from radiant or halogen burners. These burners are fitted underneath a glass surface and heat up very quickly. Heat is still heat whether it’s coming from a flame or another source. The benefit with using a radio or halogen burner is how easy it will be to clean up. It’s the difference between wiping a stove with one swipe of a rag as opposed to taking apart all those different pieces to get down to the grease.
As soon as you discover all the great features for your new oven you’re good to be very excited to try it out. First you have to get rid of that old oven in your San Antonio room to make room for the new one. One phone call to a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King San Antonio can take care of that. From then on it is happy baking!
Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK to book an onsite estimate today!

Reorganize Your Office Space in San Antonio

You can tell a lot about an office by the way its employees decorate their desks. There are some corporations who would prefer that there be no display of personal effects in office. They want a sterile environment that reflects their professional work ethic. Obviously, this is not going to be a fun place to work! However, if you happen to find yourself in an office where employees get to display pictures of their family or beloved pets along with other keepsakes you going to find a very happy environment. In many ways it’s that type of environment which is more conducive for better productivity. Just because workers are allowed to personalize their desks doesn’t mean they are necessarily unorganized. What looks like clutter to some could just be a very, complicated system. However, even a fun office could benefit the major reorganization of its space. That can only happen when the staff dedicates themselves to getting rid of all their office junk.
Office junk can come in many forms. It could be a dozen or so office chairs that have been replaced by more comfortable models. Instead of tossing out those chairs because that would be “wasteful” those chairs end up being jammed into the hall closet or down in the basement storage space. Now suddenly what should be used for more practical purposes has become a furniture storage area for furniture that will never be used again. And how many of those office furniture pieces are actually damaged but are just shoved into a closet because nobody has the wherewithal to move them from the office space?
Of course, every office has their collection of file boxes. These are extremely hard to let go of. But ask yourself this question how many of those files are already loaded onto a computer? And weren’t they loaded onto computer so you could get rid of the files? Now is your chance!
Then there is the issue of all those fax machines, PC hard drives, monitors and other pieces of office equipment that have been upgraded. Clearly just can’t throw those away! Once again you’re not using your space the way you should be. It’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to toss all those pieces of equipment into the dumpster. They are after all considered e-waste and need to be disposed of properly. This is where the services of a professional junk hauling team like Junk King San Antonio can come into play.
Not only will they be able to handle the unwanted office furniture issue but they should deathly be able to handle all the electronic waste whether that means taking it to a proper recycling center or it simply making sure it is broken down in the proper way.
Once all that junk is gone there’ll be room for more storage space or more filing cabinets. The goal of any business should be to expand but you can’t really do that if you cramped for space!
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