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Junk Removal for San Antonio Realtors

The headline from a recent San Antonio Business Journal article was a welcome relief to many. It read: “San Antonio Housing Market Moving in the Right Direction.” As with everywhere else in the country, the San Antonio housing market took a huge hit when the recession creeped in. But now the average price of a home is at the highest level since 2008. That is according to the San Antonio Board of Realtors. Bottom line: savvy realtors are making the move to expand their business and Junk King can be a huge help.

With prices going up, more folks are going to be looking for a bargain. It stands to reason that the more choices you can offer them the better off you’ll be at closing contracts. This might mean going outside of your comfort zone of neighborhoods and exploring areas where foreclosures dominated. The trick with scooping up a foreclosed property and getting it ready for sale is where Junk King San Antonio comes into play.

Junk King is based right here in San Antonio. The good folks working for the company might just be your neighbors. What they specialize in is all kinds of junk removal. You could step into a foreclosed property that is layered with garbage, furniture, broken appliances and just a plain old mess. Don’t be deterred. If it is a good price in a good location grab the listing then call Junk King.

Cleaning up a foreclosed property is probably among the easiest jobs that Junk King handles. That’s because they’re not really working with a fuss owner who might be picking through things on the way out to the truck. All you need to do is throw open the doors and tell the crew to haul it all away. In a matter of hours, that home which was once piled high with trash will be wiped clean to the bare walls. You then have the option of bringing in paint crews to spruce it up a bit more. Even still, with empty rooms and the removal of ratty carpet you’re sure to impress prospective buyers.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from hiring Junk King for your own home as well. If you’re in need of a home office then Junk King can get you started by moving out the clutter from your garage or spare room opening up the space to move in a desk and file cabinet. You might not need much but at least with the clutter gone you’ll have a decent work zone set up for you to get busy in. Whether it’s for your listings or your home, Junk King should be on your speed dial.

San Antonio Foreclosure Clean Out

The state of Texas has always had a thriving economy. In fact, compared to the rest of the country, Texas ranks fairly high in terms of employment figures. But that doesn’t mean folks still can’t find themselves in over their heads when it comes to their budgets. The harsh reality is that sometimes owning a home becomes too much of a burden. If somebody has problems making their mortgage payments they can end up in foreclosure. The bank will step in and take over the property but they don’t want to keep it for long.

Smart real estate agents, who know the market, know the benefits of turning around foreclosed homes. Of course, to get a foreclosed home ready to make it’s reappearance on the market it needs to be whipped into shape. Calling on the services of a San Antonio foreclosure clean out company will do the trick!

As the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you” and that’s just what happens with a foreclosed home. The folks living there leave behind all kinds of junk. If anything was of real value they would have found a way to take it with them. That’s why you’ll never find plasma televisions or an Xbox left behind at a foreclosed home. What you will find is some ratty old furniture, broken down washers, dryers, stoves and soiled mattresses. There can also be piles of discarded clothes, books, papers, and general amounts of garbage. Fortunately, a real estate agent has the choice of hiring a local San Antonio foreclosure clean out company.

If you are a real estate company and opt to bring on an experienced junk hauling crew, you have a guarantee the job is going to get done. These folks are in the business to make sure you’re satisfied by leaving you with a clean space. A team supervisor will be able to size up the scope of the job right away. And there will be no second guessing when it comes to how big or small their truck is going to be. It’s Texas; so you know it’s always going to be big! That actually makes a huge difference especially if there are large mounds of junk. You don’t want a hire a crew that is going to be coming back and forth to the foreclosed property. The goal should be get in and get out fast.

Hiring a professional team of junk haulers means they literally do all the dirty work for your foreclosure clean out. Not only will they be getting rid of all that left behind garbage but they’ll be taking care of their own crew. The company you hire should be bonded, licensed and most importantly insured. This will guarantee that your job will be treated in a professional manner. Just because they’re hauling junk doesn’t mean that can’t treat the job with respect. Take the hassle out of getting a foreclosed home ready for the market with a San Antonio foreclosure clean out team.

Junk King San Antonio specializes in foreclosure clean outs and trash outs: For more information call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online.

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