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Sacramento Refrigerator Disposal take care of that old fridge

Could you ever imagine a world where your refrigerator could send you to jail? Actually, that might not be too far from the truth. Sacramento, like many other cities around the country, has adopted strict laws when it comes to the handling of old refrigerators. If you have a refrigerator on your property that is not being used for its intended purpose of storing food then you need to safeguard that appliance. This will mean either putting a secure lock on the door or removing the door all together. If you don’t do that, you could be ticketed and fined. Ignore paying those fines and a bench warrant could be sworn out for your arrest. That is obviously an extreme case, but don’t think an eager prosecutor wouldn’t love to score points with the public by tossing the book at someone who scoffs at the safe refrigerator laws. Obviously, the best choice you have is to get rid of that old refrigerator all together. You can easily accomplish that by calling in the services of a Sacramento refrigerator disposal team like Junk King.

A common occurrence on many a Christmas morning is finding children having more fun playing with the boxes their presents came in then the actual presents themselves. Kids like to crawl into things and imagine them to be a spaceship, submarine or truck. Nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong if those kids crawl into a space that traps them. It only took a handful of incidents involving children getting trapped in abandoned refrigerators to have state legislators spring into action. You might think, “Hey, I don’t have any kids, so I can still put this old fridge out in the yard.” Wrong assumption! What about all the kids in your neighborhood? Don’t you think they are curious? Won’t a big “box” like a fridge be too tempting of a playground for them? Why take the chance? The minute you replace your old refrigerator is the same minute you should be calling up a refrigerator disposal company.

If you’re like most savvy shoppers, you’re going to do your homework when it comes to buying that new fridge. You’ll shop around for the best bargain and make sure that new icebox is going to delivery everything you want it to. Nothing wrong with taking the time to make sure you’re getting the best deal because, if done right, this new fridge should last you at least five years. That’s a major investment. But for all of that shopping work, it will take you just one phone call to make sure your old fridge is going to be hauled away on the same day that the new one arrives. If done right, you can simply place all the food in your current fridge and freezer into a cooler. The junk haulers show up and take it away. Then your new fridge arrives within the hour and you get to pack it up with the food in the cooler. No one will be the wiser!

For the best in professional Sacramento refrigerator disposal services give Junk King Sacramento a try.  Call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online to set up an appointment today.