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San Antonio Dishwasher Removal – Don’t Risk Fungus & Bacteria

Get ready to freak out: according to scientists your dishwasher could be a breeding ground for bacteria and killer bugs! Think about this for a moment. Where does most of the bacteria grow? In a moist and hot environments. Doesn’t that describe perfectly a dishwasher? A recent survey found that 62% of dishwashers contained the fungi Exophiala dermatitidis and E. phaeomuriformis around the rubber band that sealed the door. These particular forms of fungus are referred to as black yeasts and can be extremely dangerous for human beings. Even though you’re using detergents in your dishwasher cycle some of that bacterium manages to survive and thrive in high temperatures. Does this mean you need to throw out old dishwasher? Depending on how old it really is it might be something to consider.
If the rubber seal around the dishwasher’s door is where the bacteria lives then you can take a look at your own dishwasher and just see how intact that rubber seal is. Are there tiny cracks in that seal? Guess who’s throwing a party in those cracks? That would be all the bacteria! Some people try doing a cleansing of their dishwasher by running vinegar through the wash cycle without any dishes loaded up. While this might do a good job of disinfecting it also might not reach deep down in those areas where the bacterium is living. This would be the perfect time and place that old dishwasher.
New dishwasher designs are more compliant with regard to health concerns. The rubber seals, drains and other components where bacteria can grow have been refined to help prevent that. You can also help the cause by giving your dishwasher a wipe down at least once a week with the strongest disinfectant.
Before switching over to your new dishwasher you’re going to have to make arrangements to get rid of the old one. This is where you can hire a professional crew of San Antonio junk haulers like Junk King  to show up and take that dishwasher away. Just because you might schedule to have your dishwasher taken away doesn’t mean you can’t have other things removed at the same time. If you plan it right, getting rid of your dishwasher could be the perfect excuse to get rid of a lot of other junk.
Take a simple tour around your house to see what else you might consider tossing out. Are there some unwanted and worn-out pieces of furniture that could go? Boxes of dusty papers and clothes that are meant for the trash heap? What about all the refuse from those unfinished projects that are now just taking up space in the garage or basement? Truth of the matter is that old dishwashers just going to take up one small corner in a big hauling truck. Certainly you could fill that truck up with a lot more junk. You might even be thinking of replacing all your kitchen appliances to make sure you’re getting the most energy efficient models. That will fill up a truck for sure!

Don’t Turn Your Sarasota Home Into A Storage Unit – Junk King

The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently opened up a new home for view, the Villa Finale. This Italian themed mansion might feel out of place in San Antonio but it is actually the only official residence in Texas deemed worthy of protection and restoration by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Of course this isn’t the only place in San Antonio of historic value, especially with the Alamo in the city!

All this talk of preserving history might have you looking around your own home and wondering what kind of “history” do you own? Family heirlooms are one thing but are you really holding onto that ratty sofa because of its historical value? It just might be time to hire a local San Antonio furniture disposal crew to come in and get rid of that old junk.

Naturally, every piece of furniture has some history attached to it, but it might not be the history you want to be sitting in. This history can mean all kinds of dog paw prints or cat scratches. And then there is a life time of wine stains, soda spills and jelly smears. Good times? Sure but isn’t it also time to freshen things up a bit? If you have been avoiding having company come over because you’re embarrassed about asking them to sit on your living room furniture then clearly it’s time to get rid of that. Hiring a San Antonio furniture removal company will insure that your unwanted pieces of furniture can be hauled away fast and efficient.

Efficient is important when moving furniture out of your house. You don’t want a crew to come in, take a look at your sofa, look at your front door and be clueless as to how to move it out. A professional team of furniture movers will already have the experience of getting things in and out of tight spaces. Will your walls and door frames get banged up? You chances decrease with a qualified crew working in your house. But even if an accident does happen, the company you hire should be bonded and licensed. That translates into fixing any damage that is the fault of a mover.

Suppose you only have one or two pieces of furniture you need moved out? It still makes sense to hire a San Antonio furniture disposal crew because they will have the room in their truck to take away whatever you’ve got. Speaking of that truck, why not consider having them take away some other items that might be collecting dust in your home. Maybe there are some boxes or car parts out in the garage that could be hauled away. As long as you’re up front with the crew they should be able to handle all of your removal needs.

With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to spruce up the homestead. Why not start some new traditions with a holiday party featuring your new furniture? After your guests are done complimenting you on your new decorating choices, they’ll probably want to know how you got rid of the old stuff.  Just tell them a San Antonio furniture pick up crew took care of all the hard work.

Junk King San Antonio can handle all your old furniture disposal needs in a professional and eco-friendly manner.  Call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online to schedule an appointment today.