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San Antonio Patio Furniture Disposal

Although Hollywood might be the movie making capital in the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the movie watching capitol in the world. Actually, that honor goes to India. However, there are just as many film festivals popping up around the country to give local residents a taste of the unique and sometimes offbeat variety of independent films. Did you know that San Antonio is a proud sponsor of its own film festival? In fact, the San Antonio Film Festival has been going on for 17 years. This year the festival is expanding its reach by providing screenings at six different locations around town. As much fun as it is to head out to the movies to see a film nothing can compare with enjoying the latest cinematic treat in your own home. This summer you might want to have a new twist on watching a movie. Why not set up a drive-in theatre in your own backyard?
You don’t have to be told that the summers around San Antonio are getting hotter. The idea of hanging outdoors in a cool evening breeze holds a lot of appeal for many folks. This is one of the reasons why drive-in movies became so popular in the first place. Today, thanks to cutting edge audio visual equipment you can actually set up your own version of an outdoor movie screening with very little effort. All you need is a DVD projector and a screen. Believe it or not, you can rent an inflatable screen to put up in the backyard. In fact, you can rent or even buy an entire outdoor screening system at a very affordable price.
Try to picture this scenario: You’ve got a pool in the backyard and a wonderful floating raft. You set up your outdoor movie watching system then watch your pick of flicks while floating in comfort. Just make sure you don’t get your popcorn wet. This is a great idea for a backyard bar-b-que or block party. You could even set up an outdoor movie watching event as a fundraiser for your church or school. Of course, before you invite friends and neighbors over to your home you’ll want to make sure that your backyard is ready. This could mean getting rid of that old unwanted patio furniture. To do that, you should consider hiring a local based San Antonio disposal company like Junk King who will have the muscle and the means to move that furniture.
The mere fact that patio furniture spends its life outdoors can take a beating from the weather. The brutal beating from the sun, rain and wind storms can cause a lot of damage to your furniture. This in turn can lead to frays and sharp edges popping up. Best to get rid of your old patio furniture before it breaks further or causes harm. Besides, if you’re having a movie premiere in your backyard, you want everything looking first class!

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