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San Antonio Furniture Removal | Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Medical history was recently made in San Antonio when the world’s largest kidney exchange occurred over a three day period.  Sixteen recipients got kidneys from sixteen donors. It’s the largest simultaneous organ exchange of its kind anywhere in the world. This happened when one donor wanted to give their kidney to a loved one, but couldn’t because they weren’t a match. That’s when another person with the same set of circumstances stepped in to donate their kidney in exchange for a match for their loved one. Before you know it, you have a chain of folks all giving and taking at once. The San Antonio medical team is to be commended for such an amazing feat.

So, what does any of this have to do with furniture removal? In many ways, getting rid of your old furniture is like getting rid of an organ that has worn out. Obviously, a kidney transplant is far more serious then tossing out an old sofa, but if you have the opportunity to handle the small stuff in your life then the big stuff will be easier to take on.

A piece of furniture can also be donated. If it is in reasonable condition, you might want to pass along a dining room table or bedroom set to someone you know that could really use it. Or you could donate your furniture to charitable organizations like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. They can turn around and sell it and use the money to help out other folks in need. Think of it as a kind of circle of life but with a sofa. Of course all of that depends on the condition of your donated furniture. Is it really a “match”  for a new family or has it outlived itself?

Do you remember the day when your furniture crossed over into the junk zone? Was it that last spill of wine or the last stampede of muddy dog paws? Was it when the leg broke and you tried to fix it with nails and screws? Was it when your mother-in-law came for a visit and refused to sit anywhere? You probably remember the day very well. Whatever the cause, if your furniture can now be officially classified as junk you have no other choice but to call up a San Antonio furniture removal company like Junk King to haul it off.

Before you make that call, think about the total picture of what you have to get rid of. Yes, the sofa might be the reason you’re hiring the removal crew, but what about those rolled up rugs you’ll never use? How about the bags of dusty drapes?  Let’s face it; if you put your mind to it you might just come up with an entire truck full of junk that can be taken out of your life. Of course if it is just one sofa, then don’t wait for the other junk to pile up. Get that furniture out of your house and replaced it with something new, clean and fresh.

Junk King San Antonio can handle all your furniture removal needs with efficiency and an eco-friendly touch.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

San Antonio Residential Junk Removal – Junk King Removal Antonio

No matter what time of the year it is, someone can always make the case that “the holidays are just around the corner.” There might actually be a period of one day in March and a long afternoon in late July where there are no signs of any holidays. Other than that, Halloween runs into Thanksgiving which leads up to Christmas, quickly followed by New Years’, then Valentine’s Day, then Easter, and then the start of summer/end of school. Sprinkle in all the birthdays and anniversaries and you get the picture; our lives are full of celebrations.

For an active household, this means a constant rotation of schedules: the putting up and taking down of decorations for all kinds of parties and celebrations. What a lot of work! Admit it; you wouldn’t want it any other way. Here’s the thing you might want to consider for the next pre-holiday wave; why not make room in your home by getting rid of all your unwanted junk first? This can easily be accomplished by hiring a San Antonio residential junk removal company like Junk King.

Getting rid of your junk allows you to set up a guest room for visiting family members or friends. As you haul out the old decorations, you might discover that the plastic snowman has seen better days and it’s time to replace him. Or the blow-up reindeer are leaking. It might be sad to part with them, but does it really make sense to bring them out of the garage every year just to drag them back in again? Tossing out old decorations can be just the beginning. If you plan on entertaining this holiday season, it might be time to replace the old sofa. It might seem silly to hire a junk removal team just to take away a sofa, but who else is going to get rid of it? Keep in mind that just because you might be getting rid of a sofa doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of a lot more.

Try this experiment: go through your house searching every closet, every storage space, all the nooks and crannies and just imagine all the stuff you can toss out. You don’t have to pull any of this out yet, just mentally picture the huge pile of trash you’ll actually have waiting to be tossed out. If you’re really excited, you could utilize a stack of Post-it notes and label everything you want to haul away. When Junk King San Antonio shows up they’ll use your directions and handle all of the heavy lifting. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Junk King San Antonio is on stand by to handle your home junk removal needs – simply call 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

San Antonio Foreclosure Clean Out

The state of Texas has always had a thriving economy. In fact, compared to the rest of the country, Texas ranks fairly high in terms of employment figures. But that doesn’t mean folks still can’t find themselves in over their heads when it comes to their budgets. The harsh reality is that sometimes owning a home becomes too much of a burden. If somebody has problems making their mortgage payments they can end up in foreclosure. The bank will step in and take over the property but they don’t want to keep it for long.

Smart real estate agents, who know the market, know the benefits of turning around foreclosed homes. Of course, to get a foreclosed home ready to make it’s reappearance on the market it needs to be whipped into shape. Calling on the services of a San Antonio foreclosure clean out company will do the trick!

As the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you” and that’s just what happens with a foreclosed home. The folks living there leave behind all kinds of junk. If anything was of real value they would have found a way to take it with them. That’s why you’ll never find plasma televisions or an Xbox left behind at a foreclosed home. What you will find is some ratty old furniture, broken down washers, dryers, stoves and soiled mattresses. There can also be piles of discarded clothes, books, papers, and general amounts of garbage. Fortunately, a real estate agent has the choice of hiring a local San Antonio foreclosure clean out company.

If you are a real estate company and opt to bring on an experienced junk hauling crew, you have a guarantee the job is going to get done. These folks are in the business to make sure you’re satisfied by leaving you with a clean space. A team supervisor will be able to size up the scope of the job right away. And there will be no second guessing when it comes to how big or small their truck is going to be. It’s Texas; so you know it’s always going to be big! That actually makes a huge difference especially if there are large mounds of junk. You don’t want a hire a crew that is going to be coming back and forth to the foreclosed property. The goal should be get in and get out fast.

Hiring a professional team of junk haulers means they literally do all the dirty work for your foreclosure clean out. Not only will they be getting rid of all that left behind garbage but they’ll be taking care of their own crew. The company you hire should be bonded, licensed and most importantly insured. This will guarantee that your job will be treated in a professional manner. Just because they’re hauling junk doesn’t mean that can’t treat the job with respect. Take the hassle out of getting a foreclosed home ready for the market with a San Antonio foreclosure clean out team.

Junk King San Antonio specializes in foreclosure clean outs and trash outs: For more information call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online.

San Antonio Junk Removal – A Job for Professionals

Of all the famous phrases uttered throughout American history, “Remember the Alamo” is right up there with “give me liberty or give me death.” The Alamo certainly stands alongside many important historic sites across the country.  But there is so much more to see and do in San Antonio beyond the walls of the Alamo.

One of the most popular attractions is the gorgeous River Walk.  This winding man made river is lined with restaurants, cafes, museums and shops. You could spend days strolling along San Antonio’s River Walk and not see it all. The River Walk is kept pristine thanks to the dedicated shopkeepers and municipal workers. However, think about what a site would look like if they stopped taking away the garbage. The river would quickly overflow with trash. Fortunately that’s not the case for San Antonio. And it doesn’t have to be the case for your own home when you can call in a San Antonio junk removal company to clean up your space.

Nobody sets out to make junk; stuff just turns out that way. Years ago, you bought a brand new sofa that looked beautiful in your living room. But over time, the sofa has withstood stains, dirty paws and feet. The moment you decide you need a new sofa, that old sofa has become junk. The same can be said for your first computer, a big old TV screen and any number of kitchen appliances. They all worked at one point but now, not so much. You have two choices: hold onto the junk or get rid of the junk. Holding onto it might make sense if you actually think it might serve a purpose someday but let’s be honest; it’s not going anywhere is it? That’s why option two of “getting rid of it” can be accomplished with a qualified San Antonio junk removal team.

Junk can also be leftovers. No, not your meatloaf from two nights ago, but leftovers from building projects. This could be piles of wood, hunks of drywall or pieces of cement. What about those long forgotten car projects? If you have a car tinkerer in your house then it’s a safe bet out in the garage are all kinds of fenders, batteries, gears, pistons, shocks and gaskets simply collecting dust and rust. Maybe these “items” have never been thrown out because they’re just too bulky for the weekly garbage pick up. They won’t be a problem for a San Antonio junk removal crew.

All it takes is one phone call to get the junk hauling process going- 1-800-995-JUNK. That first call will set up your free on site estimate appointment. The San Antonio junk removal crew will come out to assess all your hauling needs and present you with a price based on how much room your junk takes up in the truck. Once that is settled, the crew can show up and get the job done.  And that job will be done on your schedule. You shouldn’t have to devote an entire day waiting to get rid of your junk. It can happen in a matter of hours. Junk in the morning – gone by the evening!

The best in San Antonio Junk Removal is the service provided by Junk King San Antonio. We’re efficient, affordable and eco-friendly and at your service.  Simply give us a call or book online and we’ll be glad to handle your San Antonio Junk Removal needs.

San Antonio Junk Recycling

As more and more folks are becoming eco-friendly, we’re adding a bunch of new words to our vocabulary. Suddenly everyone is talking about “carbon footprints,” “renewable energy” and becoming “carbon neutral.” Each of these ideas plays an important role in moving us to a cleaner and safer world, but have you thought about the new eco-idea of “green junk hauling?” Simply put, green junk hauling is a way to turn your unwanted trash into recycled, re-purposed and reused materials. That makes calling in a San Antonio Junk Recycling team the perfect alternative to old fashioned landfill dumping. And we all know adding to a landfill isn’t going to help with our environment – especially in San Antonio.
A qualified green junk hauling service should be able to recycle up to 60% of the garbage they haul away from your home or business. The key is to be specific when you set out to hire a San Antonio hauling company. A lot of haulers in the business really only care about picking up your trash and getting rid of it for you. To them, they only need to make one stop and that’s to the nearest landfill. Although these landfills might be far outside of San Antonio, the more garbage that is poured into them the greater the risk.
That garbage doesn’t just sit there. In the sweltering Texas sun, that garbage begins to break down to its original chemical components. Then that murky muck seeps into the soil which can mix with the ground water and make its way right back to San Antonio. The solution? Simple: junk recycling.
When a reliable San Antonio junk recycling service takes away all of your trash they are going to know just what to do with it. There are specific recycling facilities set up to handle various elements. There’s a plant for papers and plastics and another one for electronics like computers and old televisions. All of these items need to be properly sorted and dismantled. Then there are the bigger items made of metal and steel like old kitchen appliances or refrigerators. These go to their own recycling center.
Now, you can certainly load up your pickup with all these items and spend a couple of hours driving around San Antonio looking for all of the proper recycling centers. Or you can simply call up a San Antonio junk recyling company and let them handle the removal. The choice is pretty obvious!
There’s another great component to hiring a green hauling service and that’s the valuable lesson it will be teaching your kids. Get them involved with a clean-up project and share with them how their junk is actually going to be reused. When we recycle we cut down on the need to expend our valuable natural resources. In the long run this saves energy and saves the planet. If you’ve got a pile of garbage to get rid of – go green.
Junk King San Antonio is your junk recycling company that cares about the environment.  We recycle up to 60% of the materials we haul out of your home or business, and make sure they get dumped in the right facilities.  We’re professional, efficient, and eco-friendly.  Give us a call at 1-800-995-JUNK or save $30 by booking online today.

San Antonio Junk Removal

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Doesn’t that also hold true for all the junk you’ve gathered in a lifetime?  Maybe it was an old boat you thought you could restore. Or a pile of lumber for a shed you were going to build but now the wood is no good. It could also be a ratty sofa you stuffed in the garage to make way for a new one. All of these types of items might have served a purpose at one point in your life but now they have been classified officially as junk.  The problem then becomes how to deal with  this unnecessary clutter.  Simple: call up a San Antonio junk removal service like Junk King and let them handle the mess.
The professionals at Junk King San Antonio will know just what to do with all that garbage. Even if it is just one rusty fender or a single broken down dryer it’s still junk and it still needs to be hauled away. The reason you’re hanging on to this junk is probably because you can’t load it up yourself or don’t have any idea of where to take it. That’s why bringing in a San Antonio junk removal service can take away your stress and your junk.
Junk can come in many forms. Aside from the broken parts of appliances and cars, you might have recently gone through a remodeling project. Maybe it was putting in a new bathroom or renovating the kitchen. It could even mean tearing up the driveway for brand new pavement. Whatever the project, that’s going to be some demolition, and unused materials are being piled up somewhere in your home or backyard. You could try getting rid of this refuse by stuffing your garbage cans every week but that might take months before you can get rid of it all. A San Antonio junk removal service like Junk King can have it gone in minutes.
Let’s review what you’ll get by hiring a San Antonio junk removal service. First of all, you’ll be getting your space back, whatever space that might be.  Second, no more squabbling over what to do with all that junk. And most importantly, you’ll have a great sense of accomplishment knowing that the “eyesore” in your home is finally gone. All of that can happen with one simple phone call to Junk King San Antonio at 1-800-995-JUNK. The big question is what are you waiting for?