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San Antonio Christmas Tree Guide and Disposal Methods

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. The type of tree you might buy for your own living space has a lot to do with just exactly how big that space is. Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a live Christmas tree. And if your home has the space you might the type that embraces the floor to ceiling variety of Christmas tree! When it comes to decorating the tree and keeping it fresh there are some helpful hints to put on your own holiday checklist.
With regard to keeping your tree green, you should make a fresh cut on the stump of the tree and put it in water right away. If you’re buying a tree from a lot just ask them slice off an inch from the bottom in order to facilitate this. A fresh-cut tree can absorb several quarts of water right from the get go. That’s why it’s vital that you refill your Christmas trees planter several times a day in that first week. After that, you can cut back on the amount of water but it’s best to have a planter that’s large enough to hold water so your Christmas tree can drink whenever it’s thirsty!
Everyone has their own methods for decorating the tree. The best approach seems to be hanging up lights first, then the garlands and then the ornaments. You can then finish it all off with some tinsel. When it comes to hanging those Christmas lights don’t discount the inside of the tree. If you weave your light strings along the branches from the inside and move out to the outer edges you’ll get a much more robust array of twinkling lights. The same can be said for when you hang ornaments on your tree. Don’t just put them on the tip of branches but hang them inside for a bit more depth. This also creates a very interesting look for your Christmas.
As for your ornaments they’re probably fall into two categories: filler ornaments and keepsake ornaments. The filler ornaments are the round balls or other discount ornaments that might not be a family heirloom but certainly provide a lot of color and sparkle. Your keepsake ornaments are all those special ornaments that have either been given to you as gifts or handed down through the family. These one-of-a-kind ornaments should be spaced apart every 2 feet horizontally to create a layer of keepsake and filler.
Many families like to keep their Christmas trees up until at least January 6 which marks the end of the advent calendar. By that time your Christmas tree will definitely be more brittle than when you first bought it. You should make sure that you remove it from your home and have plans to make sure it properly disposed of before it creates a hazard. If you know when you’ll be taking your tree down then you can set up an appointment today with Junk King San Antonio to make sure that tree will be picked up from your curb. The last thing you want is to have that tree turning brown waiting to get picked up!

San Antonio Hauling – Making Your Junk History

Every San Antonio school kid knows the important role their city has played in American history. History is simply defined as anything that happens in the past. It doesn’t have to be something as memorable as “Remember the Alamo.”  In fact, what you had for dinner last night is part of the “history of what you’ve eaten in your life.” Have you ever thought about the “history of all your junk?” Chances are you have piles of “history” gathering dust that should be taken out of your home by a team of experienced San Antonio junk haulers.

We never set out to buy junk but ultimately that is exactly what is going to happen to all our stuff. Take the bed you’re sleeping on. When it was first bought, it was probably firm and cozy. After several years, it might be more squishy and lumpy. In fact, the average recommended lifespan of a mattress is about ten years. From that point on, it should be classified as junk. Don’t think so? How about this? After ten years your mattress has actually gotten heavier by about ten pounds. That would be ten pounds of dead skin cells, bug carcasses and all kinds of other items. Now, isn’t it time to get rid of it?

How about that living room sofa? When you first bought that you probably put a lot of effort in matching it to your other furnishings. Or maybe it was the first piece you bought for your new home and you matched all the curtains and rugs around that. But now after several years that sofa is history. Actually it’s a history of soda stains, food spills and paw prints. Yes, there is a memory in each one of those stains but is that really something you want to be spending quality time sitting on?

Enter your San Antonio junk hauling company. They’ll know just what to do with all your “history.”  An experienced team of junk haulers might bring the right size truck and the right kind of loading equipment to take away whatever needs to be removed. You might have piece of car fenders, broken fences or chunks of pavement that should be hauled away but because they are too heavy or too dirtier you haven’t had the chance to take care of that. No problem for the junk haulers. Not only can they clear out that clutter in one day but they’ll know just where to take it all.

Do you know where your nearest landfill is located? What about any recycling centers around San Antonio? When you hire professional junk haulers you don’t have to know any of that. That’s what they get paid for! After evaluating your junk, they’ll know exactly what can be destined for the dump or the recycling facility. And if some of your junk manages to make its way to being repurposed, it has the chance of “repeating history” by becoming somebody else’s new item. That is truly the circle of life; or at least the circle of junk.