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Get Rid of Those Creepy Crawlers by Cleaning out the Attic

Have you heard any things that go bump in the night coming from inside your home? Seriously, is your house making noises at night? We’re not talking the typical creaking and moaning that a house does when it “sighs” after a hard day of providing shelter. Instead, these are the noises of something creeping or crawling in the rafters. Not something you want to think about, but it’s a problem that San Antonio homeowners are constantly dealing with. One of the hot zones for nocturnal intruders is the attic. These critters find their way into the rafters and make themselves right at home. Part of the problem could be all that junk you have up in the attic; it’s just too easy to burrow into.
Much like our basements and garages, our attics become the dumping ground of our lives. There’s a thin line between precious keepsakes and junk. If you waver over whether or not to toss out an item, then it goes into the “keepsake”  pile. Of course, this pile ultimately becomes the junk pile when you ask yourself, “Why am I keeping this?” Until then, that junk ends up in the attic. This same thing happens with all kinds of stuff like old baby furniture, lamps, end tables, trunks, and suitcases. The theory goes that if you spent money for something, you can’t just toss is away. Actually, you can; especially if you have out grown that item or it’s no longer working. Do you really need to keep the suitcase with the busted zipper? Is that ugly lamp ever going to reappear anywhere in your home?
And let’s not forget all the holiday clutter that ends up in the attic. We’re not talking about the precious ornaments that have a prominent place on the annual Christmas tree. No, we’re referring to the plastic Santas that have seen better days or the huge inflatable snow globe that was fun until it popped. Admit it; you’re still hanging onto that stuff aren’t you? So, if you’re now accepting that those keepsakes have transformed into junk it’s time to call in a professional cleanup crew to sweep through the attic and get rid off of it all.
Here’s how that can work. You call up the local San Antonio company who specializes in this kind of operation – Junk King. They’ll send over a team to get a sense of the job and give you a free on site estimate. While you’re giving the junk removal team a tour of your attic, you might become inspired to part with some other junk you’ve been holding onto. Why not take them through your closets, basements or garages and point out more stuff that can be hauled away. Doing that means you’ll be getting the most bang for your buck on clean up day. Once you’ve agreed to a price and schedule a day, all you’ll need to do is be there to let the crew in and show them to the attic door. They’ll take care of all the rest! Isn’t it time to take back your attic from the “unwanted guests?”