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San Antonio Couch Disposal – time for a new sofa?

You’ve heard of the expression “If only these walls could talk.” Well, what about “If only this old couch could talk?” Any sofa in a house with an active family would have plenty to say. Of course you wouldn’t necessarily have to wait for it to actually talk when you can pretty much trace its personal history with all the special markings. There could be a wine stain from a past holiday party. Or a beer stain from a weekend football watching marathon. There might be traces of paw prints or cat scratches which bring to mind the active pets that made the couch their own. What about all those minor ink stains from pens used to write homework? And of course there is the typical amount of snack stains that have built up over the years. When you get right down to it, an old sofa can almost be considered a crime scene: all the evidence of your family’s history is right there to examine. Perhaps it’s time to swap out the old and bring in the new. If you’re ready to buy a new couch then you should also consider hiring a San Antonio couch disposal team like Junk King. No sense getting a new sofa until the old one is taken away!

You might think it will be easy to get rid of that old sofa. All you need to do is get a couple of strong guys to haul it out to the garage or onto the back porch. Then what happens? That is where it will sit getting damp, moldy and musty. If you put that sofa outside or in the garage, there is no telling what furry little critter might make a new home for itself among the cushions. One of the reasons why old sofas end up hanging around longer than they should is because they are just too hard to move. Not everybody has a big enough truck to load up a sofa and take it away.

If you can fit the sofa in the back of a pickup, then the obvious question becomes, “Where are you going to take it?” Do you know the address of your local dump? Sure, it might not be hard to find, but chances are that landfill is going to be as far away from where you live as possible. Do you really want to spend hours hauling away a sofa? And when you get to that dump, you’re probably going to be charged a dumping fee just for the pleasure of leaving your couch behind. This is no way to spend a precious weekend off from work. It doesn’t have to be that way especially when, with a simple phone call, you can hire a San Antonio couch disposal company like Junk King to do all the hauling and dumping for you.

Just because you’re tossing out an old couch doesn’t mean you can’t toss out even more old junk. Maybe that couch is part of an entire living room set that has seen better days. Lets the pros take it all away and start a brand new history!

For professional junk removal services give Junk King San Antonio a try.  Junk King can handle all your junk removal needs with efficiency and an eco-friendly touch.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.