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San Antonio Large Trash Pickup

When we think of ‘trash’ we usually think about our daily lives.  Not to say our lives are trash, but rather, we often have daily chores that involve taking down the trash.  Depending on where you live in San Antonio, you aren’t always taking the trash ‘down’ – you might need to take it out to the curb, or even to a local dumpster if the stuff runs a bit bigger.   None of us look forward to taking out the trash, although it does provide a sort of cleansing feeling to get it off our hands each and every time.
Now there’s small trash, and LARGE trash.  Large trash are those big junk items like old refrigerators, washing machines and couches that you can’t often haul off on your own.  These are the things that end up sitting around the house for years, collecting dust and not doing good for anyone.  Just like smaller items, getting rid of the large trash items can feel great.  So how do you go about it?
Obviously, this is a big project that is going to take several hands to complete. It’s proof that sometimes there are jobs that require extra help. Keeping your home clean is something you can probably manage on your own with the help of some kids and their chores. However, you might have some large items that will require that extra helping hand to get rid of. The bottom line is that if trash can’t fit into your garbage can, it should be picked up by a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King San Antonio.
First of all, the experienced junk crew you’ll be hiring will have the large truck needed to cart off your big trash items. This might be the major reason why you haven’t hauled off this trash yourself. Do you really want to cram your car with garbage and spend hours driving around looking for an approved landfill? Probably not. The professional junk haulers will know right where to take you junk and you’ll never have to worry about it again. Whether you’ve got a sofa, fridge, or even an old row boat that needs to be trashed, let the licensed junk haulers handle the job. And while they are at it, they can also take away all the little trash you want gone as well.

San Antonio Hauling – Five Reasons to go with the Professionals

It’s hard to imagine anyone getting through life without hauling something at some point. Hauling isn’t just about towing something behind a truck, but about carting big items away from your home once and for all! If you’ve got something that needs to go, you should consider hiring a professional hauling company like Junk King San Antonio to handle the operation. Here are the top five reasons for to hire the pros:
1.  Finally Get the Job Done:
If you’ve got a big item that needs to be taken away, it’s probably been in your possession for some time. It’s only natural to hold onto something especially if you can’t move it yourself. At first it becomes a practical excuse. It’s not long before that item quickly transforms into an eyesore. Isn’t it time to get rid of it? One call to Junk King San Antonio and that item is as good a gone.
2. It Makes the Home Safer:
Depending on the piece of junk you have, you could actually be creating a hazard in your home. Obviously, if you’ve got a big kitchen appliance like a refrigerator or a dryer you run the risk of have some curious youngster poke around inside which could lead to all kinds of trouble. If you’ve got an attic or garage crammed with junk, how many times have you stubbed a toe trying to get in and out of that space? Having this kind of junk hauled away means you’ll be removing potentially dangerous items from your home. That’s a win/win.
3. You Can Reclaim Your Space
Having piles of junk around your home means you’ve lost space. It certainly wasn’t like this when you moved in. But now, you might have lost entire closets or spare rooms to piles of junk. Wouldn’t it be great to reclaim those areas and turn them into a more productive space rather than a junk zone? You could set up a home office or just a quiet space to collect your thoughts. A spare room can also be converted into a work-out area to help you keep in shape without running out to the gym. The possibilities are endless, but first you have to get rid of the junk.
4.  You Won’t Hurt Yourself:
Ever try moving a sofa by yourself? What about picking up an air conditioner to move it from room to room? Unless you know what you’re doing and have the muscle power, you could end up severely hurting yourself. With professional junk haulers you’ll be getting a team of expert movers. They know that sometimes it takes two sets of hands to move something. They’re not supermen, they’re just safe movers.
5. They Are Professionals
Hiring professionals like Junk King San Antonio, no matter what the job is, makes all the difference. You don’t want to invite strangers into your home to haul out furniture. You want to make sure these movers are licensed and fully insured. You also want workers who take pride in their duties. They have a reputation to maintain and those are the best workers to hire!
For the best in San Antonio hauling simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Garage Clean Out Time: Use the Space for Your Car

Here’s a simple question for all you garage owners out there: When was the last time you actually parked you car in your garage? Remember when you first considered buying the San Antonio home you’re living in now? If you talked about it to friends or family, you probably gave them the rundown of how many bedrooms and bathrooms there were. You knew the square footage and whether or not your kitchen appliances were new. Then there was the garage. This is always a big selling point especially if it’s a two car garage. That can only mean you’re achieved that level of success not only to have two cars, but to have a place to put them. So, you signed the contracts, put down your deposit and closed the deal. For many folks, they might have used that two car garage for parking their cars in the first week, but soon after that something else took over the garage: junk!
Don’t feel guilty. This happens to most people. Ironically, the first sign of trouble could be on that very first move in day. Just where did all those empty boxes go? Admit it: They were tossed into the garage. As soon as it became acceptable to put a “thing” in the garage, it was long before everything else that you found no use for ended up in there. Sure, if you could throw these things away you would. But what are you going to do with the water skis, the tennis gear or the skateboards that nobody is using anymore? What about all stuff you’ve replaced in your home? Could your list of garage junk include a non-working air conditioner? An ugly ceiling fan? A box of tacky looking curtains?
The garage is also a magnet for things like broken refrigerators, ratty sofas or lumpy mattresses. And let’s not forget all the auto parts. It makes sense that if you have a garage and you have someone who likes to tinker with cars that they would use this space for their work. But how many tires, fenders, or parts from an engine are lying around just getting rusty? If any of this sounds familiar to you then you should be thinking about hiring a professional crew like Junk King San Antonio to come and clean out that garage.
Once you’ve gotten the garage cleaned out, what will you do with the space? Sure, you can finally give your cars a home, but there are many other options. With a little waterproofing and weather sealing, you could convert the garage into a home office or guest room. Some folks have gone as far as taking down the remote sliding door and replacing it with a wall with windows. The only reason you don’t get more use out of your garage probably has more to do with all the junk that’s in there rather than your lack of a need. One call to Junk King, who specializes in this kind of garage clean up, and your junk woes will be gone for good.

San Antonio Residential Junk Removal – Junk King Removal Antonio

No matter what time of the year it is, someone can always make the case that “the holidays are just around the corner.” There might actually be a period of one day in March and a long afternoon in late July where there are no signs of any holidays. Other than that, Halloween runs into Thanksgiving which leads up to Christmas, quickly followed by New Years’, then Valentine’s Day, then Easter, and then the start of summer/end of school. Sprinkle in all the birthdays and anniversaries and you get the picture; our lives are full of celebrations.

For an active household, this means a constant rotation of schedules: the putting up and taking down of decorations for all kinds of parties and celebrations. What a lot of work! Admit it; you wouldn’t want it any other way. Here’s the thing you might want to consider for the next pre-holiday wave; why not make room in your home by getting rid of all your unwanted junk first? This can easily be accomplished by hiring a San Antonio residential junk removal company like Junk King.

Getting rid of your junk allows you to set up a guest room for visiting family members or friends. As you haul out the old decorations, you might discover that the plastic snowman has seen better days and it’s time to replace him. Or the blow-up reindeer are leaking. It might be sad to part with them, but does it really make sense to bring them out of the garage every year just to drag them back in again? Tossing out old decorations can be just the beginning. If you plan on entertaining this holiday season, it might be time to replace the old sofa. It might seem silly to hire a junk removal team just to take away a sofa, but who else is going to get rid of it? Keep in mind that just because you might be getting rid of a sofa doesn’t mean you can’t get rid of a lot more.

Try this experiment: go through your house searching every closet, every storage space, all the nooks and crannies and just imagine all the stuff you can toss out. You don’t have to pull any of this out yet, just mentally picture the huge pile of trash you’ll actually have waiting to be tossed out. If you’re really excited, you could utilize a stack of Post-it notes and label everything you want to haul away. When Junk King San Antonio shows up they’ll use your directions and handle all of the heavy lifting. You won’t have to lift a finger.

Junk King San Antonio is on stand by to handle your home junk removal needs – simply call 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

San Antonio Hauling – Making Your Junk History

Every San Antonio school kid knows the important role their city has played in American history. History is simply defined as anything that happens in the past. It doesn’t have to be something as memorable as “Remember the Alamo.”  In fact, what you had for dinner last night is part of the “history of what you’ve eaten in your life.” Have you ever thought about the “history of all your junk?” Chances are you have piles of “history” gathering dust that should be taken out of your home by a team of experienced San Antonio junk haulers.

We never set out to buy junk but ultimately that is exactly what is going to happen to all our stuff. Take the bed you’re sleeping on. When it was first bought, it was probably firm and cozy. After several years, it might be more squishy and lumpy. In fact, the average recommended lifespan of a mattress is about ten years. From that point on, it should be classified as junk. Don’t think so? How about this? After ten years your mattress has actually gotten heavier by about ten pounds. That would be ten pounds of dead skin cells, bug carcasses and all kinds of other items. Now, isn’t it time to get rid of it?

How about that living room sofa? When you first bought that you probably put a lot of effort in matching it to your other furnishings. Or maybe it was the first piece you bought for your new home and you matched all the curtains and rugs around that. But now after several years that sofa is history. Actually it’s a history of soda stains, food spills and paw prints. Yes, there is a memory in each one of those stains but is that really something you want to be spending quality time sitting on?

Enter your San Antonio junk hauling company. They’ll know just what to do with all your “history.”  An experienced team of junk haulers might bring the right size truck and the right kind of loading equipment to take away whatever needs to be removed. You might have piece of car fenders, broken fences or chunks of pavement that should be hauled away but because they are too heavy or too dirtier you haven’t had the chance to take care of that. No problem for the junk haulers. Not only can they clear out that clutter in one day but they’ll know just where to take it all.

Do you know where your nearest landfill is located? What about any recycling centers around San Antonio? When you hire professional junk haulers you don’t have to know any of that. That’s what they get paid for! After evaluating your junk, they’ll know exactly what can be destined for the dump or the recycling facility. And if some of your junk manages to make its way to being repurposed, it has the chance of “repeating history” by becoming somebody else’s new item. That is truly the circle of life; or at least the circle of junk.