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E Waste Recycling In San Antonio

When it comes to e-waste recycling in San Antonio there are many options at your disposal. According to the Texas Campaign for the Environment the first option should be can you re-use the item? If we’re talking about something like an old television then it is conceivable that the TV could be put into a spare room or with one of the kids. But if you’ve got a great HDTV in the family room nobody is going to want to watch TV on that old set. If you donate the TV you’re just kicking the can down the road. In other words, if you don’t want the TV are you sure someone else might?

Then there is the issue of what to do with old computers. Here is where the Texas state legislature stepped up to the plate and instituted a “take back” law. Now manufacturers have to take back an old computer and dispose of it properly. But there’s a hitch: You’ve got to take the computer back. In some cases you also have to arrange for shipping. Yes, you might get a rebate coupon good for the purchase of a new computer but you’ll have to do all the busy work.

As for cell phones the TCE is happy to take them off your hands but you have to drop them off at their offices. Guess what? They don’t have a branch in San Antonio. Once again you’re stuck. That’s why you could go through anybody’s home or apartment and chances are you’d find plenty of computer towers, lap tops, monitors, fax machines and all kinds of other e-waste shoved into a closet or under a bed. All of that junk is taking up valuable space just collecting dust. If you want to get rid of it once and for all you’re going to have to call the pros. In this case the pros would be Junk King San Antonio.

Junk King is the San Antonio based business who specializes in e-waste removal among other types of junk hauling. There have been many reports about shady dealers who take in e-waste and end up dumping in a landfill or shipping it off to some country for them to deal with. That’s not going to happen with Junk King. They’ll make sure your e-waste gets to the right recycling center. In fact, they take that same approach with all of your junk. If it can be recycled, Junk King San Antonio will see to it that it is dropped off at the right facility. You’re not going to get that level of attention from some guy riding around your neighborhood in a pickup truck looking for junk. When you want your all of your junk, no matter how big or small, removed responsibly from your home then the only call you should make is to Junk King.

San Antonio Recycling – How and What to Recycle

Any new visitor to San Antonio is sure to make a b-line right to the Alamo. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire state. After they got their fix they might ask, “Now what?” For many the answer is a tour of the San Antonio River walk or Paseo del Rio, which actually is 20 feet below street level and just a few steps from the old fort itself. The River Walk is a winding sprawl of cafes, shops and museums along a 2 mile stretch of the San Antonio River that cuts right through downtown. A new project is under way to expand the River Walk up to 13 miles which will connect it to even more historic districts and prestigious museums. The River Walk offers up opportunities for a slow stroll along the banks to vibrant new life and of course amazing dining. Next to the Alamo, the River Walk has become the number two spot for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.
One of the most often overheard comments is how clean the River Walk is. This has a lot to do with the respect that folks have for the place. You can also thank the extensive recycling program instituted by the city government. There is an ongoing 10 year recycling plan in place that is calling on everyone in San Antonio to have easy access to available recycling services. A facet of the Keep San Antonio Beautiful program has to do with cutting back on the number of plastic bags in circulation around the city. A voluntary plastic bag reduction initiative has been put into effect with the goal of reducing plastic bags that are distributed by retailers by up to 25%. At the same time, the hope is to increase plastic bag recycling by 25%. Folks are encouraged to buy their own cloth bags that can be used for every trip to the grocery store. This can certainly put a dent in the amount of plastic bags being used.
As part of the citywide recycling program each resident is provided with a blue recycling cart. But are you aware of the dos and don’ts of what to put in? What’s allowed is any kind of paper product like junk mail, phone books, magazines or newspapers. Also cardboard like cereal and food boxes and broken down moving boxes. You can also toss in aluminum cans, steel cans, glass bottles and jars or any plastic item that is labeled with a 1-7 recyclable index number. What you can’t put into the blue bin are any bagged leaves, branches, paper towels, food waste, household cleaners, aluminum foil or plastic bags. All of that needs to go into your regular trash.
Then there is the issue of multi-family homes. Right now there are around 150,000 San Antonio residents living in multi-family units where the city doesn’t collect the garbage. They are encouraging the owners of these properties to provide access to the recycling program. In the case of an overflow of recyclable material, you’re well within you rights to contract a private hauling company like Junk King San Antonio. Junk King can can show up at an appointed time and take away any large or bulk recyclable materials and make sure it gets to the right facility.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK. It takes everyone to keep San Antonio clean.

San Antonio Recycling – The Basics Guide

Anyone passing through San Antonio will probably be thinking of that town’s most popular slogan “Remember the Alamo.” But if you talk to the locals, their new favorite slogan might just be “Remember the Recyclables.” San Antonio has gotten into the recycling game in a big way. Each home owner is provided with their own recycling bin that is picked up once a week. There are also drop off centers all around the town for various items that can’t be picked up but can still be recycled. So which are you… a drop-off or a pick-up recycler?

For the pick-up bins, it has become a new routine for folks in San Antonio to effortlessly separate their recyclable items. The first thing to go into the bin would be anything paper. Not only would this include newspapers, magazines and junk mail but also all the cardboard food box containers, phone books, office paper and paperback books.

You can also toss in most of your plastic bottles. The plastic industry has made San Antonio recycling even easier by labeling their products with a number 1 through 7 on the bottom of the packaging. Any item stamped with that range of number is good to go into the pick-up can. San Antonio recycling pick-ups also take on glass and metal. This means any of the glass jars with their metal lids that you’re finished with like baby food or pickle jars. It’s recommended that you rinse them out first. For the metal, all soda cans, aluminum foil or baking tins can be tossed into the bin as well.

What you can’t recycle in the weekly pick-up are diapers, clothing, shoes, hangers, auto parts, motor oil, paints, toiler paper or e-waste. E-waste is basically anything that can be plugged into an outlet. For these items you have the option of the many San Antonio recycling drop-off sites. Here’s the list of specific items that have their own dedicated recycling drop-off place:

* Brush
* Car Parts
* Cell Phones
* E-Waste
* Glass (from mirrors, windows etc.)
* Hangers
* Household hazardous waste (batteries, cleaning solvents, paints etc.)
* Household appliances
* Tires
* Shoes
* Clothing
* Used Cooking Oil

It might seem like a hassle to have to make several different stops at all those recycling centers but the benefit to San Antonio is easy to see when the roads and parks can stay free of garbage. Consider these facts from the Environmental Protection Agency:

“In 2007, 56% of all the paper that was used in American homes was from recycled paper. That translates into about 360 pounds of paper for every American. When we can recycle 1 ton of paper we are actually saving 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill, 2 barrels of oil and 4,100 kilowatt hours of electricity. When you add in the decrease population and carbon emissions that go along with all that recycle, you can clearly see why a vibrant recycling program is important for all of us.”

Junk Hauling and Recycling in San Antonio

There’s an old expression that goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Recently, the folks living around San Antonio Heights got together for a garage sale. There is nothing really special about that unless you consider this garage sale involved forty homes! It was a yard sale lover’s dream! Of course the goal of any garage sale is to sell everything so you won’t have to drag it back into the house or garage. Let’s face it; if you’re willing to sell something, there is part of you that is willing to throw it out. The garage sale is your junk’s last chance. If it doesn’t sell, it’s got to go! That’s when you’ll need to call in a San Antonio junk recycling company. Not only will they haul away all your “unsold” items but they’ll know just how to recycle them.

Most people think that the best way to handle junk is merely to drop it off at a landfill. Then there are those despicable people who just dump their garbage by the side of the road. Neither one of those is an eco-friendly choice. The real problem with the landfill dumping is that all that garbage begins to break down back to its original form. Basically that’s a blob of chemicals that will be seeping into the surround soil and water. The less that goes into a landfill the better off we’ll all be. Recycling is the best way to “head the junk off at the pass!” But do you know which recyclables go where?

An experienced San Antonio junk recycling crew will know all the local facilities. There will be one for metals, one for wood, and one for foam. That’s three potential sites for one old sofa! Of course there are some facilities that strip down furniture into those separate components. Do you know where they are? You don’t have to worry when you hire a San Antonio junk recycling company who make it their business to know.

Old furniture is one thing but there are some other recyclable materials that need special care. These are all your electronics, computers, monitors and television. Add to that list any kind of car battery, old paints and solvents and you’ll see that a lot of your junk needs some extra TLC in order to get recycled.

There’s also a good chance that not everything you’ll be giving up can be recycled. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re taking advantage of those items that can be reused and repurposed. But because these companies are in the junk hauling business they’ll know what would be the landfill of last resort. If a landfill has been properly constructed, then they should contain all that seepage. If you merely hire someone off the street to haul your junk it could end up as an eyesore on the side of the road. You sure don’t want to be responsible for that. Take all the worry out of recycling your junk with an experienced junk hauling crew.

Junk King San Antonio specializes in junk hauling and recycling.  For more information call 1-800-995-JUNK or book online.

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