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Junk King Sarasota – A Property Manager’s Best Friend

Moving to a new apartment or home can be very exciting. It’s a chance to shake up things in your life, meet new friends and experience a different part of the city. Although you might have had a great experience in your current living situation, you don’t really owe an explanation as to why you’re moving out. You just have to give the proper notice. You also have to make sure you leave that apartment in the same condition as when you found it.


If it has been longer than three years, the property manager will probably paint the place before the new tenant moves. That means everything needs to be gone. If you leave stuff behind, the property manage is well within their rights to hire a cleanup crew and deduct the cost from your security deposit. Of course, there are many former tenants who don’t care what they leave behind including the security deposit. No matter what happens, a smart property manager will make a call to Junk King Sarasota the moment the tenant has turned over keys.

Hiring Junk King means all types of junk removal will be taken care of with very little effort on your part. The two-man moving crew provided by Junk King for each appointment will do all the actual lifting and loading. Right off the bat that is a huge stress reliever especially on your back! It also means there is no limit to just how much stuff you can get rid of. Whether you’re bringing a sofa up from the basement or boxes down from the attic, the Junk King crew will handle the work.

Along with all the help they can provide cleaning up the inside of your home, the team from Junk King can also be a huge help around your backyard. The crew can remove yard debris, take down an old shed or even pull up a fence. Just ask and you’ll be surprised at how easily it is to have things removed from your home.

When it comes to pricing policies, Junk King Sarasota offers the most affordable and fair rates in the area. Their rates are based on volume and not weight. That will make a huge difference in the final tally. Whether you’re throwing out a little or a lot, Junk King Sarasota will get the job done.

Sarasota Bike Disposal & Recycling – Get Rid of Your Bicycle the Green Way

There are certain cites that are made for bike riding. Sarasota is one of those. If you haven’t gotten into biking, you’re missing out on a wonderful way to see the town and get some terrific exercise. Of course, it’s important to have the right bike for the terrain. There are city bikes and mountain bikes. For Sarasota, you might need a hybrid of both. If you have a bike that isn’t up to the task of getting your around town, then you need to arrange for your old bike disposal. That last thing you want is extra clutter in your garage or apartment. Bike disposal is easily handled by a company like Junk King.


There might be some additional items that you can get rid of along with your old bike. Since Junk King will provide you a two-man moving crew and big truck, there is no limit to what you can finally get rid. All of those heavy and bulky objects you’ve been hanging onto can finally be gone. This is when you can chuck out your old couch, mattress, baby furniture, clothes, shoes, toy and appliances. If you haven’t used something in a year or it’s broke, then let it go!

In addition to all the decluttering work Junk King can provide with your home interior, they can do amazing things with the exterior. Once again, all you have to do is point to what you want taken away and Junk King will do the rest. Although they might not be able to help with planting, they can certainly help with the removal of weed overgrowth, stones, concrete, fencing and even a wrecked tool shed.

Before the crew starts loading up your stuff, they’ll present you with an estimate fee. This is not something they can accurately deliver over the phone. They need to see everything to size up how it might fit on the back of the truck. It’s all a matter of volume. Once you agree to the estimate, it won’t change. Even if your junk takes up more space, you’ll be paying the original estimate. That is a very fair pricing policy you won’t find anywhere else. Hiring Junk King for your old bike disposal and junk hauling is really the best option in Sarasota.

How To Calculate Your Sarasota Junk Removal Cost

Imagine sitting down to dinner at a fancy restaurant and being presented with a menu that didn’t have any prices. Sure, if you’re on a date you want to impress the other person and not balk at the tab. Still, you don’t just want to order without knowing what you’re expected to pay. That also holds true with any type of service industry. You’re not going to invite a plumber, handyman or electrician into your home without knowing how much they’re going to charge for the visit. The folks at Junk King understand this. That’s why they’ve developed a price calculator on their website. Now you can get a range of how much it will cost for professional, quality junk removal services with just a click of the keyboard.


The Junk King price estimator works with two algorithms. First, you can size up your junk by the pickup truck bed. This is easy to visualize. The more trips it would take to haul your junk away in a pickup truck, the more it might cost. The other method is to itemize your list. Here Junk King lets you go through each room in your home and check off the potential items you want to get rid of. Chances are everything is covered in these lists.

With either method, you’ll be presented with a price range. This will not be your final estimate. That can only be provided when the Junk King crew has actually sized up your stuff. Once they show up at your property, you’ll give them a quick tour of all the items you want hauled away. They’ll present you with a final estimate based on the same method of the calculator. It all comes down to volume. The big difference is that when the Junk King crew makes an estimate, they will often err on the low end of the range. That is because they’ll be packing up the trucks tight in order to accommodate several pickups.

The final estimate will cover all the costs. That includes the labor, transportation and dumping fees. If the crew stays longer to dismantle some object, you won’t be charged extra. You also won’t be charged extra if you junk take up more space. Junk removal is a smooth and cost effective operation when Junk King is on the job.

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