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Seattle Junk Recycling

One thing you can count on in a bustling city like Seattle is a lot of junk. We might do a good job of keeping that junk hidden but make no mistake it’s out there. A big ticket item when it comes to junk salvagers are abandoned cars. Some folks think that it’s cheaper to just leave a car by the side of the road then trying to fix it up. There are others who have cars sitting in their driveways for years without any hope of every getting them back into running shape. Are you one of those folks? Maybe it’s time to pull the trigger on that metal beast once and for all and get rid of it?

Having a junk car removed takes special equipment like a tow truck. Of course, if that car is in pieces that can fit on the back of a truck then maybe Junk King Seattle is the way to go. Junk King Seattle is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. Just like any other franchise business, the Seattle Junk King has to follow the standards of excellence set by the parent company. This means all of their workers are going to be certified, licensed and insured. These are not day laborers that Junk King hires for a couple of hours. Their haulers work exclusively for the company and it’s their business to make sure all your junk is taken away and properly disposed of.

Unlike a garbage pickup, you don’t have to drag any of your junk out to the curb. When you hire Junk King Seattle all you need to do is show the workers what you want removed. They’ll handle the rest. That includes going down basement stairs, up to the attic or out in the garage. Wherever your junk is kept is where the Junk King crew will go.

This is the golden opportunity to toss away all those bulky items like sofas, easy chairs, tables, kitchen appliances or yard waste. If you’ve got scraps of lumber or drywall left over from a remodel job then Junk King can take it away.

The first call to Junk King will have a team coming out to your home to size up your junk. They’re going to make an estimate of how much space your junk will take on their truck. That’s how they will price out your job. You’re not paying for labor, travel or dumping fees. It’s just that single space estimate. When you agree to the price, it’s locked and loaded! You’ll make an appointment for the actual removal. On the day of the appointment you can count on the Junk King Seattle crew showing up on time. They know how busy you are and are happy to work around your schedule. Before you know it all of your junk is gone and you’ll be breathing a huge sigh of relief… and you never had to pick up anything!

For the best in Seattle Junk Recycling – both an affordable and eco-friendly service, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an onsite estimate online.

Seattle Furniture Disposal

A recent fire at the Grandwood Furniture Company wiped out that business in a matter of minutes. Luckily, there was no one inside the building at the time of the three-alarm blaze. By the time the fire crews arrived on the scene, it became clear they could do nothing to salvage the building. With a growing fear of a roof collapse, all the fire fighters could manage was pouring water on the blaze. All told, 50 fire fighters and 13 engine companies were called to beat back the flames.

One of the reasons this fire spread so quickly is the very nature of the inventory: furniture. In the perfect storm of incendiary elements, it doesn’t take much to spark up wooden furniture. Bunched together like it was in that store and you can imagine how quickly a small fire turned into an inferno. All of this is meant to serve as a wake-up call for your own living environment. Are you projected from a fast moving fire?

The first line of defense is with a small item that no home should be without: smoke detectors. When properly placed and maintained a smoke detector can make all the difference between life and death in a fire emergency. Next to that, you can minimize the chances of fire spreading by minimizing the amount of junk you have in your home or property.

For a fire to spread it needs fuel. That fuel can come in the form of stacks of boxes, papers or other garbage in your garage. It can come from furniture in the attic or basement that isn’t being used and instead is drying out. Basically any kind of clutter can become a safety hazard and not just for fires. Getting in and out of your home shouldn’t be burdensome. If you have to navigate around piles of junk then clearly it’s time to rethink you’re hoarding tendencies. Junk King Seattle can help you get to a junk free living space.

Junk King Seattle is the local business who has the biggest trucks, and crews of professional junk haulers standing by to assist you with your junk removal needs. These are truly the best crews to call upon when you want to get rid of big pieces of furniture or old mattresses. Instead of charging you by the hour like a moving company would, Junk King charges by the amount of space you’ll be taking up on their truck. That single price includes the travel time, labor rates and dumping fees. It’s all included and all at an extremely competitive price. One call to Junk King sets the process in motion. As soon as that junk it gone from your life, you’ll sleep a whole lot better knowing you’ve cut back on the potential hazards in your home.

For the best in Seattle Furniture Disposal, call Junk King today 1-888-888-JUNK.

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