Seattle Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Is there anything better than slipping on a cotton shirt that has just come out of the dryer? If you don’t appreciate that your pets would probably love diving into a load of fluffy, warm clothes! When your dryer isn’t delivering the goods like it should perhaps it’s time for a new model. Before making your purchase you might want to consider a few things. Top of the list would be gas or electric. A gas dryer costs anywhere from $50 to $150 more but will save you a lot in electric bills. For the gas dryer you’ll need a gas hookup (naturally) and a 120-volt outlet. As for the electric dryer needs a 240-volt outlet.

In terms of dryer capacity, you don’t need to get hung up on all the options. Basically look for something that is slightly bigger than your washer capacity. You want your clothes to have room to “move around” in the dryer. For the occasional big bulk drying like a comforter you might want to try the front-loading big machines as the local laundromat.

Clothes can be damaged in a dryer by over drying. Yes, we’re talking about shrinkage. Some of today’s modern dryer design comes equipped with moisture sensors which can shut down the cycle when the clothes have become dry. You can help this process by setting your drying cycle for a “less dry” type of spin. You can always run a few minutes more for a touch up. A dryer with touchpad controls might be fun to operate but that won’t change the machine’s main function performance. One area you should be concerned about is the level of noise a dryer can produce. This is important if the dryer is going to be adjacent to a bedroom. There are also dryers that can let you turn off those loud buzzing alarms. Always helpful!

As for getting rid of your dryer you need only contact Junk King Seattle for the removal. Since it took a truck and at least one able bodied mover to bring your dryer into the house it’s going to take at least that much to remove it. That’s just what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King. Don’t expect the store you’re buying your new dryer from to provide removal services. Besides with Junk King you’ll be able to toss out a lot of other unwanted stuff with the same appointment. In other words, start with getting rid of that old dryer and don’t stop until your home is completely free of junk! Let Junk King Seattle show you the way.