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Seattle Grill Disposal and Recycling

It’s always good to be number one no matter what business you’re in. In the junk hauling arena, Junk King is proud to be the number one rated Seattle junk removal and hauling service. What can the Seattle Junk King do for you?  Think about your home as a model of efficiency – everything in it should be there for a reason.  Whether it is practical or sentimental, the furniture, appliances, electronics, and items you place in your home are a real description of your character.  That’s why junk is the enemy of any home – it shows the ‘bad’ side of us all, those items that we want to get rid of because they are useless, but simply haven’t had the time or manpower to take on.  That’s why Junk King Seattle is here.

In a more specific case given the warming weather, Junk King Seattle is the company to call on when you’re ready to upgrade your BBQ grill. No, they can’t supply you with a new grill but they can certainly clear the way by removing your older model. Most backyard grills take a beating from the weather especially here in Seattle. Even with a proper cover there is still going to be damage over the long term. If grilling is your thing then you know how important it is to have an efficiently working grill. Grilling food is also the healthiest way to eat. Throw on a fresh piece of salmon from Pike Place Fish Market with a little dill sauce and you’ve got a top-notch dinner.

On that same trip when Junk King takes away your grill they can also clear out the rest of your clutter from your backyard. Maybe it’s time you can replace your patio furniture that has also taken a beating from the winter storms. Bottom line: if you need to get rid of something that needs to be lifted by a crew and loaded on a truck then Junk King is your best bet. The pricing structure for Junk King is a pretty good deal, too!

A Junk King supervisor will come out to your home to access the amount of junk you have and how much space it would take up on their truck. You could probably skip this step if you’re just tossing out the grill but why not put the JK crew to work? Once the estimate is agreed on you’ll set up a removal appointment that works for your schedule. This is usually a two-hour window and Junk King won’t keep you waiting. Remember that number one rating? That means being on time and getting the job done right. Call Junk King today to see how they can get the clutter out of your life.

Pamper Yourself With Junk Removal Services in Seattle

There is a long list of wonderful ways you can pamper yourself here in Seattle. The first step is making the promise to do just that: pamper yourself. One of the popular options is to take a spa day. This is not literally 24 hours of spa time (although wouldn’t that be nice?). A spa day could be a couple of hours of relaxing massage followed with some facial and other body pampering. There are many spas around the Seattle area which offer special pricing packages especially during off peak hours.

Pampering doesn’t have to be limited to a single day, once a year. Many folks have taken up meditation as a way of relaxing and shaking off the stress of the day. You can mediate for 15 minutes or 30. The goal is to be consistent and just find that quiet time where you can shut out the rest of the world or at least shut the door to your bedroom!

A mini-makeover is another terrific way to pamper yourself. Once again you’ll want to check the local salons to see who is offering a special. Even a trip to the local make-up counter at a department store could get you a great look for a night out on the town. The ultimate pampering trip would be to take a weekend and get away but you don’t have to travel too far. There are dozens of charming bed and breakfast inns all throughout Seattle that can provide you with a great escape without getting on a plane.

To get ready to pamper yourself you might feel the need to finish up some household chores you’ve been putting off. After all, how can you relax if you still have things to do, right? The best way to get a job done like clearing out the clutter from your home is to hire Junk King Seattle. These are the Seattle based Junk Removal specialists that have taken hauling to a whole new level. This is because all the Junk King hauling teams are insured and licensed to do business in the city. They are also dedicated to keeping Seattle clean. A large percentage of what Junk King collects is taken directly to a Seattle recycling center where it is repurposed and reused. That holds true for just about anything that Junk King might be picking up from your place including mattresses, stoves, fridges, sofas and e-waste.

As soon as Junk King Seattle clears away that clutter, you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief. That’s when the real pampering can begin.

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