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Seattle Garage Clean Out

Would you be willing to throw open your garage door for all the world to see? No matter how well manicured your lawn might be, your garage could be a clutter zone you wouldn’t want to share with anyone. This might also be the reason why you don’t part your car in the garage any more. That’s a shame because one of the selling features for your home was that space in the garage. Instead of continuing to live with the clutter, turn it over to Junk King. They’ll take care of your garage clean out with you having to lift a finger.

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The goal of Junk King is to make sure all your rubbish can be cleared away in a single appointment. You might think that is not going to be possible but with Junk King on the scene, it can happen. With an extreme garage clean out, Junk King will deploy all the members of their force. You could end up with six hard working crewmembers bagging up the trash in your garage. They’ll then set up an assembly line to pass all that garbage to the truck. Before you know it, your garage will start looking a lot like it did on the day you moved in.

If your clutter extends beyond the garage, then you only have to show it to Junk King to get it removed. That includes anything around your exterior. Often we use the back of a garage to pile up lumber, tires and auto parts. Junk King can have that all removed in a blink of the eye.

What will all of this amazing service cost? Junk King has set up a pricing policy that it extremely affordable and fair. They’ll only charge you a fee based on the volume of all your junk. It comes down to how much space it will take up on the back of the truck. There is a price for a full load or a fraction of a load. You’ll know that price before the work gets started. If you’re not satisfied with the price, the crew will be happy to move on but you’ll still be stuck with the junk. Don’t let another month go by living with clutter. Call Junk King today to handle your garage clean out.

Seattle Complete Hot Tub Removal And Junk Hauling

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Pass me that hot tub?” Of course not. This is one of those objects you have around the home that once it is set up, it’s not going anywhere. At least, it’s not going anywhere until you call Junk King. Of all the junk hauling assignments, hot tub removal is probably the most challenging for a Junk King crew. Thankfully, they’ve all had plenty of experience with these types of removals so taking apart that hot tub isn’t going to be an issue. All they’ll need is a good sledgehammer, a power saw and some muscle. Your Junk King crew will be bringing all of that and lot more to the job!


If you were around when the hot tub was delivered, then it was probably put into place with the help of a forklift and operator. If you bring in a forklift to your backyard now, it could ruin the lawn. That’s why Junk King will need to break apart the hot tub into pieces. It’s all going to be recycled or junked so breaking it up won’t matter. All you need to do is stand back and watch it disappear.

Even though this is a more labor intensive type of junk removal task, you won’t be paying your Junk King crew by the hour. You’ll only be charge the same flat fee as everyone else. That fee will be based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the Junk King truck. In the case of a hot tub removal, it could be that you’re dealing with a full truckload. You’ll still be paying less than if you were to hire you own crew, rent your own truck and pay your own dumping fees.

As long as Junk King is pulling out the hot tub, why not let them remove all the rest of your unwanted items? Whether you’re holding onto stuff in your garage, attic or basement, it can all be loaded up on the Junk King truck. Won’t it be nice to head into the holidays with a home free of clutter. It can happen when you call Junk King. Set up your hot tub removal and junk hauling appointment today. Junk King is standing by to help.

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