Declutter to Start Your Retirement in Seattle, WA

Back in the day, many companies handed out gold watches to their executives who were retiring. It was a nice sentiment. Today, most folks will be happy with a decent office party send off. That’s because they are eager to start that retirement the right way. For many, that means traveling to destinations they’ve been dreaming of for years. It could also mean spending more time with the family. In fact, “extra time” is going to come in abundance for any retiree. If you’re getting ready to start your retirement, then why not get rid of all those household chores that have been piling up? That way you’ll have smooth sailing with the guilt. Start with a total home declutter task that can be greatly aided by Junk King.

When you hire Junk King, you’re going to be put in charge of your own mini work crew. This will be a professional pair of movers who will show up at the appointed hour eager to do what you tell them to do. Just point to the various items you want taken away and your work crew will see that it gets done. Remember, they’re going to be doing all the lifting and loading. That means you don’t have to bring anything up from the basement or drag it down to the curb. Leave everything right where it is.

There are no weight restrictions with Junk King. This is why so many experienced contractors turn to Junk King for the removal of all kinds of construction waste. If Junk King doesn’t charge by the pound, how do that decide the price you’ll pay? That comes down to a matter of volume. It’s about how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. It’s a flat fee that covers everything cost associated with the job. It’s also extremely affordable. You just can’t beat the Junk King deal!

When the crew is done loading up your stuff, they’ll give the areas they just cleared a final sweep and then be on their way. They’ll have several other stops to make before their day is done. That might include drop offs at local charities or recycling facilities. It’s all part of the Junk King package. Declutter your home right way by hiring Junk King today. You’re going to like how things look when they’re done!