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Monthly Archives:

Get Your Backyard Ready For Grilling Season

Will you be the first one in your neighborhood fire up the barbecue grill this summer? Maybe it’s not a priority for you yet but if you were to smell your neighbor stakes on their grill then you might just become inspired to get over to the butcher! Backyard grilling also means backyard eating. This is a great way to spend a summer night. However, that night can be hampered if you’ve got a lot of clutter in your backyard. Nobody wants to stare out at old auto-parts or spare tire rusty swing set. None of that is very appetizing! To help you get your backyard ready for grilling season this summer bring in the pros from Junk King Seattle . They can transform your backyard in no time at all!


Although you couldn’t classify Junk King Seattle  as landscaping professionals, the kind of work they can provide around your yard is vital for any type of makeover. Before you can plant, you need to remove stones. Before you can put in a new deck, you need to pull up the old deck. Before you King bring in new patio furniture, you have to get rid of the old furniture. All of that can happen with help from the two-man moving crew will be assigned to your junk removal appointment. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be or cumbersome it is to load up on the truck. If you want it gone then just tell the crew from Junk King. When you see how easy it is you’ll wonder what took you so long!

Since you’ll have that two-man crew and truck at your disposal your yard cleanup is no reason why you can’t put them to work around the rest of your house. You don’t have to live with all the clutter in your garage and closets as long as junk King is on the job. All you have to do is decide exactly what you want tossed out and they’ll take it right from the spot.

Everything that is collected by Junk King will also be sorted by Junk King. The crews have been trained to pull out anything they think could be donated or recycled. This is just how they operate. Start your summer right with a backyard and a home clear of clutter thanks to Junk King Seattle .

Decluttering Helps Organize Your Home

The best approach for organizing is to find a place for every loose item in your home. Obviously, it’s easy to organize the kitchen because you know there’s a space in your cabinet for every dish, cup or fork. Around the rest of the house, scattered piles of clothes, shoes, books, toys and backpacks create clutter and disorganization. All of those things have a place it’s just a matter of making sure the owners of those objects get them to the right place! That is often easier said than done.


Ironically, it takes the same amount of effort to dump a coat on the floor as it does to hang it up in a closet. When you get right down to it, organization is really about changing habits. It also helps to occasionally sweep through the entire home making sure that the big pieces of clutter are also put in their proper place. In many instances that might mean getting them out of the house. When you’re in need of that kind of decluttering that Junk King Seattle is the only call to make!

With every junk removal session set up with Junk King Seattle, you’ll be given your own team of professional “organizers.” This is the two-man moving crew who specializes in heavy lifting and dismantling. The heavy lifting comes into play you need them to remove things like a sofa, mattress, dresser or desk. They can tackle the really big objects like a piano or pool table. The dismantling part comes into play if you have something that needs to be taken apart for can be loaded up the truck. Not only does this cover those assembled pieces of furniture but also all the things out in the backyard that need to be taken down. Junk King crews are experts at removing swing sets and hot tubs!

Once all those big clutter items are taken out of the home you’ll have a lot of space freed up that can be utilize for storage. This can make a huge difference in your closet and garage. Shouldn’t have to throw everything out just the things that are broken and won’t ever be used again. Organizing your home is easy when you got Junk King Seattle on your decluttering team!

Get Your Office Space Organized

Just as a painter needs a blank canvas to create a work of art, in order for you to organize you first need to get rid of the clutter. Essentially, you need to know what you’re working with in terms of all the things you want to hold on to. That holds true whether you organizing your bedroom closet or your entire office space. If you’re the person in charge of managing that office space, then all eyes will be on you with regard to decluttering the area and creating a more productive work atmosphere. To help you stay organized and to remove all the useless rubbish you’ll want to bring in the pros from Junk King Seattle. This is the team that can make a huge difference around your office space!


Chances are if you’re renting a commercial space for your business then you’ll have access to a dumpster for all of your trash. Depending on the size of the building the bigger the dumpster. However, just because you have access to a large bin doesn’t mean you can fill it with all the things you want to get rid of from your office. That is especially true with the large items such as desks or cubicle walls.

As for all your outdated or broken office equipment that can’t be thrown out at all. Instead, it needs to be dropped off at a certified recycling center that specializes in e-waste disposal. When you turn that kind of stuff over to Junk King Seattle that is exactly what will happen. They’ve set up partnerships with all the recycling centers around the Seattle area and know who handles e-waste. Thanks to Junk King you’ll be able to promote your company as going green!

Scheduling the appointment with Junk King is easy because it’s all about what works best for your business. If you don’t feel the moving crew will be disruptive, then they can slip in at any time during the day. If it works better early in the morning or over the weekend then Junk King will strive to accommodate that schedule. The bottom line is Junk King Seattle makes it easy to declutter your office space!

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